Friday, July 31, 2009

Mukhriz, make us understand...ISA

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In anticipation to the Gabungan Mansuhkan ISA gathering on 1st August 2009, Mukhriz, one of our second echelon leaders, says that ISA is misunderstood. Misunderstood? Is Mukhriz implying that the roughly estimated 70,000 people who are making plans to attend the gathering misunderstood ISA? For sure, the bulk of these 70,000 will not be from UMNO's rempit brigades, but they will be from all race, all religions, all walks of life, all states of, Mukhriz, let's go through your argument, shall we?

Mukhriz implied that :-
  1. ISA ensures the country remains peaceful and harmonius;
  2. ISA provide protection to the people;
  3. with ISA, the nation's political situation is better compared to many countries;
  4. ISA indirectly build a strong economy to the country;
  5. with ISA, we can send our children to school and shop safely;
  6. the public failed to see the benefits of ISA;
The question is - what about those countries who do not adopt these preventive laws? Are their countries worse off than Malaysia? Let's take US of A and UK, are their countries in turmoil, and their parents could not send their kids to school, their political situation in chaos, and their economy weak? I doubt it. These countries believe in openess and thus far, they are doing pretty well handling their own internal threats.

Mukhriz argument is not convincing enough to deter the 70,000 to come out in black and red on 1st August 2009. Mukhriz should be better prepared in defending his statement, in line with his position as a deputy minister.

Harakah mentioned that when Tun Razak tabled ISA in parliament on 2nd June 1960, it's sole aim is to fight communism and communists only. Fullstop. On 2nd December 1989, the Communist party of Malaya (CPM) laid down their arms and signed a peace treaty, effectively ending CPM's insurgency in Malaysia.

Twenty years on, ISA is still used but this time the target are non-communists. Some of the ISA detainees were detained 8 years and still in Kamunting, without trial. These detainees are not communists. The government accused some of them as being members of Jemaah Islam (JI) but to date, the government has not charge them in court nor has the government back up their claims with solid evidence.

8 years in Kamunting, separated from their wives and children...what are the thoughts of their children? How do they grow without their fathers by their side? Try feeling their sorrow and their wishes...

The home minister warned of stern action. He said
“I will not compromise on this until the security and interest of the country are assured.” - Hishamuddein Hussein Onn (Home Minister)
70,000 are with you, Hishamuddein. They too want security but their security that they are looking at is the security that noone will be victimised by ISA. Thus far, ISA has outlived it's usefulness because when CPM signed the treaty in 1989, ISA should automatically become irrelevant because it's existence is dependence on the communist threats. No CPM mean no communists. No communist means no ISA.

Although the government has agreed to review the ISA but the government thus far failed to:-

  1. give a timetable when the review will be completed;
  2. failed to identify who are the panel members looking and working on the review;
  3. failed to indicate when the review will be tabled to the parliament for debate and approval;
  4. failed to indicate when they will charge the present ISA detainees in Kamunting;
  5. failed to indicate how long more the detainees will be detained in Kamunting;
  6. failed to provide solid evidence on the ISA detainees wrongdoings.

Hishamuddein can only parrot what the government is saying but has failed to provide new insights when the ISA will be reviewed or abolish. How long more should the people wait? Another 4 years? Or is it going to be one of those election candy of 2012?

What the 70,000 wanted to do is a chance for a peaceful gathering and to be allowed to march towards Istana Negara to hand over their memorandum. Nothing threathening here, no sinister plan. If the minister so wish, he can personally monitor the procession and if it makes him happy, to satisfy himself that this procession is non-political in nature...

As for those who are making plans to be part of history, please do make some preparations as outlined by the organiser. For those outstation participants, our hats off to you for enduring the many road blocks that you may encounter along the way.

Let's make Saturday a fun day...everybody abhors give 70,000 people a chance to send their memorandum to the King. Is that too much to ask, dear sirs?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Of inquest, request, no quest and ...

Say what you want...the inquest starts with a "no go"...
  1. Dumbfounded.That' the word I would use to describe the inquest into the death of BH Teoh.
  2. The stage has been set since last week reaching its peak when Najib met with the Teohs' yesterday fulfilling his pledge to meet them before the start of the inquest despite his busy schedule.
  3. Tup..Tup... the anti-climax, courtesy of Dobind Singh Deo. Why the adjournment? Gobind cited practise direction number 1 of 2007 Guidelines of Inquest - section C on the notice of inquest. With that, the court adjourned the inquest to 5th August 2009.
  4. My questions to Gobind's action :-

    • If he knew beforehand that he wanted to cite direction number 1 of 2007, why must he wait until the inquest starts? Can't he just meet the coroner aka magistrate beforehand or made known his intention to the courts and save everyone's time to come to court only to experience that the inquest will be adjourned?
    • Is this another political act for political mileage? Is PR especially DAP turning it into a political circus and thus diverting the real issues which is the alledged DAP's practice in disbursing funds allocated to the state representatives?
    • If PR and DAP is sincere in helping the Teohs', couldn't PR and DAP sought the service of UMNO lawyers especially Shafee Abdullah? Afterall, UMNO has also openly declare that they too wanted to know the truth and what happened to BH Teoh;
    • why do Gobind, a lawyer, insisting on RCI to determine BH Teoh's death? The royal commission members has not been decided nor has the RCI approved by the YDP Agung, so couldn't all parties make do with the inquest first and upon completion, use the inquest as a tool to go for RCI, if that is the better option?
    • why is Gobind defending the 2 "unidentified" persons who refused to allow the police from taking DNA samples?
    • is Gobind laying booby traps along the inquest to put a cog to the wheel of justice?
    • is Gobind sincerely looking forward to solve the mysteries surrounding BH Teoh's death? If he is, then Gobind needs to set his prioities right, making sure the inquest can be conducted "incident free" from 5th August 2009 onwards.

  5. The same goes to the Bar council. Why are they sending a team of 12 lawyers to hold a watching brief for the bar. Are Malaysians an incompetent lot? Will the 12 be present everyday during the inquest? Or they can come and go, when and if time permits? What happen if the bar rep is not present? Will the inquest continue or rest? Couldn't the bar council make do with a single lawyer or at most 3 lawyers to hold the watching brief?
  6. And if you think that I am going to spare the AG's office, you are dead wrong. AG's office needs to address the following burning questions :-

    • why is the AG office using the service of a lawyer in private practise?
    • why didn't the AG's office sought the service of Shafee Abdullah?
    • is the AG office admitting that they do not have able and capable lawyers in their midst?
    • why didn't the AG office foresee the impact of direction number 1 of 2007?
    • why did the AG office work on commencing the inquest today when the police investigation papers are incomplete?
    • did the police brief the AG's office that they are still pursuing the leads on the unidentified DNAs' found on BH Teoh?

