Thursday, December 21, 2006

2006 seems to be the year of divorce for celebrities in Malaysia. Apart from the artists such as Awie of Wings, we even have TV presenters, and now the politicians are joining the crowd. One thing that they have in common is the accusation that all of them are having affairs, proven or just hearsay.

Being personalities who are often in the spotlight, the present Syariah court hearing of this particular lady catch my attention the most. Being the daughter of Selangor Assembly State speaker who happens to be the Chairperson of UMNO Assembly, a silhoutte picture of someone with her physique.

Now then, should there be a need to address the differences and wash the dirty linen in public? I wonder....

And then, do the normal commoner like this guy care? For a guy like him, his world revolves on how to survive daily. Not in the world of deceit and deception but in a simple life of "Kais pagi, makan pagi". He will not care on who is in the Syariah court seeking divorce with tales of abuse, toture etc...that's not his cup of coffee.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

(Extracted from NST 21st Dec '06)
KLANG: Irreconcilable differences, lack of financial support and physical and mental abuse.

These were the grounds Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati Onn gave at the hearing of her divorce application against her husband, Mohd Suffian Abdul Aziz, yesterday.

Nor Hayati (picture) told Lower Syariah court judge Mohamed Fouzi Mokhtar that in their marriage of 23 years, she had suffered enough.

"Our marriage began having problems 10 years ago, but I always told myself I would give him another chance to change for the better. I also thought about the welfare of our young children then.

"But the past few years have been horrible. We argued almost every day and everything I said was wrong."

Nor Hayati decided she had had enough. She said her children were now grown up and would be able to think for themselves.

When her lawyer Md Khardee Md Shaari asked to give examples of each ground, the plaintiff said Mohd Suffian was always jealous and interrogated her when she was carrying out her duties as a politician.

"My job requires me to mingle with people, but he (Mohd Suffian) would question me. He would also check on me at meetings just to see who I was sitting with.

"At times he would also make it difficult for me to attend a function.

"He would make me do all kinds of things like fry an egg for him before I could leave the house," she said.

Nor Hayati also said since marrying the defendant, he had not given her money for maintenance.

"He was pampered by my father, who gave him a car and shelter as I am the eldest daughter. He would also ask me money to play golf.

"And I was also the one who was paying our house rent and utility bills. Only after I pestered him many times, would he fork out money to help once in a while.

"I even had to settle his debts from Ah Long," she added.

She also claimed Mohd Suffian, who was an engineer, was earning an income but did not give her any money.

Nor Hayati also alleged she was abused by the defendant.

"In October 1997, he pushed me until I fractured my hand. In November 2001, he hit me until I bled. I was hospitalised at the Seri Kota Hospital for a week.

"There were also times during our fights that he would use a knife. Once he kicked a shoe which hit me," she said.

Nor Hayati also claimed that when she returned home late from events, Mohd Suffian would call to check on her.

"He would call me names like ‘whore’ or ‘slut’. He knew the nature of my job when we married and I don’t understand why he can’t accept my work as a Senator now."

She said she now lived with her parents in Shah Alam and the couple no longer lived under the same roof.

"He moved to a rented home in Section 7 in Shah Alam in March."

Later, when questioned by Mohd Suffian’s counsel Muhamad Burok, Nor Hayati admitted that she did not lodge any police report on the alleged assaults.

Nor Hayati, a businesswoman, filed for a divorce last September. Hearing continues on Jan 19.

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