Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Of patience ...

First : Congrats to Rakyat of Malaysia for voting in a new government. Honestly, I choose to remain quiest for the past few weeks as I see the unfolding of a new era. Yes, I see the coming of BN downfall and NO, I did not foresee them faring that badly in PRU 14. Whatever it is, it is part of Malaysian history.

Have the dust settled? No, I don't think so. However, the new Malaysia administrator must know how to filter the demands made since the sheriff is back in town.

For the time being, allow me to go through some of the list of demands :-

1. Malaysian BAR moots Ambiga as new AG

I will be frank. Ambiga is not up for the job. Malaysian BAR should not be imposing their views on to the new government. I would appreciate if Malaysian BAR remains neutral and let the government make its selection based on their criteria. I laughed at how so many people wanted to be the "insider" to put forth their demands. Let the government make their choice. Have Malaysian BAR insist or nominate their own as AG before? If not, then why now?

2. Zulkifli off as SPRM commissioner

Why so rush? Zulkifli should stand his ground if he did his job. Tendering his resignation on the first day of new Government reveals that he might be doing something wrong. I will not dwell what he did but Dzulkifle's action reflects his "guilty concious".

3. Apandi on leave

No surprise here. It is Apandi who actually initiate BN's downfall from grace. It is Apandi who goes against the flow when he declare Najib innocent from 1MDB debacle when countries all over the world launched investigation on 1MDB. In fact, it is Apandi who delays or refuse to co-operate with authorities (eg Swiss authorities) when they request for information regarding 1MDB.

Yes, in part Apandi is right when he declares that he is adviser to the government but the question is : who is he loyal to? Bear in mind that he was Kelantan's UMNO treasurer before he was appointed as AG. Any political connection there?

4. Irwan transferred out of MOF

You see it coming when Irwan goes overboard in the last days of campaigning period, staging a concert in Langkawi and promising goodies to Langkawi voters.

As a civil servant, Irwan shoud stay at an arm's length with politicians. But then again, is Irwan playing office politics for KSN post? Now, it is bye-bye Irwan....

Of course, there are other casualties which need not be listed here.

It is important to relax and let the Government do its job. I received information on new political scenario if PKR decided to go with BN and PAS. Possible? Yes. Anwar is too anxious to be PM but honestly, I see Anwar coming in 2 years from now. He has been out of touch since his Sg Buloh days and for him to takeover now will reflect his greed, similar to his failed Kajang move.

As I said earlier, let the government do its job. There are so many asking for tit or tat as in Ambiga's call to act against Taib Mahmud. Yes, Taib is no angel but there are certain things better left untouched less you want a "revolt" from Sarawak. If that happens, will Ambiga ready and willing to stand up and be counted? Sarawak is an asset to Malaysia, is Ambiga willing to let Sarawak cede from Malaysia by going for Taib's jugular? Ambiga may be a good lawyer, but she is not a good politician. NGO, maybe but not a good politician.

KJ? Everybody can speaks their piece of mind after it happens. In KJ's case, he admitted that not telling the truth earlier contributed to BN's loss. Will he say the same thing if BN won PRU 14? I bet if BN had won PRU 14, he will be the frontrunner applepolishing Najib.

What did I see of BN in the future? I see BN will make some headway in PRU 15 but BN is not ready to reclaim PMship in PRU 15. BN needs to start clean and that means every leader from Zahid downwards need to pave way for others. That includes KJ making way for a new leader. It will take time, and rakyat will not easily forgive and forget what BN has done in the past especially the role of UMNO in becoming "big bully" to its brothers in arms within BN.

I will not say more now. 2 weeks before election, a technician told me of the pay bloggers received from their political masters, be it BN or PH. He never know that I am a blogger and more important I am not for sale. That way, I can write my piece of mind without fear or favour.

Do I care about readership? No, I don't care. Do I care about making money from blogging? Never in my life.

Who am I? I am Dnightcaller, moving alone.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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