  7. Despite all that, I see the Teohs' being politically manipulated. What the Teohs' family members want is to get to the bottom of the mystery on how BH Teoh died. If it is by natural cause - what is it? If it is through criminal acts - who are the persons involved? If it is by negligence - how to stop it from recurring?
  8. When the Teohs' reportedly is adamant on the government to set up RCI, the first thing that runs through this mind is - Do the Teohs' know what is an RCI? It is easy to be manipulated and demabnding RCI but to understand the workings of RCI is not that easy. Even if an RCI is agreed, the composition of its members will be questioned. Or do the Teohs have someone in mind? What is the scope of the inquiry? What is the powers vested in them? Who will be the secretariat?
  9. Honestly, I see PR and DAP in particular are using the Teohs' for their political ends. Parading them publicly in the many so called "memorial services" is pushing the masses sympathy to the limit. DAP image consultants should prepare the Teohs better by advising them on what to wear during the inquest. I see the Teohs' confused and angry expressions when they face the public. Why the confused look and are they angry with? I understand their losses but until the inquest gets to the bottom of things, the Teohs' will be better off if they could keep their anger under wraps. Getting angry is acceptable but it must be directed to the guilty party. For now, that guilty party is not identified.
  10. Further, it is setting a dangerous precedent, questioning the integrity of public institutions. Granted, there are bad apples in public institutions but honest and dedicated workers numbers more than the bad apples. It is a matter of sorting them out and throwing the bad apples away for good bushels of well primed and excellent apples. It will be a truly sad day for Malaysia if we start by questioning the integrity and honesty of all public institution workers.
  11. The inquest is moving slowly into a legal mess. If we allow the lawyers turn politicians to run the inquest, it will be another circus with each party trying to upstage the other along the way. Halway through, we might even lose the real intention and direction of the inquest, all because of political greed.
  12. To that end, it is the scribe's hope and prayer that the inquest can proceed smoothly from 5th August 2009 onwards. I am sure the masses wants to know what happens on that fateful day BH Teoh lost his life. Most important, what are the lessons that we can learn from his tragic death. Maybe new procedures are needed. Maybe new guidelines are required. Maybe, we might even need a new revamp MACC...
  13. We should not start or flame the blame game. Not towards MACC nor towards the police force. If we really need to start pointing fingers, then the first party that should be at fault are our politicians themselves and that includes bothall BN and PR parliamentarians who were in the august house when the formation of MACC was passed. Obviously, the bill or the act or whatever name use to refer to MACC is inadequate and done in haste to satisfy the political few.
  14. Barely a year in existence, we see that MACC is still wanting and inadequate. There are still questions on the independence of MACC? The fairness of its commissioner is questionable. There are still claims of selective persecution and MACC has not been able to shake off its tag - that of a government watchdog pouncing on the opposition. The main thing is MACC has not been seen to be truly independent in its actions. Fullstop.
  15. It begins with an inquest surrounding BH Teoh's demise, progressed to Gobind's successful request to adjourn the basically in the end there is no quest, no new developments. Thus, we look forward to 5th August for the inquest to start rolling, hopefully leaving no stones the satisfaction of the masses...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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17 times a day? Only some Malays do...

Before jumping to conclusions, may I suggest you read it first...
  1. There is no doubt about it. This posting is going to be purely racist. So for those non-Malays, you have 2 choices; either you read the posting or you can choose to ignore the posting. For the Malays and still thinks that they are Malays, you too have two choices; either you agree or you disagree. This is not a disclaimer but a statement. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Whilst others are thinking and thriving to improve their lives, Malays are obsessed with bedroom antics. Yes, Malay men goes places where Viagra failed. Only the other day, our "trusted" MSM published stories about two women filed for divorce on grounds of their husbands unusual sex drives. How unusual? 17 times a day. That comes to almost once every 80 minutes. At that rate, there is nothing else to do and it can be safely assumed that there is no time to draw up strategies and execute plans on improving livelihood.
  3. If you think that this is just a coincidence, consider the divorce case of a singer who claims that his wife sleeps with another man. Different scenarios but revolving around the same central theme of sex and sex drive.
  4. By now, some may be asking so what? What is racist about this? Well, after scouting around with Chinese and Indian friends, there are no existing records of Chinese or Indian couples engaging in such demanding acts of 17 times a day. And that means only the Malays are obsessed with bedtime activities.
  5. Still hard to believe? What about this - have a walkabout in pasar malams and streetside vendors. Who crowds around those medicine men selling sex-concocted items? And who are the medicine men? Again, the answer is Malay men are the main crowd and Malay men are the majority medicine men.
  6. Prove me wrong and I will gladly correct the facts. Am I racist for stating the facts as I see it?
  7. The issue does not stop there. Some has rightly speculate and blame the devil for the mens' hyper-activities. Some claim that at most, three times a day is the limit for sexual activities. I am not going to debate on that trivial matter whether 2, 3, 4 is the limit. What's important is, 17 is not usual. So, what has this got to do with the devil?
  8. Well...some believed that men will go all out to be charming and all-conquering to the extent that they will make pacts with the devil to accomplish what they want. It is said that the devil will provide the necessary charms and portions to increase the mens' libido. In return, the men will "share" their conquest on 50-50 basis with the devil. True? False? I don't guys and gals tell me.
  9. It is also said that this practise is normally practised by unmarried men and in due time, forgets about the pact thinking that it is their personal charm and sweettalk that wins the hearts of their victims. Until...they got married and their wives became the devils' victims...
  10. The question - is this phenomena only happens in Malay societies? I have yet to read about "devil enrollment" in non-Malay societies...and this leads to the leading questions - why is this phenomena embedded in Malay societies? Are the devils only interested in Malays? Why Malays and not Chinese or Indians?
  11. Mind you that this subject is about race and nothing to do with religion. Why did I say so? Because there are Chinese Muslims and there are Indian Muslims and they are not detected to have this issue. That proves that only Malays are targetted by the devils?
  12. Some may be asking- why did I choose this subject over BH Teoh's inquest or Police taking over the Majlis's job of removing telephone post Ah Long posters/stickers or Najib's KPIs'/KRAs'? Simply because there are many others who have their opinions on the issues and I feel that it is better for me to stay in the background...
  13. Moral of the story? Do not over exert...not good for your heart. Why go for anger management when you can sit back and relax....?
  14. Finally, I feel strongly for the coming GMI's programme this 1st August 2009. I see Pewaris's actions of attempting to organise a similar event on the same date is an attempt to derail GMI and to give a solid excuse for the authorities to clamp down hard on GMI.
  15. Pewaris before stood solidly behind ISA and had successfully absented themselves from attending the great "ISA debate" against GMI. Now Pewaris apply some cosmetics and declare that they are against ISA BUT only agree for ISA to be reviewed. Pewaris, seen widely as an UMNO NGO, is better off keeping silent on GMI's programme and let GMI to conduct their activities. Pewaris can do their own activity the week after ie on 8th August 2009. But Pewaris being Pewaris is too chicken to do that as they know they do not have the support and the logistics to organise their own events. Thus Pewaris choose to play the spoiler role.
  16. Pewaris is a "Johny come lately" organisation. In order to please their "shadow" bosses, they have no choice but to announce their own gathering, knowing fairly well and in advance of GMI's upcoming activity. By announcing the same date and "extending" their hands to "compromise" with GMI ie if GMI cancel their activity, Pewaris will cancel their activity. Imagine that...a snake threatening the dragon....
  17. A footnote : Honestly, I am also quite pissed off with the attire of the late B Teoh's family members when meeting PM Najib. I mean, you may dislike Najib for his political stand but at least, show some respect to the PM by wearing more presentable clothings. In short, let me put it this way, First impression...first impression is important...and the late BH Teoh's family failed in winning the sympathy and the heart of Najib Razak....I rest my case.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WALSH no more...DNightcaller?

What else can I say? Another day, another one bites the dust...

Today I received a call from a friend telling me that WALSH is no more...and for those who are not familiar with that nick, his real name is Wan Shamsiruddin Wan Shamsudin of Pahang Darul Makmur.

So today, I am zeroing on a person who may seems eccentric to some but he has his own vision, in his own rights. Where do I begin? Where do I start?

WASH took this nick because he is a fan of Joe Walsh of the "Eagle" fame, the band who sings "Hotel California" when he was a student in UK way back in the 70's. He was an old boys (MCKK) class of 1974. An UMNO member, he has his own peculiar way to campaign when he introduce "lottery tickets" in his bid for a post. He has his own views on almost everything...which is in total confrontation with the mainstream thinking. But his strength is his "selling" and "influence" power where he can change other mindsets to follow his.

You want to talk about "Reformasi?". He was one of those who supported Anwar when he was dismissed as DPM. And the one who arrange for the gen-set to power Anwar's house when the electrical supply was cut off.

For those who meet him for the first time, you will be surprised with his "2 watch" gimmick just because it takes him "2 jam" to reach Temerloh, the place where he grew up. His house is just a stone's throw away from the late Sudirman Hj Arshad. Although eccentric at times, he has a clear vision of what he wanted to do. And that decision moves him from his "corporate" world to the outbacks where he pionered the "6 jahanam" 4WD group. And from there, he claimed that Noh Omar "borrow" his 6 jahanam tagline to describe the scourge of drugs.

