Saturday, June 30, 2018

Of rocky road ahead.... UMNO

UMNO is at critical crossroad. The recent UMNO Presidential election offers their members three choice :-

1. Stick to the deformed convention;
2. Trust the old guards; or
3. Gamble on uncertain changes.

17,000 UMNO delegates across the nation, minus Sarawak who has no UMNO division, opts to stick to deformed convention.

I say, good luck UMNO. UMNO choose the rocky road...

30th June is another cornerstone to the once mighty UMNO. After the rakyat show UMNO and BN the exit from Putrajaya, UMNO still dizzy from the fall from Putrajaya crown opts for convention. Not the normal convention but a deformed convention.

Najib is gone and facing mounting prospects of mismanaging Malaysia for the past 9 years. As days drag by, Najib seems more lost than ever and still could not accept the humilation of 9th May 2018.

UMNO, with Najibless leadership coupled with their own abyss of party election which may or may not be accepted by ROS goes for leadership election on 30th June 2018. UMNO choose Zahid Hamidi over Ku Li and KJ.

My first question is Why UMNO choose Zahid? There are so many issues against him and yet UMNO members choose him over the other 2 (well, actually there are four) other candidates.

Did UMNO members overlooked these following points? :-

1. Although Zahid is the highest ranking UMNO after Najib, he is actually an elevated to Deputy UMNO President after MY was purged from the party;
2. Out of 3 VP, Zahid seems to be the last man standing after SA was also purged 2 years earlier from the party and H2O opts to ride the sunset after GE14;
3. H2O who was actually the PM-designate (rumour?) decided to stand down when his cousin ie Najib was humiliated on 9th May 2018;
4. Zahid's roots was and still is the concern for many. If normal channels are applied, is he a Malaysian? I leave it at that and you guys figure out;
5. Zahid as Najib's second man carries Najib's "infamous" legacy. Is this what UMNO wants to potray itself to the rakyat?

UMNO is still in self denial mode. The Presidential election reflects that feeling. UMNO members are still stunned with 9th May 2018. Unfortunately UMNO is running out of options and time. Delaying the party election will further jeorpadise their already precarious registration with ROS. Now that "CHANGE" is the air, UMNO can't afford to be legally illegal hence whether they like it or not, UMNO is force to carry out the party election soonest possible.

Ku Li days are now officially over. His often aloft stand distance him from the members. This UMNO Presidential election sends him a clear signal that he is just another MP who has lost touch with the masses. Where Ku Li once has all the chances to lead the nation when the opposition calls him to lead, he choose to be in his comfort zone and now when UMNO members wanted to rally behind him, he fails to shine as a possible leader. Good bye, Ku Li.

KJ's 4th floor baggage is haunting him. His potrayal as a new voice of UMNO went unheeded. Obviously, KJ appeals to the young where he once lead but his approach is scorned by the elders of the party. KJ's political future is now in Zahid's hands. All his bearded approach fails to convince UMNO members that he has change.

What are the options left for UMNO? Where are the true leaders of UMNO who has been in the backburner for years? Those professionals whose ascesion to UMNO leadership curbed by the greedy warlords of UMNO. This Presidential election should be the signal for the warlors to retreat. Unfortunately, UMNO members is sending the wrong message.

The VP and MT posts will reflect the seriousness of UMNO to change. If the warlords and the old guards are still there, then UMNO has a tough rocky road ahead.

Maybe UMNO members are sending a signal to their leadership and that signal is for UMNO to "better close shop". UMNO has its chances and UMNO opts to remain arrogant by choosing the wrong team to head them.

With all the recent developments and revealation, maybe and just maybe, UMNO can take a long rest from Putrajaya, say at least up to GE 16.

PH needs a good sparring partner and UMNO fails... maybe UMNO needs 2021 to really elect capable leaders. The question is - will UMNO still be legally registered by then? Or will UMNO be dissolved by 2021?

Me? I call on all UMNO warlords to make way for others. Your time is over. Get UMNO true warriors in to carry out the original UMNO struggle, if they still remember what the struggle is all about...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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