Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Taib's Truth and Awang's "nothing to be proud of"...

Most of the times the least said, the better.

As a non-Nicole Kidman's fan, her role as Silvia Broome in the film "The Interpreter" is just fantastic. The movies's tagline "The truth needs no translation" is absolutely correct.

Just read Malaysiakini's "Police accussed of defending Taib Family's interests" and one can associate the movie tagline through and through.

At the end of the day, The FBI agent in the movie was quoted

"It's hard to remember that Edmond Zuwanie was once a good man. That's not unusual for these guys. They all begin as liberators and 20 minutes later they're as corrupt as the tyrants they've overthrown." - FBI agent in "The Interpreter"
Well, Taib Mahmud is no Edmond Zuwanie but he was once a good man. What he is now is a pale comparison of what he set out to be...maybe he is at the pedestal too long that he forgot his roots and his fighting cause.

Awang Adek Hussin, the man who dreamt of becoming Kelantan's MB in GE12 is caught wrong footed again. This time, his statement that
“The government has studied the matter and decided that the site is not a heritage site and will not be turned into one.To our opinion, it is not something to be proud of... there may be other things that we can be proud of, compared to a jail, although it (Pudu Jail) is old." - Awang Adek Hussin, Deputy Finance Minister

What does this particular Deputy Minister of Finance know about heritage? If he could not even get the scores right on the sports betting license which is under the purview of the Finance Ministry, then what do you expect him to know and appreciate the value of heritage sites and buildings?

Awang Adek might be partially correct to state that "it (Pudu prison) is not something to be proud of..." but does Awang Adek know that USA preserved Alcatraz and it is not even 100 years old! And what about the Clink prison in UK? They converted it into a museum so that people can visit the place and "visit" the past...

Awang Adek should learn that demolishing Pudu prison and erasing its memories does not mean that crime has been eradicated from Malaysia. If it is not something to be proud of...then why not Awang Adek spearhead a movement to demolish all prisons in Malaysia? And this Awang Adek is the deputy Minister of Finance!

One in Sarawak where "the truth needs no translation" and one in Peninsular Malaysia where our own Deputy Minister of Finance do not appreciate heritage sites and buildings. However, both Sarawak's CM and Awang Adek has one thing in common - money and $$$$. They won't care about the people nor would they give a hoot on the historical values of heritage site/building.

Maybe, they are better off living in Pulau Bidong if money is soooo important to them. Between them, they can purchase the whole island and do what they want there. They can even get Jho Low to advise them on economic matters as it is said that Jho Low is also an adviser to Terengganu state and Pulau Bidong is in Terengganu, is it not?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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