Friday, June 10, 2016

Of fragmented opposition... Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar

In short, the opposition parties overkills themselves with silly intra-bombings!

Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-election is going to be costly. Not in turn of Dollars and Cents but more in terms of pride and bragging rights. Unfortunately, it may not involve BN. With the way events are turning out, what BN has to do is to sit back, grab some popcorn and see the fragmented opposition overkilling each other.

If things are not checked, I can see BN not only retaining Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar but may needles its way into re-capturing Selangor ala-Perak. mark my words!

First stop - Kuala Kangsar. I did not see the fun of making Hadi (PAS President) looks like a clown. No doubt, some may see Hadi's moves lately as erratic and unpredictable, but to likened him to a clown is defacing PAS itself.

To makes matters worse, Sg Besar is not much better. It maybe DAP Sekinchan assemblyman saying but hey... this is by-election and this Ng Suee Lim has no business to up the ante by suggesting beer drinking to celebrate if Amanah fares better than PAS in Sg Besar. Ng is not talking about winning the by-election. He is talking about faring better than PAS.

First, let me point out why I say so... with regards to the 2 Malaysiakini's news :-

1. If some do not agree with Hadi for his style and approach, you may put up your points and list it. Bunching him with another clown infers that he is not fit to lead the nation? Nah... he never says he wants to lead. In fact, I did not see him as PM material, not after seeing him handling Terengganu once upon a time....

2. Celebrating for faring better than the other is also not appropriate. Worse, when those commentators start talking about it being only "reserved" for non-Muslims. If the argument is that, then why can't the same commentators accept that Hudud is only meant for Muslims? When it comes to Hudud, the same guys argue that it will be spread and includes pathetic!!!

Instead of jumping on each other, why can't the opposition focus on winning Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar? Be it PAS or Pakatan Harapan.

This is the time to question Mastura, BN candidate on her statement that she will only think about Hudud after the by-election? Is Mastura living in a cave in Timbuktu? She is a Muslim (by the way she projects herself with tudung and all). If that is her approach, then why not she also issue a statement and say "I will think about iddah (staying indoor to observe her late husband pass away) after by-election. If she claims that iddah is part of Islamic teaching, then is she admitting that she doesn't know that Hudud is part of Islamic teaching too?

If Mastura is too busy campaigning (from inside her home), then she should have the guts to voice her opinion on Hudud and not "tai chiing" her way out!

Back to the topic... why did I say opposition is fragmented? Instead of stocking their ammunition against their common enemy, Pakatan Harapan and PAS is literally aiming to destroy each other. Billboards, posters are used.

If this is the way it is going to be...then sad to say that Pakatan Harapan is no longer Malaysia's Harapan in steering the country to the right course. Pakatan Harapan has lost its aim and is going rudderless. Worse - PAN (Amanah) is not the driver for this by-election. DAP is... and as DAP, their strategy is insensitive to Ramadan month.

This is what BN is looking for. PKR, being part of Pakatan Harapan needs to bear some of what is happening in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar. And if PAS thinks that PKR is a major player in belittling the party, just wait after the by-election. We may see a disjointed Selangor... If Selangor is wrested back by BN, the real loser is PKR. Why? PAN was never a factor yet.... and PKR may lost the golden state of Selangor due to their pwn making. DAP? They have no issue since their man is not the MB of Selangor.

Think and think wisely. Pakatan harapan needs to re-focus on battling BN. It is not about faring better tha the other. It is about winning the by-election. Unfortunately, the stupidity of Pakatan Harapan is confirming that they are still not ready to lead the nation... period.

In the meantime....NSC law goes ahead....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Of direct & indirect interpretation...

Most of the time, you cannot take things at face value. More so when it involves politicians...

When the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issues a statement, some political aides and its hired guns will jump to blow things out of proportion. This time, it is about MAS statement stating that the money (and you know which money I am writing about) is not in Singapore.

This once heralded journalist latch on to the news with his posting "Singapore's MAS tells WSJ: No such thing! " Let's look what our Bro implies :-

1. WSJ (Wall Street Journal) is wrong in reporting;
2. WSJ is not credible;
3. WSJ got it all wrong;

WSH issued a correction saying that the funds were transffered to an account in Switseland and not Singapore.

Regardless of whether the fund is in Singapore or Switseland, what interest me is, is the fund morally, legally and spiritually is with the right owner or is it be siphoned??


My point is simple - MAS say that the fund does not end up in Singapore but it did not say whether the fund pass through Singapore or not. If the fund does not pass through Singapore, then why is Singapore authorities hauling up former bankers and charged them? Why did Singapore inssue instruction for BSI S'pore to be closed down?

In short, there is more than meeting the eye...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Of logos... Balance, Moon and Triangle

Parti Amanah Negara - Logo

Be it Sg Besar or Kuala Kangsar, it is all about the party and not individuals. What interest me is hadi's statement on the shape of the party's logo.

Hadi claims that his "moon" can't be turned upside down. Well... Hadi may see his party as the "moon" but for the Chinese, PAS is the "panadol". Will the "panadol" viewed as the all-can-do tablet or will it be otherwise? Why is Hadi so quick in likening his "moon"?

