Monday, August 01, 2011

Of 1MPM6 Najib's skewed political science 101...

Since 1MPM6 is in HKL recuperating from his knee operation, he sure do have time to do some reality check. This time around what about reality check on what 1MPM6 said in his closing speech at Malaysian Students Leaders Summit (MSLS)...

Whilst waiting for the formal announcement on the beginning of Ramadan, TV3 carried a news report on 1MPM6 Najib using his oratory skill in defending his government records and proclaiming that he believed in democracy. What a joke...

Malaysian Insider pick up the news with the caption "Najib:BN would have won Kelantan if polls skewed". His reasons? :-
  1. PAS retained Kelantan with a slim majority of 3 seats in 2004;
  2. PAS retained 1 state seat with a simple majority of 2 votes;
  3. BN won a by-election reducing PAS majority by 1 state seat;
Is Najib getting senile? Who was the Prime Minister in 2004 until 2008? What Najib failed to expose in MSLS are these :-
  1. Abdullah Badawi is the Prime Minister from 2004 to 2008;
  2. Abdullah Badawi respect the Kelantanese wishes to be governed by PAS;
  3. Abdullah Badawi did not make any attempt to "buy" froggies like what Najib did in Perak in 2009;
  4. The by-election which reduces PAS's majority to 1 happens in mid-term;
  5. Abdullah Badawi did not make any attempt to "win over" PAS elected representative because the reps are voted in by the voters and as such they are answerable to the voters (whilst 3 Perak froggies were frothing claiming they won because of their personality and not because of the party);
1MPM6 Najib failed to address the issue correctly. Najib failed to mention that 2004 was BN's superyear when Abdullah-led BN routed PAS and recapture Terengganu. Did he mentioned that? Did Najib mentioned that after years under Mahathir, the rakyat decided to give carte blanche to Abdullah to run the country by presenting him with a landslide win in 2004?

This is where Najib and Abdullah differs. Najib will go all out to win a "lost" state at all cost. See what he had done to Perak. 1MPM6 might have secured Perak but at the same time the backlash swept many casualties including those whose official residence is in Kuala Kangsar.

In his quest to be a "winner" 1MPM6 did the unexpected - he introduce the "you help me, I helpt you" syndrome and top it with "I help you now, you helpt me later" by promising G Palanivel a full ministerial post!

Say what you want of Abdullah but his Jeanie never overshadow him in his official duties. Curse as much as you want of Mahathir but Hasmah Ali never placed Mahathir on a back-burner. Najib? Well, just look at the mess RoseCTmah is inflicting!

Since Najib is in HKL, will RoseCTmah nursing him or is RoseCTmah too busy getting her carpet cleaned? Whatever it is, Ahlan wasahlan Ramadan al mubarak...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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