Friday, January 18, 2013

Of fiddling, fidgeting 1MPM6...

Everytime I sees 1MPM6 Najib, he reminds me of the "Fiddler on the roof". Good or bad omen? I don't know.

Although Najib chaired the BN supreme meeting last night, I sees Najib is still fiddling with his violin and still looking for the right dates to go for GE 13. Afterall, Najib has been fiddling in the past, even when he was suppose to declare his support to Tg Razaleigh which should have shown Mahathir the exit door. Yes, Najib is still fiddling and if all indications are right, Najib is still the lallang from the past 20 years or so.

After months of speculation and endless Black Rose 1.0, Najib finally announced that Deepak Jaikishan as unreliable. Why does it takes almost 4 months for Najib to make the statement? Tongue-tied? Or busy sweeping everything under the carpet that he has lose the sense of time? Or is the statement made out of necessity since BN supremos are all there nudging him for the statement?

Najib has his chances but he failed to make his killings. Now, time is not on his side and his last day to dissolve parliament is 21st March 2013. Even that might be doubtful as Najib is not known to have the killer instict of Mahathir! Let Najib continues fidgeting, the more he did that, the more he lost his confidence. And the happier Muhyiddin feels sensing that his time at Putajaya is getting closer and the more Anwar will be dreaming thinking that Putrajaya is finally his...

In actual sense, Najib should have make full use of his "non-existence" during Christmas and formally declare his graceful exit from Putrajaya hotseat. As it is now, Najib is a baggage too many for BN and his fiddling and fidgetting is not helping BN to score points with the voters. 

Of late, Najib is going around town again asking for forgiveness and a second chance for BN. I read it as Najib's insecurities to get the numbers in parliament and his parroting of seeking forgiveness is another subtle way of saying "goodbye" to the rakyats. If that is so, then why the trouble? Why not step aside and let the likes of Muhyiddin to fight it out with Pakatan? Not that Muhyiddin will fare any better but between Najib and Anwar, Najib is a heavier baggage than the accussed-prone Anwar!

 Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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