Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of 9th July 2011 : Creating chaos out of nothing at all...

I ask my Malay friend will he wear yellow on 9th July 2011. His response? He is not that "brave" to wear. I countered him with "You mean you are not proud to wear your National football yellow jersey?" That stuns him and between his whispers, he says he will wear yellow. Maybe not Bersih 2.0 yellow but our own Malaysian football yellow jersey. Will that be an offence comes 9th July 2011?

Cut the crap. The way some quarters resort to spinning stories, it is making a mockery of ourselves. With apologies to Air supply, this is what I termed as "Creating chaos out of nothing at all"...

My Chinese friend is bringing her 20+ year old child back to Kuantan for the 9th July weekend. Her reasoning? Her son's college has forewarned all its students to stay away from 9th July 2011 Bersih 2.0 rally! And this boy is majoring in political science! Just imagine when fools run the day to day affair of colleges. Heck, this guy can't even be a part of what may be a historic event of Malaysia...

Do you think that is all? NO, heck no. When I pointed out to my friend that they might not be better off in Kuantan that day since there are the anti-Lynas rallies going on there, she might find herself shifting from the Tiger's mouth right into a croc's jaws! Whatever, she might be in a lose-lose situation, come 9th July 2011.

On her continuous complains of what should have been in Malaysia, it is then pointed out to her that if she can't dance the music, then why is she drumming up the song? In short, do you think you can get what you want just by idling around on your fatty ass? Is she expecting the others to work for her inspirations? My, oh my... she is so vain.

Then there is another, a matriach to a family asking what's going on this 9th July 2011. Apparently in their bid to keep her at home, her 50+ children are painting a bleak picture of 9th July... just to get their mothers to stay at home. My oh my, look what people are willing to do to get what they want... As a compromise, the mother decided to spend her holidays abroad. Another lose-lose situation for the children as they have to bear her expenses...

My Indian friends? They choose to take the safe route and that is to keep quiet. That way, if 9th July 2011 rally is successful, they can come to the fore and claim that the success is due to their sweat. If not, they will go to the other side and claim that their absence contribute to the failure of 9th July 2011 rally.

I ask my Malay friend will he wear yellow on 9th July 2011. His response? He is not that "brave" to wear. I countered him with "You mean you are not proud to wear your National football yellow jersey?" That stuns him and between his whispers, he says he will wear yellow. Maybe not Bersih 2.0 yellow but our own Malaysian football yellow jersey. Will that be an offence comes 9th July 2011?

Now, what is so significant about 9th July 2011? Actually, nothing, naught, zero, zilch. The problem is Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim decided to play hero by drumming up unnecessarily the 9th July rally by terming those who will be atending the rally as "pengacau". You know what "pengacau" means? To me, Rais is literally terming those attending the rally as "pests". How dare you sir to term them as pests when you yourself could not even stand by your principal? Remember the time when you said, you have burnt the bridge to UMNO? Is this the same Rais who someone coined as the "mode changer"?

What's wrong? Many... I just do not understand the need to continuously remind us of 9th July rally up to the stage that every Tom, Dick and Harry is asking what's going on? I am a classic song lover and that FM 80+ channel is harping the virtues of the present government compared to the pesky "pests" of 9th July 2011. Honestly, I will say... Ada aku kesah... but RTM, TV3 is making a hill out of a mole. Actually not many knows about 9th July 2011 but our RTM, TV3 choose to "educate" us on 9th July 2011.

1MPM6? That's a joke. Najib promised a better youth representation in government if BN retains their power after next GE. Dear Najib, are you telling us that you will be getting ministers who are only 20+ or 30+? Aiyaa... are you telling us that there will be more Najibs in the future? My oh my, 1 Najib is already a headache, 2 or more Najibs will drive Malaysians crazy. What more if these Najibs have the same high taste of RoseCTmah... Die die Malaysia like this..... If Najib is serious about getting more youthful representations in his government, then he can starty by appointing KJ as his minister. Will Najib do that? And with Najib's statement, KJ may well be a PM before 40... but knowing Najib's lallang stance, that is just pure talk to appease young corporate Malaysians.

Talking about that, Najib could not even give a definitive answer when someone from the floor request him to dismantle AUKU (University/ College act). And Najib want to talk about giving our young Malaysians the freedom to express their desires? Dream on....

Ah... when everything seems doom, count on Rais, Najib's numero uno propaganda chef to declare that those Bersih 2.0 roadshow is about reviving communism. And for good measure, throw in names like Chin Peng in... unfortunately it just do not rhyme! How will someone dream of reviving communism when Malaysian communism died its natural death when Chin Peng sign the Bangkok declaration? Yes, Chin Peng the name still haunts some but if he is born Malaysian, don't you think he has the birthrights to die on Malaysian soil? The problem here is Rais overdo everythoing... and overhype everything just to be on tomorrow's headlines... must be some inferiority complex within him!