With his Electrical Engineer background and JKR's experience, he ventured forth to help his kampung folks, from setting up an ayam kampung industry to deer farming. He tried it all....although not all are successful.

He mixed with the highs, walk along Hamid Albar, joked with Jamaluddin Jarjis, SMS "anda cemerlang" to Mukhriz, having tea chat with Nazri. He goes to the pits of Chow Kit and talk with the less fortunate, and have lunch across the back alleys of "belakang mati". He has no stops when pitting skills with Adnan of Pahang nor did he has any regrets loaning his laverda, discovery, fiat, prada to his colleagues, only to be returned damaged beyond repair.

Who amongst us, can drive to Alor Setar in the wee morning, go through meetings and travel south to JB on the same day? Who amongst us, the corporates, who can sleep at the backseat of discovery for a couple of blinks before moving on? Who amongst us, can call Kuantan from KL at 11 am in the morning and barely 2 hours later have lunch in Kuantan? That's WALSH that I knew.

Unfortunately for barely passed 50, he is called to meet the Al-mighty. Al-fatihah Semuga Allah menerima Che Wan Shamsiruddin sebagai salah satu dari hamba-hambaNya yang beriman. InsyaAllah.

As for me, DNightcaller...maybe it's hightime for me to hang my keyboard and take a rest...and if I so decide to permanently fade out, forgive me if I did any wrong. Honestly, I have witheld my emotions with a tight leash, but as humans I erred.

Need some time to reflect the past and prepare for the future...

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Zainul Ariffin, please take a hike...

I put it in simple statement - "Shocked and disgusted". That's what this scribe feels when a few friends pointed out that one Zainul Ariffin, NSTP group managing editor, has written something uncalled for in covering the unnecessary death of Teoh Beng Hock.

After years of re-building the trust and inter-racial harmony, Zainul has damage it with a single stroke of his pen in penning his article in Berita Harian titled " Kematian Teoh timbulkan pelbagai spekulasi politik" datelined 19th July 2009. That shows his denial-syndrome to Najib's pet-project - that of 1Malaysia.

In part, he wrote
Namun keraguan timbul, terutama di kalangan bukan Melayu bahawa SPRM, yang semestinya seperti agensi kerajaan lain banyak pekerja Melayu, secara selektif memilih bukan Melayu untuk disiasat. "
What has Malay staffs got to do with it? They are just carrying out their duties and in doing so, they shall be race blind. The question is why is MACC top brass adopting "selective investigation"? If you have cases to attend to, don't you go by numbers or priorities? Isn't it suppose, first in, first out approach? There are reps of all races in Selangor, why did MACC choose to "investigate" these particular batch first? What are the reasons? What are the justifications?

Zainul failed to address the real issue at hand. It is not a matter of a Malaysian institution is under the magnifying glass. Zainul should be smart enough to understand and to differentiate between the staffs and Malaysian institution. Unless, Zainul, like his UMNO political masters, failed to see the difference between Malaysians and Malaysian institutions.

In different part, he wrote
"Sedarlah jika setiap kali institusi kita dicerca dan dihina, lama-kelamaan akan ada yang terlekat. Makin lama semakin tipis kepercayaan kita. "
It is not a matter of looking down at the institutions. It's a matter of how much the institution potrays their transperacy? In this particular case, the questions racing in the rakyats' minds are :-
  1. Why was the witness interviewed for 10 hours?
  2. Why wasn't the witness provided with a place to stay, if the interview goes past normal working hours?
  3. Why was the witness kept in MACC's premises after the interview? Why didn't the investigating officers encourage him to go home and catch his sleep?
  4. What happen during the last few hours before his body was discovered?
  5. Why was his handphone in the possession of MACC? Was he allowed to make personal calls from MACC's office?
  6. Why was his body not removed for more than 5 hours?
  7. Why didn't MACC informed his boss immediately of his demise, upon discovering the body?

If the government institution can satisfactorily provide the answers, then the people will gladly accept it. However, when a minister jump the gun and claimed that the witness took his own life whilst another dismiss the setting up of Royal Commission, then something does not seems right.

In this case, Pakatan Rakyat demand justice and want to know what happened. This is not about a Malay, Chinese or Indian. This is about a Malaysian! And the call for justice and the setting up of Royal commission is getting louder with MCA and Gerakan putting weight to the commission. MIC has also joined in the call.

Zainul is writing dangerously. It is he who needs to be careful with his choice of words. Maybe, Zainul has been living too long within UMNO's comfort zone that he is now confuse when he see the combined Pakatan Rakyat, transends race and religion. Is Zainul getting scared of his own shadow? Or is Zainul too comfortable in his position that he failed to realise the changes? Is Zainul feel threatened by the combined Pakatan Rakyat?

In a way, Zainul slips when he wrote
"Pepatah Inggeris berkata: 'You reap what you sow' � jika ada pihak yang mahu popular dengan menabur syak wasangka kepada orang lain, lama kelamaan dia juga akan menerima kesannya. "
Zainul is admitting that BN is reaping what they have been sowing since 1970's. That shadow casted before is haunting BN and BN has no place to hide. BN has been planting the seeds of doubts amongst the opposition parties and now since the opposition has set aside their differences, BN is forced to a corner. A cornered cat is not a friendly cat...

From thereon, Zainul tries to cloud the issue between government institution and a specific race when he questions MB Selangor
"Kenapa Menteri Besar Selangor, seorang Melayu, meragui kebolehan orang sebangsanya bertindak dengan tulus dan adil? "
What has the post got to do with the case? An MB take care of his state, regardless of race and religion. Why tie up an institution with a specific race? The more I read, the more I conclude that Zainul is detached with the real world. He has been too long under UMNO's armpit, that he has lost his sense of smell as he has lost his sense of justice.

First and formost, nobody knows yet who is the leading investigation officer. He can be anybody. He can be Ahmad, Lee or Muthu - since the investigator's identity has not been revealed. So, why lump the probability to just one race? Maybe it's a combination of all the races?

The rakyat questions the institutions which is seen to be an extended arm of BN. Talk about judiciary, we have judges who can withold written judgement till the last minute, as in the case involving MB Nizar. We have police investigation papers that are still open as in the case of A Kugan. What happen to the police personnel involved with Kugan's untimely death? Now we have the case of MACC and the unnecessary death of Teoh. Look at it objectively and you will notice that the victims are Malays, Indians and Chinese. This is not a matter of a single race persecution but the problems transcends race boundaries. It is challenging the integrity of the institutions itself.

This is a matter of high possibility of government institutions being used for the benefit of a selected political party. In this case, it is the party that is running the federal government of the day.

Zainul is a mercenary of sorts. He is working to satisfy the pleasure of UMNO. And since the emperor is out of town, he place his bets on UMNO warlord Nazri...and Zainul bombs, this time. Gerakan has joined the chorus for the formation of Royal Commission. So does MCA and MIC. With the rate it's going, the government has no choice but to officially propose a Royal Commission. It is just a matter of timing although Rais is trying hard to slow down the inevitable formation of the Royal Commission.

Art Harun sees the whole episode as McBeth II. I sees it as Zainul losing his definition of 1Malaysia. And for those of you who have your personal views to share, please direct them to Zainul Ariffin Mohammad Isa. He can be reached at and he is the NSTP group managing director.

Let's see how he dance when Najib returns to Malaysia today...For the time being, Zainul, take a hike because Malaysia do not need your kind of journalism to disrupt what we have been building for the past 50 odd years. Better still, do spare Najib the pains of booting you for being such an incompetent staff. Maybe, Zainul needs to take time off in Kamunting to think on what he had done.

This scribe feels Najib won't mind to put Zainul in an all-expenses paid, 2 year vacation in Kamunting.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Here's RM 1,...please serve me teh tarik and roti canai.

