Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Of logos... Balance, Moon and Triangle

Parti Amanah Negara - Logo

Be it Sg Besar or Kuala Kangsar, it is all about the party and not individuals. What interest me is hadi's statement on the shape of the party's logo.

Hadi claims that his "moon" can't be turned upside down. Well... Hadi may see his party as the "moon" but for the Chinese, PAS is the "panadol". Will the "panadol" viewed as the all-can-do tablet or will it be otherwise? Why is Hadi so quick in likening his "moon"?

On the other side, Amanah's triangle shape is no help. One glance it looks like a sailboat... hey.. we are not sportsmen here. We are all looking for an alternative to UMNO. Triangle don't help...

Worse still, if u combine 2 triangle with 180 degree turn, and you might see the

Seriously, anybody here follow Malaysia Chronicle? Quoting Syed Saddiq Abd Rahman, he claims that 83 % of Malays (assumed Muslims) wants the implementation of Hudud. And if we assume that 65 % of Malaysian citizens are Malays, that roughly means 52 % of Malaysian citizen wants Hudud implementation. That being the case, why are the politicians still haggling about what Malaysia wants?

Is it not Najib who at some point of time says he "listen"? Now., where is his listening goes to? Too much concession to our southern neighbour on the "I scratch your back and you scratch mine"?

I wonder...

Whilst Hadi of PAS and Mad Sabu of Amanah traded jibes about petty things, another "small-scale" avalanche is hitting us. This time, from FELCRA and Bung Kinabatangan...

What started as a win-win deal where FELCRA (Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority) where a developer (WZR group) proposed to develop FELCRA HQ with WZR getting the large portion of the building. What it ended is, FELCRA needs to fund the RM 550 M project with WZR becoming the contractor. What happens?

The rough timeline of the events are as follows :-

1. FELCRA and WZR group inked a deal in 2015 where WZR group will deveelop a mixed project of 35 storey office, 43 dtorey residential, retail mall and halls;
2. The project was launched in May 2015 by (none other than 1MPM6 Najib);
3. FELCRA ended to take over the project on 21st Jan 2016 after WZR failed to secure fundings;

Do you think that is enough??? NOoooo!!!! FELCRA make it worse by appointing WZR group as the Contractor!!! How can that happens? Topping up the cake, FELCRA claims that the award is done through open tender for RM 687.5M.. and that is 25 % more than the initial costing of RM 550M. Apa dah jadi?? Another leakage somewhere??

Conveniently, WZR MD "tai-chied" questions by saying that he is in Mecca. Hey... dear Mad Kamal, it just takes a few minutes to answer questions. Don't use Mecca as your ultimate shield...

Wooo... Better stop before my BP goes sky-high....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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