Thursday, January 24, 2013

Of 125 oversea voters only...

125? Is that all? Where are those people who screamed their lungs out for the right to vote overseas? If 125 is the total number of oversea voters, ask ourselves - is it worth it?

One of BERSIH's key demands is for reform in postal voting including the rights for oversea voters to vote. History has recorded recorded that there were a total of 3 BERSIH rallies held in Kuala Lumpur. It depends on which figures you want to believe, ranging from 10,000 to 250,000 who gathered in Kuala Lumpur to face off the red-helmeted FRUs', chemical-laced water canons, disruptive LRT services demanding the government to listen to their key demands.
Now that EC has relented to BERSIH's demands and open their overseas embassies as well as consulates to register oversea voters, and all the numbers that register thus far is 125. Is it worth it?

All EC ask is for three conditions to be met before a Malaysian can be registered as a postal voter. They are :-

  1. Applicant must be a registered voter 
  2. The applicants have been in Malaysia or  returned to Malaysia for not less than 30 days within the last 5 years;
  3. Not applicable to those staying in Southern Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Kalimantan;
Now tell me, is the conditions fair? Will there be anymore last-minute appeal to vote? Or will it be another diehard Malaysian culture to do things at the last minute and blame it on EC when these potential oversea voters failed to register because of things on their own doings? . Now that the chance is there, only 125 registered to be oversea voters. Where are the rest? 

If these Malaysian oversea voters failed to register themselves, then stop blaming others for their failures to get themselves registered. Time is of essence, what else do they want? Or is it another habit to petition and sue EC because of their own failure and lacksidal attitude?

For these oversea voters, please don't let those who brave the heat, FRUs, chemical-laced water down by failing to register as voters. We have done our part, when are you going to do yours

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Of Losing.. errr winning is everything

Who else but Dr Mahathir will vouch that losing is not an acceptable option. And he is not the only one. There are many who preferred to forget their humiliating experience of losing

Who would have thought that Mahathir, with all his political machineries and backing was almost shown the door in 1987. Worse, at that time a TV station runs a small by-line proclaiming that Tg Razaleigh won the hotly contested UMNO Presidential election, and the by-line was unceremoniously removed minutes later and well, the rest is history!

As the professor in Three Idiots said " who remembers the second person who landed on the moon", the same is true in Malaysian politics. Who wants to remember the vanquished, especially if they happens to be from the ruling party? In short, BN has short memory for losers. Period!

1999 was not a good year for Najib. Whist officially he was declared the winner for the parliamentary seat, there were unsupported rumours claiming that Najib had actually lost the seat. What saved him in his less than 250 votes is the "sudden" appearance of postal voters. Think about that, would Najib be PM today if he had lost in 1999?

Better still, ask Najib if he still remembers the 1999 event. Surely, he will conveniently choose to forget and he will side-step the issue that he actually lost the seat in 1999. That said, who is actually in the know of what really happen in Pekan in 1999?

2008 is not a good year for KJ either. His political opponent claimed that there was a recount for the parliamentary seat. Obviously, no recount was held for Rembau. Nontheless, the recount issue has made its rounds and possibly slightly tarnished KJ's image and may also cost him a chance to be a cabinet member in Najib's administration.

What would have happen if KJ, UMNO youth leader, BN youth chief lost Rembau? It will be double blow to Abdullah's legacy. 4 years on, KJ is still looking for a chance to serve in Najib's cabinet. Will that happens? GE 13 may decide KJ's fate!

2008 has also been unkind to one ex-Imam in the North. In his over-excitement to please his political bosses, the ex-Imam let his emotions to gain the upper hand.

4 years on, nobody remembers who the ex-Imam was. Once he was at the top of the pedestal potrayed as UMNO's religious figurehead, now his name is barely mention anywhere!

You see, losing is not an acceptable option. When you lost, you will be in political oblivion, as one Samy will tell you. Winning, on the other hand, by hook or by crook is the path to glory. Nobody will remember even if the "win" is wrestled from the rightful owner. Just ask Mahathir and Tg Razaleigh and they will gladly tell their side of the story pertaining to the 1987 Presidential election.

The same script will re-invent itself during GE 13. For BN, winning is everything regardless of whether it is a "clean" win or not. Even id there are thousands of "instant voters", it will not matter to BN as long as they win and retain control of Putrajaya! And why should BN worry when the "instant voters" paper trail do not lead to PWTC doors.

Better, BN has already has its own versions to describe their wins and how they will tackle "sour grape" losers. The only problem - what will happen if the script did not goes BN's way? What will happen if BN lost the day and in the process lost the election?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Of Goyang and shaky...

"Goyang". That's my answer to my lunchtime friend when he ashed for my opinion on BN. And if that is too long, is the 5-letter word "shaky" suffice to describe BN's position today?

It is not too late for 1MPM6 to sacrifice for BN, His fidgeting and fumbling to dissolve the parliament is not only costing BN valuable seats but drag Malaysian economy down as well.

Najib is proven to be an extra baggage nobody wants. When Muhyiddin awarded to Putri Kedah a Physical Education program worth millions in USA, Najib's best answer is to urged that the issue should not be politicised. Never mind that Muhyiddin got his "doctorate" recently from USSA (United States Sp[orts Academy) which happens to be the main benefactor of Muhyiddin's "generosity".