Ukhwah restoran, Lorong Medan Tuanku Satu

  1. This week will be teh tarik and roti canai week! Star finds out this hidden retaurant off the busy Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
  2. Restaurant name ? Ukhwah restoran rakyat 1 Malaysia.
  3. Address : Lorong Medan Tuanku Satu.
  4. Landmark : next to Presscott Inn, walking distance from Maju junction, Medan Tuanku KL monorail stop.
  5. Drink to look for : Teh tarik at RM o.60 per glass
  6. Food : Roti canai at RM 0.40 sen per piece; chicken rice for RM 3 per plate, Tom yam soup at RM 4 per bowl.
  7. Even at that amzingly low price, the restaurant is making enough profit to maintain the restaurant. Some friendlies mamak shops are sending clear messages for the restaurant to maintain the mamaks' market price which is considerably higher than Ukhwah restoran.
  8. Some may prefer more glamorous shops to be "seen" frequenting the outlets. Me? I make a promise that I will checkout the place this week.
  9. And whilst we are near Sogo vicinity, may I suggest that we have our quick bite here before joining the crowd later, this coming 1st August 2009? And for those who have no idea what 1st August 2009 is all about, please refer here.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ancient Mariner no more...

He is one of those rare gems...
He is his own person...
An officer and a gentleman...

At times, I seek shelter in his blog...
and finds hope...
never asking, never demanding...

A man in love with the sea...
You may have find "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
whilst I am still searching for mine...

Ancient Mariner
perjalanan mu tamat disini
semuga digolongkan Allah dalam mereka yang beriman
Al fatihah...

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jump on the bandwagon...there's room for one more.

  1. Politicians are a vicious lot. They will do everything to be in the limelight.
  2. Whilst the family and fiancee of Teoh Beng Hock mourns his unnecessary death, the politicians are grappling for the front page cover.
  3. Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, representing Pakatan Rakyat is seeking for a royal commission to investigate the circumstances leading to Teoh's demise.
  4. In part, Anwar said
    "MACC must be responsible and we will not accept the official version, and explanation from ministers that he jumped off the roof," Anwar Ibrahim
  5. Najib is saddened in Egypt. Najib's wish
    "The government hopes that the people will remain calm and patient. Let's leave it to the authorities to investigate," Najib (Prime Minister)
  6. Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO youth chief, also ask for royal commission. However, his concern is more in cleansing MACC when he says
    "This objective is also important to cleanse off any ill-thoughts towards the MACC, hence protecting the reputation of the institution," Khairy Jamaluddin (UMNO youth chief)
  7. Khir Toyo cautioned opposition against blaming MACC. He feels
    "It is unfair to simply hurl accusations against MACC without waiting for the results of the investigation. Let the police investigate first, and if they are dissatisfied with the outcome, then perhaps an independent inquiry could be held," Khir Toyo (former Selangor MB)
  8. Vell Paari, fresh from Sujatha's inquest, wants an inquest because
    "The time has come for the government to do this, especially in sensitive cases. The general perception is that the truth can only surface in this manner. If the government continues to keep mum, it will only serve to fuel public mistrust towards the government and enforcement agencies," Vell Paari (MIC, Samy's son)
  9. Muhyiddin appealed for calm since
    "I know the police force will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation as we would not want anybody to cover up the truth," Muhyiddin Yassin (Deputy Prime Minister)
  10. Even the non-politicians wants to be in the news. TS Ramon Navaratnam, Chairman of one of the advisory panel for MACC, put on record that
    “The investigation would have ended well before midnight to allow the deceased to rest before continuing the next morning. No normal person can stand mental and physical pressure of this kind. His death was tragic and unnecessary,” Ramon Navaratnem (Chairman of one of MACC's advisory panel)
  11. Suhakam promised an investigation. When? Next month, Suhakam will decide whether the investigation is appropriate or not. Simon Sapaun, vice-chairperson. Simon says
    "Suhakam is deeply concerned and disturbed by the unfortunate death of Teoh, urging MACC and other enforcement agencies to ensure that human rights standards are maintained and practised at all times, including in the course of interrogating witnesses and suspects." - Simon Sapaun (Suhakam vice-chairperson)
  12. Transparent International - Malaysia (TI-M) is extremely shocked. The watchdog sees
    "This tragedy can only tarnish the MACC, that despite its new structure and mandate, it has not discharged its duties in a manner to inspire the public's confidence in its independence
    and professionalism." - TI - M
  13. The BAR council and other NGOs' has also come out to give their expression. Their joint statement ask
    "Kenapa? Kenapa SPRM memanggil sidang media hanya pada jam 5 petang, tiga setengah jam selepas menyedari kematiannya," BAR council and NGOs'
  14. The people? The people are just kind
    "Enough of the cruelty. We have seen a lot of it. We want an explanation from MACC." - the people of Malaysia
  15. It is of utmost importance for the police force to investigate the case fast and not hiding the facts. However, whatever is the conclusion, there will be hundreds of theories on the unnecessary deaths. MACC, being in the centre of the storm, should come out clean with their own internal investigation. Can they? The questions that need immediate answers are :-

    • what is the standard procedure to interview witnesses? what is the idle time to interview them? what is the ideal duration for the interview?
    • who interviewed Teoh? Is he working alone or part of the interview team?
    • was Teoh given proper treatment?
    • why did't MACC sent him home after the interview? If they can pick him up from his office, they surely can sent him back to the office.
    • why was the body left at the scene approximately 5 hours after the shocking find?
    • who finds the body? how did they know that he fell from MACC floor?
    • when will MACC conduct its own internal investigation?
    • why was Teoh's lawyer barred from the interview session?
    • will MACC send the officers in charge of the interview session sent to MACC desk jobs?
    • will MACC suspends (without pay) its investigating officers and those involved in attending to Teoh? It may sound cruel but that will be a factor in getting MACC to be more professional in their investigative approach.
    • is MACC truly independent and transparent in discharging their duties?
    • will MACC chief offer to resign for this fiasco?

  16. The next that we want to know is - who will do the investigation? And whose investigation will be the final "verdict"? There are so many who offer to carry out investigation that there is possibility that the findings will conflict one another.
  17. To me, when will these "selective investigation" end? It is amazing how our public bodies are used by their political masters to satisfy their political cravings. As if the political masters are the paymasters.
  18. It is the people who put the politicians where they are. Remember that...or else be ready to face the peoples' wrath this coming GE 13.
  19. For now, BN desperately needs the rakyats' support. If the day before, Muhyiddin brushed aside the call for the setting up of royal commission, today Muhyiddin is saying that the proposal will be brought up in the coming weekly cabinet meeting. Bernama quoted himmumling
    "The cabinet will study the views and proposals of various people to decide whether such a commission was needed," Muhyiddin Yassin
  20. Teoh's journey will end this 20th July, how many more will climb the bandwagon? Afterall, there is always space for one more. Do you want to join the bandwagon too?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Pak Lah finally speaks...repel ISA

"Whether we like it or not, the ISA has been stigmatised as a negative element to the agenda of strengthening democracy and renewal in the country. So, this calls for the government to be brave to discard the old and open a new chapter," Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - former Prime Minister of Malaysia (17th July 2009)
  1. Bernama reported that former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hoped the Government should consider abolishing ISA which carries negative perception and replace with new laws for preventive detention while protecting the fundamental rights of the people. Earlier, Malaysiakini reported the same news when Pak Lah received his honourary PhD in democracy from UUM.
  2. Pak Lah was quoted by Bernama as saying
    "Whether we like it or not, the ISA has been stigmatised as a negative element to the agenda of strengthening democracy and renewal in the country. So, this calls for the government to be brave to discard the old and open a new chapter," Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - former Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  3. In presenting his views, Pak Lah outlined his reasonings as :-

    • ISA provides ernomous powers and scope which could be too wide ranging, in determining what constitutes to threats to national security;
    • ISA has been stigmatised as a negative element to the agenda of strengthening democracy and renewal in the country;
    • one solution is to limit the scope of preventive detention to certain threats only;
    • draw up a new act specifically to prevent terrorist activities, hence reducing the chances of abuse of power for a political interest;