Honestly, I am for 9th July rallies. Be it Bersih 2.0, Perkasa or UMNO youth. They have the rights to voice their stand. And let them state their stand and catch them, if need be when they step over the line. Before that? Place the responsibility on the organisers! If they could not control their crowd, let them answer in court. Taking pre-emptive measures is not the way. It just show that something is not right in this place who crows of being democratically elected!

Me? I am taking another stroll in Kuala Lumpur comes 9th July 2011. If I can't walk free in broad daylight, then something must be terribly wrong in Malaysia. Venue? Some say that I am a man of many faces... so I can be at one or I can be at all three places this 9th July 2011.

On the sidelines and closer to my heart, what is wrong with our public service department (PSD)? This time around, we have 2 DGs' for Jabatan Kerja Raya. How does this happen? It seems that Judin is offered a more junior post in CIDB which he has already rejected. At the same time, KSN appointed deputy II to be DG effective of May 2011. Now JKR has 2 Captains. Is this Titanic in the making?

I will not side on who is suppose to be the rightful DG. Both of them are Professionals and I believe that they should act as one. Logically thinking, since Judin has rejected the CIDB post, then Deputy II just stay put in his office. Case close!

But why was Judin transferred out of JKR? Someone close told me that this is something connected to the ongoing construction of the new Istana Negara. Apparently Judin terminated the main Contractor for being late and that was done according to the provisions in the Contract. However, that Main Contractor is "cable-connected" to some UMNO bigwigs and Judin became a victim of circumstances, all due to his efficiency to get things right! The only thing I will say here is that I support Judin for his decision and urge all government staff to send a strong message to all these "cable-connected" Contractors - get the job done right!

Who is the loser to this episode? Not Judin nor his Deputy II Mohd Nor. The actual loser is the one who is going to end his tenure comes December 2011 and you guys know who...

Whatever, wherever... if you have time, do listen to Air Supply's "Making Love out of nothing at all" before 9th July blue storm-troopers disrupt what is supposed to be a nice and beautiful 9th July week-end.

Kg Baru is nice, Sogo is beautiful, Masjid Negara is serene whilst Pasar Seni is romantic. Wonder where KJ's boys will be massing... as long as not Gaza, then they should be fine...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Of Casanova, Valentino ... and Bangla Khans

These past few weeks is not kind to Malaysians. RON 97 price up, electricity tariff up, LPG price up ... well almost all comodities are going up. The only few that is going down is our morale and morals.

So, this time around, let's forget about Khir Toyo's show in Shah Alam, PKR's HQ building going to be hammered soon and the not so-happy news around the nation. Let's talk about Malaysia's own imported lovers that will shame both Casanova and Valentino.

Whilst Casanova is a famed womaniser, Valentino is a sex symbol. Both Casanova and Valentino play their field with the aristocrats of their time. Yet, with all their fame, both Casanova and Valentino combine may not be able to up Malaysia's current most important imported hotstuff - the Bangla Khans!

Bangla Khans? Yes, why not. First, they beat the crap of Malaysian guys by wooing Malaysian women. Then, they show the door to Indonesian workers by winning the Indonesian ladies hearts. Now, they coralled the Vietnamese factory workers by making passes to Vietnamese sweet young things! Horray for Malaysia's ability to secure the regular importation of Bangla Khans.

Honestly, this is not the first time the Bangla Khans is getting their priorities wrong. Instead of using their heads to make a decent living in Malaysia, they are getting bolder and bolder to use their "other heads" to make an impact. Being Bollywood crazed nation, it is not surprising to see Malaysian and Indonesian women by-passing their own kind to be in the arms of Bangla Khans. Their sweet talk laced with Hindi songs ala Shah Rukh Khan will melt women hearts in mere seconds.

Just make a short visit to Jalan Silang and if you are lucky, you may even see Bangla Khans going after China's Chinese students. You don't need perfect Bahasa Malaysia or good English to open the doors of passion. A bit of Sangam, Khuch Khuch Hota hei will do fine.

That's on the lighter side of things but seriously, has anyone bother to ask - why Bangladesh did not allow their women to travel abroad for jobs? It seems that Bangladesh is concerned and over-protective of their women and despise the idea of exposing their women to other men. Have anyone heard about Bangladeshi maids? Bangladeshi women factory workers? No, not in Malaysia, at least.

I guess the Bangla Khans loves the open field to sniff the women of Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam but could not bear the idea of other men sniffing Bangla women. Well, that's just an opinion...

Seriously, we have Bangla Khans going against the Vietnamese men over a Vietnamese lady. The real victim here is not the Banglas or the Viets but actually Malaysian police force. It took more than 100 FRU personnel to quell the fight. What about the aftermath? How many police personnel will have to be stationed in Nilai to oversee the situation? Are we getting into another mess? Imported from Bangladesh?

Whatever it is, Casanova is dead whilst Valentino is long gone. Bangla Khans are here to stay. Let's see how Malaysian government resolve the issue. Why not relocate Recron to either Bangladesh or Vietnam? Malaysian may need the investment but surely Malaysia do not need Bangla Khans to wreck our already suspected moral... and I hope this time, nobody come out and say "Ada aku kisah..."

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