When BSKL goes south with FGV dipping below its IPO, do you think Najib has the guts to call Isa Samad? I doubt it because Isa happened to be MB Negeri Sembilan when Najib was caught with his pants down in PD. So, Najib has no choice but to let the matter passed even at the expense of FELDA settlers, initially thought out by his father. With that, our public funds will be called in to prop up FGV in whihever way possible, all for GE 13 dressing!

Whilst all eyes are on Sharifah Zohran in the past week and possibly this week too, I am more concern with RCI on Sabah illegals. Consider these :-

  1. The main witnesses thus far are those who have been detained under ISA and used to be government officials;
  2. Why do these witnesses came to peninsular Malaysia to sign off the documents when it can be done in Sabah?;
  3. Why do the same witnesses chose to stay in Aziz Shamsuddin's house when they have travel allowance to cover their official duties?;
  4. Why can't they sign off the documents in their headquarters, if it is too urgent and need to be done, settled there and then?

That's only the beginning. Now, let's take a step further. Remember 308? During GE 12, BN was trashed badly in peninsular Malaysia that it needs to rely on both Sabah and Sarawak to hang onto Putrajaya. Has anybody asked - what if?

What if there is no illegals given blue IC and the right to vote in Sabah? Will we have Pakatan Rakyat governing Malaysia now? The possibility is there because by many accounts, there are possibilities of up to 100,000 ICs were distributed in Sabah. And if all these 100K "instant voters" are instrumental to BN wins in Sabah, then it is not impossible for the same to affect the composition of parliamentary seats. I cringe at the thoughts that we might have an "illegal government" for the past 4 years!!

It is time for the government to come clean and put everything on the table. Do Malaysia offer citizenships to the rest of the world too? Is there any IC holders from Serbia, Bosnia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Rohinga? And if there is, how many of them are here to vote?

For the time being, SPR is playing a musical chair game with us. SPR puts the responsibility to the Registration Department (because they issue the ICs). The Registration Department may turn the table and lay the blame on Immigration Department for providing all the supporting documents.

In the end, the final end, the real losers are we Malaysians who are born, bred, educated, lived and die here. 

Will Malaysians be held "hostage" by "instant voters" in determining our future? Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Of fiddling, fidgeting 1MPM6...

Everytime I sees 1MPM6 Najib, he reminds me of the "Fiddler on the roof". Good or bad omen? I don't know.

Although Najib chaired the BN supreme meeting last night, I sees Najib is still fiddling with his violin and still looking for the right dates to go for GE 13. Afterall, Najib has been fiddling in the past, even when he was suppose to declare his support to Tg Razaleigh which should have shown Mahathir the exit door. Yes, Najib is still fiddling and if all indications are right, Najib is still the lallang from the past 20 years or so.

After months of speculation and endless Black Rose 1.0, Najib finally announced that Deepak Jaikishan as unreliable. Why does it takes almost 4 months for Najib to make the statement? Tongue-tied? Or busy sweeping everything under the carpet that he has lose the sense of time? Or is the statement made out of necessity since BN supremos are all there nudging him for the statement?

Najib has his chances but he failed to make his killings. Now, time is not on his side and his last day to dissolve parliament is 21st March 2013. Even that might be doubtful as Najib is not known to have the killer instict of Mahathir! Let Najib continues fidgeting, the more he did that, the more he lost his confidence. And the happier Muhyiddin feels sensing that his time at Putajaya is getting closer and the more Anwar will be dreaming thinking that Putrajaya is finally his...

In actual sense, Najib should have make full use of his "non-existence" during Christmas and formally declare his graceful exit from Putrajaya hotseat. As it is now, Najib is a baggage too many for BN and his fiddling and fidgetting is not helping BN to score points with the voters. 

Of late, Najib is going around town again asking for forgiveness and a second chance for BN. I read it as Najib's insecurities to get the numbers in parliament and his parroting of seeking forgiveness is another subtle way of saying "goodbye" to the rakyats. If that is so, then why the trouble? Why not step aside and let the likes of Muhyiddin to fight it out with Pakatan? Not that Muhyiddin will fare any better but between Najib and Anwar, Najib is a heavier baggage than the accussed-prone Anwar!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Of numbers games...

Is it that important to know whether 30,000 or 75,000 or 150,000 or 700,000 attended last week's Himpunan Rakyat? To me, the numbers are not that important. The message is - the rakyat is no longer blinded by 1-sided truth spewed by the powers of the day!

Whilst those in greens, yellows, orange, reds join the festivities in Stadium Merdeka, 1MPM6 makes a not so grand entrance in Selangor, distributing goodies for the not-so fortunate from the Indian community. My, my, how things change for 1MPM6 when he plays second fiddle to Himpunan Rakyat in Stadium Merdeka.

The day after, 1MPM6 makes another visit to Klang to celebrate Ponggal. 2 days in a row 1MPM6 availed himself to the Indian community. Why? Is UMNO and MCA incapable of dishing out programmes fitting for 1MPM6? Or is UMNO and MCA resigning to the popular notion that the end is near for BN?

Of course, 1MPM6's programmes could not match the numbers of Himpunan Rakyat. Not only that, many of the government-sponsored programmes could no longer brings out the crowd like the heydays of UMNO.

Some may ask, what's in the numbers? For many, numbers are just numbers but to UMNO, numbers seems to be everything! Whilst UMNO Johor used to be the one holding the fort, now UMNO Johor is resorting to scare tactics to keep off opposition supporters. 

That is in peninsular Malaysia. What about East Malaysia? The ongoing RCI is getting scary! If this is true, then is it possible for more than 100K "instant voters" decided the government of the day for Sabah?
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