  4. Reading between the lines of Pak Lah's reasonings, it is clear that one of the positive effects of GE 12 is the government is now compelled to discard the old, draconian ISA which Pak Lah has inadvertently admitted has elements of abuse of power for political interest. Whose political interest? Certainly not the opposition. Does this statement implied that Pak Lah agreed to the suggestion that in the past ISA may have been used for political purpose? If so, what did he do when he was the PM?
  5. In a way, Pak Lah is endorsing a 2 party system in Malaysia. That of check and balance. That of a strong opposition so that their voices will not be stiffled and bullied in the parliament. Pak Lah is saying that a strong opposition can accelerate the ISA ammendment. Are you game? Game to join the crowd this 1st August 2009?
  6. Amongst others, Pak Lah was also reportedly said
    "As a former home minister, I had signed numerous ISA detention orders, and with the government reviewing the law now, I feel compelled to give my honest view on the matter," Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - former Prime Minister
  7. Pak Lah admitted that he has signed numerous ISA detention orders. But Pak Lah never mentioned about his views on how many years is sufficient for a person to be placed under ISA. Signing detention orders is one thing, signing ISA release orders is another thing. How many times did Pak Lah signed the ISA release orders? Or maybe Pak Lah never sign any ISA release order?
  8. Why is Pak Lah talking about repelling ISA now? Is it because he is no longer in power? Is it because he wants to join the proposed anti ISA gathering this 1st August 2009?
  9. Maybe Pak Lah's statement is timely. It is time for the anti ISA gathering organisers to invite Pak Lah or rather Tun Abdullah to join the gathering and jointly head the procession to Istana Negara.
  10. If and only if Pak Lah agrees to join this coming 1st August gathering, I am sure his SIL can mobilise his UMNO youth to walk together with Pak Lah to Istana Negara. What say you? Agree or disagree?
  11. Hopefully, Pak Lah can joins us this 1st August 2009 together with SIL KJ. And just for assurance, Pak Lah don't have to worry about security. I am sure PAS's amal unit is more than capable to provide the seciruty to Pak Lah and his entourage.
  12. However, I know of another thing. If Pak Lah joins the anti ISA gathering on 1st August 2009, the other former PM will not be joining us. Reason? He can't see eye to eye with Pak Lah.
  13. Solution? Why not we let the other former PM leades the crowd to Istana Negara and Pak Lah brings up the rear. In that way, we have 2 former PMs' in our midst, they never "meet" each other during the gathering and we will have a very peacuful gathering. Najib will not dare to raise a finger against his political mentor and his political brother, both of whom are former Prime Minsiters.
  14. But alas...will the organisers think the same approach as I? Let's see...maybe in a day or two, we will know.
  15. Now that Pak Lah has spoken, when will Nazri "the hitman" Aziz comes up with his ISA revision? Let's see and then we can evaluate Nazri on his ministry's KPI and KRA, with regards to ISA ammendments...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Must it end this way...?

  1. This is not a posting.
  2. This is not about giving analysis.
  3. This is not about who, where, what, when, why and how.
  4. This is not about Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans...
  5. This is not about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism...
  6. This is about a human being who lost his life unnecessarily.
  7. This is about Teo Beng Hock, age 3oyrs old, from Selangor.
  8. Sincere CONDOLENCE...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

MIC : It's getting crowded at upper tiers...

  1. On 1st June 2009, this scribe wrote "Rumbling to tu BN?" where the scribe took the opportunity to explore the possibility of split ups in BN main component parties namely SBDP, Gerakan, MCA and possibly MIC.
  2. A day later, another posting specifically zoom in on MIC's "It's all in the family...".
  3. Now, it all gels in...Samy after deliberating his moves has come out and endorse G Palanivel as MIC's number 2 man.
  4. On top of that, Samy has also openly named his preferred choice for the 3 VP posts ie Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department SK Devamany and Federal Territories Deputy Minister M Saravanan.
  5. Is this an indication by Samy that the current batch of VP team of S Sothinathan, S Veerasingham and KS Nijhar will be out of the picture?
  6. S Sothinathan has re-affirmed his desire to go for the deputy's post and believe that he has enough ground support to oust G Palanivel.
  7. KS Nijhar, who quit the post in disagreement with Samy Vellu, has patched up their differences but has not indicated his intention to either defend his post or retire from politics.
  8. S Veerasingham has been out of radar screen for too long.
  9. What does the future hold for the 3 present VPs'?
  10. Meanwhile, Samy's son, Vell Paari has not made a final decision whether he is contesting the VP's post or not. He will do so in the near future.
  11. The pieces are fitting in the puzzle. Samy has named his preferred deputy and VPs'. He is now studying the Central Working Committee (CWC) candidates and will announce several names as his choice. Samy Vellu may have lost Sg Siput parliamentary seat but he sure does not look like the President...
  12. Is Samy looking beyond MIC? Will he be tapping P Uthumayar or Vasantha Kumar of Hindraf to join MIC ranks? Samy needs a moral win to boost his image and he may be using all his negotiating skills to get past Hindraf leaders to join MIC.
  13. If the Deputy MIC post will be a crowded 3 trying to get hold of 1 seat, the VP post may be seeing a crowded 6 fighting for the 3 seats. It is getting crowded in the upper tiers, and teh musical chair have not really going to full swing yet...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

D N41 T +1: BN "wins" Manek Urai, Kelantan is still "Serambi Mekah"

Despite all the monies and goodies thrown in by BN, the people of Manek Urai still choose the Ulama leadership of Nik Aziz over development promises. Try as they might, BN forgets 1 thing....that Kelantan, apart from being known as "negeri Che Siti Wan Kembang" is also known as "serambi Mekah".
Actually, the less said the better. If you guys want to read Manek Urai's analysis, there are many forums discussing about that, so you can surf the net to fill your curiosity. However, today I am in an "itchy" mood. So, roll the ball....

At around or about 9:10 pm, 14th July 2009, the RO of Manek Urai declares Abe Uji as the winner for Kelantan N41 by-election. Abe Uji managed to secure 5,348 votes whilst Tuan Aziz collected 5,283 votes. Voter turnout is 87 % or 10,631.

Some of you may be asking, since the RO declare Abe Uji the winner, then why did I mention in my posting BN "wins" Manek Urai? Well...Nik Aziz used to say that you must be gracious in victory and I am doing just that. You see, one of Malaysia's self-declared foremost analyst openly claimed just before the election date that BN will win Manek Urai with Pemuda (UMNO under his beloved KJ) delivering Manek Urai to BN. So, once in a while, let the analyst has his BN "win" ....:) mentality...It will keep him going till the next trading.

For the purpose of this posting "win" means "to gain in or as if in battle or contest", "to be the victor in". This is taken verbatim from Meriam Webster online dictionary...

OK, let's be more serious, shall we?. Why did I mention BN "wins" Manek Urai? Well....