On the other side, Amanah's triangle shape is no help. One glance it looks like a sailboat... hey.. we are not sportsmen here. We are all looking for an alternative to UMNO. Triangle don't help...

Worse still, if u combine 2 triangle with 180 degree turn, and you might see the

Seriously, anybody here follow Malaysia Chronicle? Quoting Syed Saddiq Abd Rahman, he claims that 83 % of Malays (assumed Muslims) wants the implementation of Hudud. And if we assume that 65 % of Malaysian citizens are Malays, that roughly means 52 % of Malaysian citizen wants Hudud implementation. That being the case, why are the politicians still haggling about what Malaysia wants?

Is it not Najib who at some point of time says he "listen"? Now., where is his listening goes to? Too much concession to our southern neighbour on the "I scratch your back and you scratch mine"?

I wonder...

Whilst Hadi of PAS and Mad Sabu of Amanah traded jibes about petty things, another "small-scale" avalanche is hitting us. This time, from FELCRA and Bung Kinabatangan...

What started as a win-win deal where FELCRA (Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority) where a developer (WZR group) proposed to develop FELCRA HQ with WZR getting the large portion of the building. What it ended is, FELCRA needs to fund the RM 550 M project with WZR becoming the contractor. What happens?

The rough timeline of the events are as follows :-

1. FELCRA and WZR group inked a deal in 2015 where WZR group will deveelop a mixed project of 35 storey office, 43 dtorey residential, retail mall and halls;
2. The project was launched in May 2015 by (none other than 1MPM6 Najib);
3. FELCRA ended to take over the project on 21st Jan 2016 after WZR failed to secure fundings;

Do you think that is enough??? NOoooo!!!! FELCRA make it worse by appointing WZR group as the Contractor!!! How can that happens? Topping up the cake, FELCRA claims that the award is done through open tender for RM 687.5M.. and that is 25 % more than the initial costing of RM 550M. Apa dah jadi?? Another leakage somewhere??

Conveniently, WZR MD "tai-chied" questions by saying that he is in Mecca. Hey... dear Mad Kamal, it just takes a few minutes to answer questions. Don't use Mecca as your ultimate shield...

Wooo... Better stop before my BP goes sky-high....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, June 06, 2016

Of Sungai Besar, Kuala Kangsar and ...

Many things happen in my sabbatical absence. A blogger friend passed away whilst another got married and now taking care of the newborn. Me? I am still a drifter...wondering where I will break fast today :)
Looking for votes...

My friend came back from Sg Besar yesterday and he has a story to tell. He is a die hard BN supporter (and motivator). Yesterday, he went to Sg Besar on wedding invitation wearing an orang batik shirt. Being a nomination day for the parliamentary by-election, the town is packed with supporters from all parties and traffic were diverted and he ends up in a paddy field with "green" supporters who greeted him as "sahabat". What else to do but to endure the crowd with an orange batik shirt and "blue" heart.

Seriously, let's make a short anaalysis of the twin by-elections. Chinese voters will likely be the kingmaker with 31 % of voters Chinese. With voters registration of 42,365 it will be an uphill battle for all the candidates. On surface, BN may have a slight advantage if the Chinese votes solidly on them.

However, MCA and Gerakan are all playing second fiddle to DAP. If the Chinese voters shunned BN due to DAP factor, it is not as easy as that. Being calculative, the Chinese will not vote a losing candidate. AMANAH may have the thunder but they could not deliver Malay votes. If that is the case, who will the Chinese vote?

Obviously it will either be BN or PAS. Will the Chinese sacrifice their principle and voted BN? I doubt so because voting BN in is like endorsing what is wrong as right. So lets say 80 % of the Chinese voters are anti-establishment. That will means 10,500 Chinese votes are for the opposition. And if PAS fails to convince the Mandarin voters to vote them, it will be either spoil votes or no-show. Which way will the CHinese voters turn?

Chinese are basically aagainst Hudud. But, as I say countless times, why bother to oppose something that does not affact you? HUdud is primarily a punishment for the Muslims. Yes, there will be Chinese affected by Hudud, but that will be those who converted to Muslim, either by marriage, family or reading. If these Chinese are Muslims, then the rest need to bother about Hudud.

Hudud is only applicable to Muslims and Chinese Muslims like Riduan Tee. The rest? "To you your religion". If this is the case, why are Chinese voters and the rest so jittery on Hudud bill? For once, Chinese voters should sit back, cast the religious differences aside and focus on giving BN a black eye. Then the obvious choice will be either Amanah or PAS...

What about 66 % voters which are predominantly Malays? They have 3 choice - either BN, Amanah or PAS. BN voters will remain loyal. The balance? Will either go to Amanah or PAS. Since PKR is out of the picture, it will be a tough decision here.

Amanah may have DAP full support and token PKR's support but will that be enough? I did not think so. If that is the case, there is no better alternative than to vote PAS and stay with it for the next 2 years prior to GE 14.

Will that happen? I will tell u more soon...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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