Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nazri's leaking filtering system...

What else is there to say? Is Nazri Aziz losing his touch or is he on hot plate?

This is definitely one of those rare occassions when Nazri Aziz apologises for misinformation - this time about the new parliament blunder. In part Nazri Aziz claimed that his officer sent the written answer without checking it with him.

Now, what is there to check. Did the Cabinet discuss about a new parliament building or not? If it was discussed, what is the conclusion? Did the cabinet agree to relocate the parliament building or not?

Nazri claimed that the officer did not adhere to Nazri's standard practise of clearing all answers to be issued out of his office. Is that true? If it is Nazri's standard practise, then I doubt the officer did not know about this "long-standing" standard practise. Unless, the officer has been given an overiding instruction to go ahead to submit the written answer. If that is the case, who overides Nazri? Could it be Najib? Muhyiddein? Any of the Mionisters in the PM's department? One thing for sure, Nazri cannot put the blame on the opposition as they are not the one providing the answers because they are the ones who are expecting the answers.

If this has happened during the pre-GE 12 era, Nazri will just bulldoze through with his answer and then wriggle himself free from the mistake. This time around with a stronger presence, the opposition is ready to pounce on wrong answers, be it intentional or unintentional.

Back to the "new" parliament building. Shaziman claimed that the cabinet never discuss new parliament building. But then again, if it was never discussed during weekly cabinet meetings, how does Nazri comes up with the magic RM 800M figure? Surely, there must be a basis for the figure quoted by Nazri. Or is Nazri getting senile and confuse between a RM 800M new parliament building with RM 800M new Istana Negara? If Nazri is getting senile, then why is Najib still retaining him in his 1MPM6's cabinet?

Regarding Shaziman, if there is no new parliament building then why is his Ministry requested to look into the proposal? Like the Malays say "If there is no wind then how does the trees shake?".

Both Shaziman and Nazri are cabinet ministers and both are well-versed in Bahasa Malaysia. How could they interpret it differently? Are they in the same cabinet meeting or are they attending different cabinet meeting ala one held by Najib and the other by Muhyiddein?

Nazri should reprimand his officer for the mistake but is it a genuine mistake or "purposely" leaked to warm the session? Maybe, it is time for Nazri to check his filtering system. Most probably his filtering system is ineffective, mirroring his own performance which is progressively sliding down the scale. Time to make an exit, Nazri....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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