1. BN manage to mobilise voters out with 87 % turnouts (10,631), much better than the 2008 GE turnout of 84 %. Translated into votes, there is an increase of 278 votes. Normally, the turnout for by-election is smaller than GE turn out. My target is around 80 % turnout as the by-election is on a working day. Based on that target and my take that PAS collects 56 % of vote, it works out to 12,292 x 80 % x 56 % and PAS should be coming back with 5,506 votes. Abe Uji is short by 158 from my estimate;

2. BN manage to "plant" the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in Manek Urai for the major part of the campaign period. This is done despite pressing matters that he should be attending to in Putrajaya such as the abolishment of PPSMI, 100 day celebration of Najib as PM etc;

3. BN's youth head aka UMNO youth chief aka SIL of former PM work tirelessly in Manek Urai since his deputy has been elevated as a deputy minister. His hands on operation is sending shivers down the UMNO youth spine as it calls for other youth leaders to emulate him. Do I need to mention the entourage that follows him? Or the "money bagmen"that sponsors his activities in Manek Urai?;

4. BN manage to show Manek Urai that there is no such thing as difficulty. DPM and other dignitaries travel by helicopters to Manek Urai. Now, we know that promises of building a RM 10 M bridge linking Manek Urai Lama and Manek Urai Lama is hogwatch. Why? BN leaders travel by helicopters so they do not feel the difficulties of the people;

5. BN prove that you can "pay" travel expenses to out of town voters in the open and nobody can question you on that. This payment is done after voting and the out-of towners can claim the expenses at a house nearby the polling station;

6. BN as the government of that day can set up 1 stop centre in remote areas and solve rakyats' problems, if they want to. The facilities are there but the commitment? depends whether there is a by-election there or not;

7. BN as the government can mobilise 3000 police personnel to "serve" 12,000 voters. That is a ratio of 1 police to 4 voters and that should be the best ratio in the world!;

8. BN supporters can say and do what they like during polling day but if there is any fracas, the opposition will be the first to be blamed and highlighted in the mainstream news;

9. BN will only choose "qualified" person as their candidates. That means, those with low qualification or self-made businessman can kiss goodbye to their dreams of being selected as candidate. This is a big win for BN because you do not need to be morally clean to be the candidate. All you need to do is to provide your qualification papers, and are the candidate;

10. BN can put up "offensive" banners especially on the supposedly logging in Kelantan where the current state government are harvesting personal profits and gains whilst the "historic" handshake between Nik Aziz and Lee Kuan Yew to potray that Nik Aziz as ?. On hindsight, who open up Bandar Iskandar in Johor - is it BN or PAS? This last minute pscho-war did deliver a few votes for BN;

11. BN effectively belittle fish wholeseller. This is not an easy task to do. BN did what no other parties have done belittling the profession of your opponent, you are actually promoting your candidate. This is an amazing feat by BN;

There you have it. I have listed just 11 of the reasons why BN "wins" in Manek Urai. I did not say BN wins the by-election but "win" in the sense of having advantage over PAS in the recently concluded Manek Urai by-election.

Despite all the monies and goodies thrown in by BN, the people of Manek Urai still choose the Ulama leadership of Nik Aziz over development promises. Try as they might, BN forgets 1 thing....that Kelantan, apart from being known as "negeri Che Siti Wan Kembang" is also known as "serambi Mekah". And that is why, I say BN "wins" Manek Urai, Kelantan is still "Serambi Mekah"...

By the way, just a tiny weenie titbits - do you know that PAS never won by-elections in Kelantan since 1997? And that is 12 long years ago which is equivalent to 3 general election years. That information is given by Pak Bakaq, our "trishaw man". That means, contrary to all the media-hype, PAS did win a major psycho war yesterday. With that psycho barrier broken, what can stops PAS from reaching higher, further and faster?

Of course there are other contributing factors to PAS's "major" win in Manek Urai but a master ronin won't tell all his secrets. will he? :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st August 2009 : GMI (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA) gathering

Can we have a date? Yes! Let's mark on your calendar.

Date : 1st August 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 2 pm
Venue : Kuala Lumpur (your choice of SOGO, Masjid Jamek or Masjid Negara)

Can we have a date? Yes! Let's mark on your calendar.

Date : 1st August 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 2 pm
Venue : Kuala Lumpur (your choice of SOGO, Masjid Jamek or Masjid Negara)

What? How do we know each other? The last I heard is we should be wearing red and black. But for final confirmation, please wait for further announcement here or here.

Now for the why? It is to send a petition to YDP Agung to abolish ISA. You see, ISA (Internal Security Act) was first introduced on 1st August 1960. So, this is a birthday celebration of sorts. However, instead of celebrating, the gathering is aimed at highlighting why the act needs to be abolish. Actually this act was first introduce as deterrence during the emergency way back in 1960. 1960? Yes, that was 49 years ago. You may consider this as a archaic law.

Another reason is that the act has been seen to be cruel where those detained under ISA can be detained for a period of 2 years without trial. Not only that, ISA can be renewed for another 2 years, subject to Minister of Internal Affairs' discretion. Amongst the 15 or so ISA detainees in Kamunting, Perak, one of them will be spending his 8th year there and has never been formally charged in open court. When will the government charged him? Even if the Government has a case against him, I wonder how many witness can still remember events 8 years ago? Maybe you can, but certainly not me...

Who will attend the gathering? Frankly, I do not know. The only thing I know is that there will be some political parties such as PKR, PAS,DAP and Gerakan youth. There will also be a group of participating NGO's and of course, the most important participant will be you! The organiser is aiming to gather 50,000 to march towards the Istana Negara. It is said that the organiser has sent a letter to the palace seeking permission and appointment to submit their memorandum.

Whether you are for or against the abolishment of ISA does not matter. What matters is the basic principle ie if there is any wrongdoing then charge the person in court. Deterrence? Fine, maybe the act has not been done and only come to the preparatory and planning stage. Charge them in court for planning to disrupt our harmony.

From thereon, let me split my way. I did not support the abolishment of ISA. I only support for ISA to be reviewed. In 1960's, Malaysia is faced with emergency rule. Back then, we have no other viable option but to detain suspects up to 2 years. Now, we are no longer under emergency rule. Our police force are supposed to be amongst the best well trained force in the world.

Looking through the list of existing ISA detainees, I saw foreigners amongst the group. What are their crimes? Are they planning to sabotage Malaysia? If so, how? Can we have the charges, please?

What about Malaysians? What are their charges? Are they communists? If so, when do we have communists in our midst when PKM has signed an agreement with Malaysian government to cease all forms of hostility against Malaysia?

If they are not communists, then who are they? Can we have the charges and the accusations? Do they conceal weapons to start a bloody revolution? Where are the weapons now? Are they missionaries? If so, where do they go wrong with their teachings?

The government has repeatedly mention that they will review ISA. When will the government review the law? Where are the ammendments? Has it beed distributed for discussions in Parliament? If not, why? Are we going to hear the tabling of ammendments before 2011?

Is Malaysia going to charge the present crop of ISA detainees? When are they going to be charged? When is the trial?

What I don't understand - what is the difference between ISA detainees and convicts? Why do we separate ISA detainees when the government do not have any charges? Is the Minister happy to hold that "power" to detain people without trial? 2 years, maybe...8 years? Imagine you being separated from your loved one for 8 years, what will you do? Will you be broken?

As I said earlier, I may not be supporting the total abolishment of ISA but I shall be in Kuala Lumpur on 1st August to lend my support. And my support is to review ISA and to charge the existing ISA detainees. And if the government has no chargesheets, then release all the ISA detainees. Let them return to their families. Once the government has enough proofs, then charge them in court...

I know, god willing, I shall be in KL on 1st August 2009...will you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Eclipse of the sun - passing by 22nd July 2009

Truthfully, when our regular religous teacher mentioned that he will be in Shanghai this coming 22nd July 2009 to witness solar eclipse, I just let it pass. Maybe too sleepy to register it as a important. That was somewhere around 21st June 2009.

Then something triggers this old grey matter. If the ustaz, a non-Science person, is willing to travel to Shanghai to witness the solar eclipse, it must be significant. I mean Ustaz going to Mecca is routinely normal, to Shanghai? UUmmmrppphh...

Back home, surf through the net looking for some clues, see some myths and facts :-

1. Wikipedia describe eclipse as an astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another;
2. The 21st longest total solar eclipse will occur on 22nd july 2009, visible in India, China, Nepal, Hawaii and will last up to 6 minutes 39 seconds;
3. A dark red shadow will creep across the sun and can be observed in Malaysia from 9:07 am to 9:48 am. That's on 22nd July, 2009;
4. In Indian astrology, this is an inauspicious event;
5. The next total solar eclipse will happen in 2034 and 2087;

Mark the day. Wednesday 22nd July 2009. Hindu temples will be closed during the duration of the eclipse whilst Muslims can perform solat sunat 2 rakaat. I am not too sure about the Christians and Buddhist.

