Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Of the last bugle...

A friendly conversation in a 1M environment displays a simple request - MALAYSIANS WANT A CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTION! and those small steps taken in BERSIH 1.0, BERSIH 2.0 and BERSIH 3.0 are bearing fruits and ample warning to the government of the day to perk up and take notice of the rakyats' messages...

Well, actually it was suppose to be a meeting of sorts to fan out works and to split out the works within those affected. It started with some small talk before the actual meeting and within that short span of time, six out seven attended voice out their support for a clean and fair election, starting from the electoral roll. Mind you that all these seven are professionals from various disciplines including Engineers, ICT guys, property developers, accountant and corporate planners! Maybe (and that is just pure maybe) that the only non-professional attending the meeting is who someone said is a teacher :)

One of them experience a unique gerrymandering exercise. He has a household of three consisting of a man, his wife and his son and all of them stay in the same house in Cheras. All of them registered using the same family house address. EC through their creativity, place the man to be a voter in Bandar Tun Raqak, his wife needs to vote for Seputeh MP whilst his son ended in Serdang parliament seat. How is this so? One explaination given by the Electrical consultant who happens to be one of the seven attending the meeting is EC is using a unique zoning method whereby this person's house is further sub-divided into rooms and all these three fellows may have been sleeping in separate rooms thus the different parliamentary constituencies!

The Electrical consultant has his own share of peculiarity too. He and his wife has been devout voters for the past 5 elections and recently he checked and find out that his wife evaporated from the election roll! His wife is still breathing the same air as he is and this Electrical consultant is wondering why is his wife suddenly disappear from the current election roll!

Another, a project director, voice out that it is understandable if mistakes and oversight occurs but not at the current rate. He reminded that 48 % (or is it 41 %?) of Malaysians could not vote due to their age. Yes! above 40 % of Malaysians are below 21 years old and they could not possibly vote in the coming election. Further, 8 % of Malaysians are above 50 years old. Meaning? Malaysians must now stand up and be counted and the rakyats could not allow EC from slumping in carrying out their duties to ensure a clean and fair election, including a clean and accurate election roll!

By now everyone has their own opinion on the IAP ie Independent Advisory Panel headed by Hanif. Is Hanif placed there to check Anwar as both of them are old boys? Or is Hanif put there because he is the "cleanest" ex-IGPs' alive? Clean or not, Hanif's appointment as head of IAP was even asked in one of the AGM of a public listed company recently. Something that have not happen since Merdeka. No shareholder has stand up and query about one of the senior Management's role in panels set by government until a week or so ago.

Hanif may not have heard the query in person but he should have known by now that his position was queried by shareholders. Maybe, he too needs to stap down like the 2 panelists before him.

No small talk is complete without tyhe big question - when? When is GE 13? The corporate planner who normally spends time at PWTC curtly mentioned that it is a headache to Najib. Instead of addressing GE 13 date, the planner sidestep the issue with another hot topic - Raja Nong Chik will be smoked out from his ministry and the person to replace him will be someone who has almost the same track record like Isa Samad!

If that is true, then Najib is closer to sounding his last bugle. How can Najib thinks of placing a person who has been found guilty of "attempts to bribe delegates" by UMNO disciplinary board to be appointed as Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan? Unless Najib has lost all his marbles in making good decisions!

Is that all? No, not really. All these 7 professionals agree that it is time for rakyats to change the government of the day. Not because they did not love BN but all of them love Malaysia more! What they are doing is to protect our next generation of 48 % who can't vote. We may be too old to reap the fruits but surely we could not let our next generation suffer for the misdeeds of BN.

All the seven also observed and agree that MSM has lost their values. STAR is going for free somewhere but nobody seems to be interested to catch up news on the newspaper. Well, the planner claims that the newspapers have the minds of their own and not subject to level 4 censorship. For that, the poor planner got bombarded as the rest believe MSM has failed the rakyats with their continuous lies and half truths. The fact is, our generation Y is more comfortable with online news and BN is losing their advantage...

All said and done, it is time for Najib to blow his last bugle. It is not a matter of retaining Putrajaya. Najib has a moral duty to get Malaysia by dissolving the parliament now and call for GE 13. Maybe Najib can still hang on to Putrajaya but Najib must be willing to say adios to the deadwoods in BN. The better thing is for Najib to withdraw from Putrajaya and let BN young chargers to take over. It will be a better option for Najib to walk with pride now then to walk in shame after GE 13.

Or is it possible that Najib is incapable of blowing the last bugle? Not when his lips are sealed with French scorpenes laced with Daniyar's poison?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Of hazy Najib...

It is that time of the year again when haze will envelope Klang valley and it will always be the same old record excuse of "open burning" on the other side of the fence.

Whilst the Klang valley haze will finally go away and return some other day, there is another kind of haze that is making Malaysians choked and sweat and perspire! This haze is 1MPM6 Najib's haze.

Just the other day, NC chanced on TV3's senior Manager who is also a state bureu chief as he tried his oratory talent to paint a good picture of 1MPM6 Najib. However, in his haste to paint a saint out of Najib, his numerous slips are telling, Najib's future is a hazy one indeed!

Whilst this particular boot licker paint a thousand colours for Najib, he chose to paint the same glorious colours on Mahathir and put all the blame squarely on Abdullah Badawi. Mahathir is a visionary as Abdullah is a spoiler whilst Najib is painted as the saviour. Hello, my friend - isn't Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib comes from the same pot? If yes, then it just don't rhyme to say that a part of the pot is sweet, whilst the other side is sour and the one in the bottom is a mix of everything.

The point is, whilst every leader has his own style but definitely BN's leadership is as typical as it should be. No change there and thus if Abdullah Badawi srew up the whole country then Najib is screwing us double as he tries to cover Abdullah Badawi's mistakes and in his attempts, Najib is making twice a big a hole to cover Abdullah!

How do you rate a man? It is more on how he treats his woman and his family. Did Najib treat his woman right? How could he when he painted his first woman of his life as mentally unstable as an escape clause for Najib to cement his relationship through his second marriage? How can you vouch that Najib is a perfect family man when he abandons his children from his first marriage?

Going a step further, if Najib fails as a husband and the head of the family, how can we rate him as a good leader? If Najib opts for a glass instead of the diamond in his hand in terms of marriage, then how can we trust Najib to get the best candidates to lead the country? Why did I say so?

Just look at his future SIL, Daniyar Nazarbayev.  Najib's daughter was engaged to Daniyar in 2011 when Najib is already Malaysia's PM. Now, why didn't Najib make a quick background check on his future SIL? Love is blind for the couple but is Najib blinded too or is he only privy to filtered news? Najib could not claim ignorance when there are already speculation that Daniyar's mother is linked to Russian mafia! With Malaysian's intelligence unit under his disposal, Najib still fails to nip the probable problem at its bud! Or is Najib too "lembik" to the extent that he could not break Nooryana's heart?

If this is the same Najib that is going to lead BN's charge in defending Putrajaya, then all is lost and as good as gone! BN's MPs' claimed that Najib's "family problem" is not a reflection of Najib's leadership. Actually, it is. It shows that Najib is too "weak" and this weakness is making him hazy to decide GE 13 date.

Najib is using all his lifeline to stay afloat and the longer he delays GE 13, the worse it will be. Unless Najib is planning BN's downfall and he is hellbent to make history as being the last PM from BN.

Maybe next time, we see another side of Najib... or will it be going downhill from here?

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