Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of fuel relief, savings salary, and...

Barely a week after Malaysian Government announce 41 % fuel hike, the AAB-led government seems to be reeling back from the peoples' backlash.

The Government announce the cost cutting exercise of 10 % affecting the Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The announcement does not pacify the public as some demanded Ministers entertainment allowance to be slashed up to 50 %.

The initial handouts failed to impress the public when former PM, in his blog questions the supplier to rapid KL. One question worth thinking is - why can't the Government buy over the buses and refurbish it to improve the public transport system?

Apart from that, the Domestic Trade Minister has failed to impress the public during a "live" debate with the PAS youth on the actions taken to cushion the fuel hike.

In trying to win the peoples' heart and confidence, the Government announce further relief on 11th June '08. Amongst others, the Government pledge that there will be no further fi\uel hike for 2008. The same was mentioned as part of the BN's election campaing and yet, BN still increase the fuel price.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Of fuel hike...

The Nations's free newspaper headlines graphically indicated the 78 sen increase in petrol and Rm 1 increase for diesel in Malaysia effective from 5th June 2008.

The first inkling of the impending fuel price was first detected on NST online before the official announcement by the Government at 5.30 pm on 4th June 2008.

The impact of the increase will be far ranging. Along with the news of fuel increase, AAB's govt has offer cash rebates of up to RM 625 to individual owners of cars with capacity of less than 2000 CC, whilst the motorcyclist were offered cash rebates of up to RM 150 for owners of less than 250 CC motorcycles.

Then comes the double whammy...electricity tariff will be increased effective from 1st July 2008.
The fuel price will be reviewed on monthly basis.

In an immediate response, motorists que up the petrol kiosks to fill in their tanks, and the savings can come up to RM 50 or more. In the BSKL, the composite index loss 27 points in the early trading and by 10.03 am, the composite index drops to 34 points.

Let's hope that the legislators can do something about this and come up with a better idea. It seems that the Government are doing things on ad hoc basis without proper planning. A recent case of banning foreign vehicles from filling in their tanks in Malaysia just took effect on 2nd June '08 and by 4th June '08, the Government has reversed their own decision when the STAR quoted Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad of announcing the decision.

And all this come in the midst of unsettled rice price issue and the talks of possible cross over by politicians. Is this the beginning of the end for AAB ?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Of challenges, rewards, goodies and...

The former PKR youth leader caused a stir mid-week when he announced that he will e joining UMNO, one of the component parties in BN. The announcement came amid claims and counter claims that the opposition may call for vote of no confidence and boot AAB out from office.

Days later, Ezam sketches out his dateline to AAB to prove himself by next GE to prove AAB's commitment for political reform. That said, Ezam give a long lifeline for AAB to prove his sincerity. Anf come to tjink about it, is Ezam really sincere in joining UMNO or is there any hidden agenda to his action? And to add to te bait, Anwar has issued a statement to Ezam's move...

At this critical times when allegiance are sought and co-erced, AAB has provided a bagful of goodies to Sabah state when he visited Sabah during the wekend. Whether the goodies are enough to satisfy the Sabah politicians are yet to be seen. With an additional 1 billion for development, it is a grand windfall.

However, Sbah PKR claims of possible crossover shall never be discounted. Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has indicated many dates before and has issued a new date for the possible crossover, Something must be up his sleeve, either to push AAB to announce the windfall or maybe it is a genuine statement of the possible cross over.

In other subject, Rahim Thamby Chik, the former Melaka CM has been appointed as RISDA's Chairman, replacing TS Muhamad Muhamad Taib. That is the reward for being an ardent supporter of AAB. This is a reversal of fortune to Mokhzani Mahathir who has been asked to relinquish his post as Chairman of Sepang International Circuit (SIC).. The call was made by Youth and Sports Minister. Is this a thinly disguised call for Tun Mahathir to reliquish his posts as advisers to a few Malaysian GLCs'? Tun Mahathir says that he prefers to be sacked...over to you AAB...

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