In days of old, villagers will beat on drums and old containers to chase the demons away because they believe that demons are trying to eat the sun. Some believe that this is a bad omen.

In this age, there are some 'naughty' e-mails circulating warning of impending natural disaster on 22nd July 2009. True or false? I am not a soothsayer so I don't predict. I will try to download the email here, maybe later...


There is an email going around tying the coming solar eclipse to possible natural may be true, it may not be the best thing is DON'T PLAY GOD

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, July 13, 2009

D N41 T-1 : Antara kurma dan epal...pilihan anda (English translation provided)

UPDATE : Polling day special from Manek Urai click here
TERKINI : Liputan khas hari pembuangan undi Manek Urai, tekan disini
Calun BN-UMNO Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat adalah lulusan UiTM manakala Abe Uji pula kelulusan "Inogo University". Walaupun demikian, pengalaman dikukuhi dengan daya usaha telah melonjakkan Abe Uji menjadi seorang pemborong ikan yang berjaya di Manek Urai.

Drama "menuju puncak Manek Urai" sudah sampai ke penghujungnya. Bagaimana kalau diimbas kembali isu-isu yang dibangkitkan di Manek Urai sebagai senarai akhir sebelum keputusan di buat?

Sesuai dengan kedudukannya sebagai pilihanraya dewan undangan negeri, Manek Urai tidak dibanjiri dengan isu-isu nasional. Sebaliknya, kedua-dua belah parti bertanding menggunakan pendekatan isu tempatan.

Antara yang pertama dibawa ialah isu kelayakan calun. Secara sedar atau tidak BN telah membbawa isu ini ketengah apabila Muhyiddin dan Ahmad Maslan, ketua perhubungan UMNO, dikatakan memperkecil-kecilkan kelulusan dan profession calun PAS, Abe Uji.

Calun BN-UMNO Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat adalah lulusan UiTM manakala Abe Uji pula kelulusan "Inogo University". Walaupun demikian, pengalaman dikukuhi dengan daya usaha telah melonjakkan Abe Uji menjadi seorang pemborong ikan yang berjaya di Manek Urai.

Tindakan BN telah mempengaruhi persatuan peraih dan pemborong ikan Kelantan menyatakan sokongan terbuka mereka terhadap abe Uji. Cubaan Muhyiddin untuk menenagkan keadaan tidak banyak membantu BN.

Isu besar yang diketengahkan PAS dalam pilihanraya kecil Manek Urai ialah isu royalti minyak. PAS mendedahkan bahwa Kelantan seharusnya menikmati royalti minyak kerana terdapat pelantar minyak di luar persisiran pantai yang telah mengeluarkan hasil (gas) sejak tahun 2001 dan mengikut perkiraan mereka, kerajaan pusat (Petronas) perlu membayar sekurang-kurangnya RM 1B kepada kerajaan negeri.

Sebagai timbalan perdana menteri, Muhyiddin Yassin telah mengarahkan Petronas untuk memberi jawapan kepada dakwaan PAS itu dalam masa 48 jam mulai 9hb Julai 2009. Malangnya, sehingga 12hb Julai (72 jam), Petronas masih tidak mampu untuk menjawab dakwaan PAS. Ini memperkuatkan lagi dakwaan PAS kerana sikap diam Petronas boleh ditafsirkan sebagai mengakui dan mengiyakan dakwaan PAS.

BN boleh menggunakan khidmat Tg Razaleigh Hamzah. ahli parlimen BN Gua Musang yang juga Presiden Petronas dalam tahun 19075 untuk memberi jawapan kerana Kelantan mengatakan ada perjanjian yang telah ditandatangani Petronas dan Kelantan dalam tahun 1975. Tindakan BN tidak menggunakan Tg Razaleigh juga merupakan satu lagi tindakan kurang bijak BN untuk menangani dakwaan PAS.

Selain dari dua isu utama ini, BN juga telah cuba mengeksploitasikan ketidakhadiran Nasharuddin Md Isa semasa hari penamaan calun dan hari-hari awal berkempen sebagai bukti keretakan saf kepimpinan PAS pusat. BN, terutamanya KJ yang juga Ketua Pemuda UMNO telah mengwar-warkan isu ini diseluruh pelusuk Manek Urai.

Malang bagi BN apabila PAS telah membawa Nasharuddin ke Manek Urai pada 11hb Julai 2009 untuk menangkis tohmahan BN. Disitu, Nasharuddin telah menjelaskan bahwa beliau baru saja menjalani pembedahan kecil minggu lalu.

Terkejut dengan keupayaan PAS membawa Nasharuddin ke Manek Urai, BN mula menukar geraktari dan mula mengatakan bahwa PAS dalam keadaan terdesak sehingga terpaksa membawa Nasharuddin.

Bagi saya, sebenarnya BN berada dalam keadaan terdesak sehingga sanggup memainkan isu ini sebagai bahan kempen di Manek Urai.

Terdesak, Muhyiddin mula memainkan isu pembangunan di Manek Urai. Beliau telah menjanjikan pembangunan dan sebuah jambatan baru bernilai RM 10J sekiranya BN menang di Manek Urai. Umpan ini adalah umpan biasa yang digunakan BN untuk mengula-gulakan pengundi. Masih terlalu awal untuk melihat keberkesanan umpan ini.

Saperti biasa, BN telah mengerakkan seluruh jentera pilihanraya dan agensi Kerajaan untuk berkhemah di Manek Urai sepanjang tempoh kempen. Walaupun demikian, beberapa nama yang menjadi penghias muka BN di kempen-kempen yang lalu tidak kelihatan. Nama-nama saperti Ezam Mohd Nor dan Saiful tidak kedengaran di Manek Urai. Mungkin ini disebabkan calun PR ialah Abe Uji dari PAS dan bukannya dari PKR.

Terdengar juga berita mengenai Ibrahim Ali, ahli parlimen bebas, yang telah turun padang untuk membantu BN tapi suaranya mula tidak kedengaran lagi di akhir-akhir ini. Mungkin beliau baru sedar bahwa kemenangan beliau adalah diatas tiket PAS dan bukannya BN. Apatah lagi beliau telah dipecat dari UMNO.

Selain dari itu, pemilihan Tuan Aziz juga tidak disenangi oleh Ketua Bahgian UMNO yang mengharapkan UMNO memilih beliau sebagai calun. Ini telah menyebabkab kerengganan antara pihak-pihak tertentu dimana "survival politic" menjadi lebih utama dari kemenangan BN.

BN memerlukan kemenangan di Manek Urai untuk menaikkan saham-saham Muhyiddin Yassin, KJ dan Mustapha Mohamed. Muhyiddin ingin memperbaiki rekod 1 - 2 yang sedang disandang beliau sementara KJ ingin membuktikan kepada Najib betapa pentingnya beliau dalam saf kepimpinan pemuda. Mustapha Mohamed perlu menang di Manek Urai sebagai pengesahan kepimpinan beliau dalam UMNO Kelantan adalah bertepatan dan bersesuaian.

BN perlu memenangi Manek Urai sebagai hadiah hari jadi "100 hari" Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri. Untuk itu, BN sanggup "bergolok bergadai" untuk Manek Urai.

PAS mula melihat Manek Urai sebagai keseinambungan kepimpinan. Pemilihan Abe Uji sebagai calun ialah keseinambungan khidmat dan jasa "Paksu Wel" yang telah berkhidmat untuk Manek Urai selama 5 penggal. Abe Uji dilihat sebagai calun paling sesuai kerana beliau senang didampingi rakyat dari pelbagai golongan dan telah terbukti berkesan dalam menjalankan tugas-tugas kemasyarakatan.

Pendek kata, bagi PAS, Abe Uji kini bersedia untuk dimartabatkan sebagai Yang Berkhidmat (YB). Setakat ini, PAS mempunyai penuh harapan untuk mengekalkan Manek Urai.

Apapun, Manek Urai akan kembali tenang selepas 14hb Julai 2009. Apakah Tuan Aziz akan mencurahkan bakti kepada Manek Urai sekiranya beliau kalah di sana? Yang pasti, Muhyiddin Yassin akan kembali ke KL, KJ akan betandang ke stadium Bukit Jalil pada 18hb Julai 2009 untuk menyokong MU (Manchester United) sementara Mustapha Mohamed akan terus diam dengan kes royalti minyak.

Antara kurma (PAS) dan epal (BN), pilihan ada didepan mata. Kurma sebagai ingatan kepada kehendak agama dan kepimpinan ulama sementara epal sebagai taruhan pembangunan. Manek Urai menjadi medan kali ini. Secara ikhlas, saya berharap Manek Urai kekal dibawah PAS kerana BN gagal untuk menangani isu tempatan terutamanya mengenai royalti minyak.

Apa yang utama pada saya ialah kerajaan persekutuan perlu memberi penjelasan mengenai hak Kelantan untuk menuntut royalti minyak. Kenapa Kelantan di anaktirikan dan royalti minyak tidak diagihkan kerana berada di bawah kepimpinan PAS? Adakah ini keadilan yang dilaung-laungkan BN? Adakah ini yang di katakan "rakyat di utamakan", apabila BN lebih mengutamakan kemenangan dari nasib rakyat Kelantan.

Sahabat siber, Ronin WJK begitu yakin bahwa Manek Urai akan menjadi hak BN esok sehinggakan sanggup meletak kredibiliti beliau sebagai ganti. Saya menghormati pandangan beliau tetapi dalam masa yang sama saya menyeru pengundi Manek Urai menggunakan kebijaksanaan dan kewarasan ketika mengundi.

Sememangnya BN sedang bekerja kuat untuk memecah kebuntuan mereka dan mereka mengharapkan Manek Urai sebagai tempat untuk mereka kembali berpijak dengan selesa. Sememangnya juga, PAS perlu mengakui bahwa lawan mereka bersungguh-sungguh inginkan kemenangan dan justeru itu PAS perlu melipatgandakan usaha mereka untuk mempertahankan Manek Urai.

Jangan sekali-kali terjebak dengan helah BN untuk membawa kemajuan dan jambatan ke Manek Urai. Ayuh..mari sama-sama kita buktikan bahwa maruah Manek Urai tidak dapat dibeli dengan jambatan dan janji-janji kemajuan serta mari kita buktikan bahwa andaian WJK salah.



The drama "To the top - Manek Urai" will come to its peak soon. How about going through the issues raised in Manek Urai as the final check list before making decision?

Fitting to its state legislative, Manek Urai is devoid of national issues. In contrast, both parties choose to adopt local issues.

Amongst the first to be highlighted is the
candidate qualification. Either done intentionally or unintentionally, BN highlighted this issue when Muhyiddin and Ahmad Maslan, UMNO Information chief, is said to bel;ittle the qualification and profession of PAS candidate, Abe Uji.

BN-UMNO candidate, Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat is a UiTM graduate whilst Abe Uji is "Inogo University" qualified. However, through his experience strengthened with his hardwork, Abe Uji becomes a successful fish wholeseller in Manek Urai.

BN's actions influenced Kelantan association of fish whole seller to come out in support of Abe Uji. Muhyiddin's tried to downplay the issue but of litle effect to BN.

The big issue highlighted by PAS in Manek Urai by-election is oil royalty money. PAS's exposure that Kelantan should be given the oil royalty money because of oil rigs in Kelantan offshore has produced gas since 2001 and based on their calculation, the federal government (Petronas) should be paying at least RM 1B to the state government.

As the deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin has directed Petronas to provide the answers to PAS's claim within 48 hours. Sad to say that up to 12th july 2009 (72 hours later), Petronas is unable to reply to PAS's claim. This enforced PAS's claim due to Petroonas silence which can be read as admitting and supporting PAS's claim.

BN can use the service of Tg Razaleigh Hamzah, Member of Parliament for Gua Musang who was also Petronas President in 1075 to give the response on Kelantan's claim that there is an agreement signed between Kelantan and Petronas in 1975. He was Petronas president in 1975. BN's action of not using Tg Razaleigh is another unwise move made by BN to handle PAS's claim.

Apart from these 2 main issues,BN trie to exploit Nasharuddin Md Isa's absence during the nomination day and the early part of the campaign period as proof of PAS leadership split. BN, especiallly KJ who is the UMNO youth head has announced this to all parts of Manek Urai.

Unfortunately for BN, PAS brought in Nasharuddin to Manek Urai on 11th July 2009 to counter BN's claims. here, Nasharuddin clarify that he has just undergone a small operation the past week.

Shocked by PAS's ability to bring in Nasharuddin to manek Urai, BN change their strategy and start claiming that PAS is in dire straits and has to bring in Nasharuddin.

To me, in actual condition, BN is in dire straits that they are willing to use this issue as part of their campaign ,material in Manek Urai.

Cornered, Muhyiddin has to start relying on development issue in Manek Urai. He has promised development and a new RM 10M bridge in Manek Urai, if BN wins. This bait is a normally used by BN as a sweetener. It is too early to see the effects of the sweetener.

As usual, BN has mobilised all its election machinery and government agencies to camp out in Manek Urai during the campaign duration. However, a few of the front page names used in previous BN campaigns are missing. Names like Ezam Mohd Nor and Saiful is unheard in manek Urai. Maybe this is due to the candidate is not from PKR.

There are also scattered news about Ibrahim Ali, the independent member of Parliament, turning up to help campaigning for BN but his presence has not been detected now. Maybe he has just woke up and realised that he wins on PAS ticket and not on BN's flag. More so he has been dismissed from UMNO.

Apart from that, Tuan Aziz's nomination has has not been well received by the UMNO division head who was hoping to be selected as UMNo's candidate. This has split up certain quarters where "political survival" is more important than BN's win.

BN needs a win in Manek Urai to raise the names of Muhyiddin Yassin, KJ and Mustapha Mohamed. Muhyiddin wants to better his current 1 - 2 record whilst KJ wanted to proof to Najib how important he is in the youth leadership lineup. Mustapha Mohamed needs manek Urai as an endorsement to his leadership in UMNO Kelantan and taht his appointment is timely and perfect.

BN needs to win Manek Urai as a "100 day" present to Najib as the prime minister. For that, BN is willing to go all out to win manek Urai.

PAS sees Manek Urai as the continuity of their leadership. Choosing Abe Uji is a continuance to the services of Pak su Wel wo has been servicing manek Urai for the past 5 terms. Abe Uji is seen as the most suitable candidate as he is easy going and has proven to be effective in social works.

In short, for PAS, Abe Uji is ready to be declared as the "Ready to serve (YB)". For now, PAS has full confidence in retaining Manek Urai.

Whatever, Manek Urai will regain its peace after 14th July 2009. Will Tuan Aziz be providing his service there if he lost? The thing for sure is Muhyiddin will be returning to KL, KJ will be visiting Bukit Jalil stadium on 18th July 2009 whilst Mustapha Mohamed will keep his silence in regards to the oil royalty claim.

Between date (PAS) and apple (BN), the choice is there. Date as a reminder to the religous needs and the ulama leadership whilst apple is the development bet. Manek Urai is the place now. Honestly, I hope that Manek Urai remains under PAS because BN has failed in local issues especially those regarding the oil royalty.

The main thing for me is for the federal government to give explanation on Kelantan's rights to claim oil royalty money. Why is Kelantan being ill treated and the oil royalty not given under PAS's government? Is this justice as frequently claimed by BN? Is this "people first", when BN's priority is to win than to care about Kelantanese welfare.

A cyber friend. Ronin WJK is so confident taht manek Urai will be won by BN tomorrow taht he is willing to put his credibility on the line. I respect his views but at the same time urge manek Urai voters to use their intelligence and sanity when voting.

It is without doubt that BN is working very hard to break their fall and they are hoping Manek Urai will be the place where they can rise again and step on safer grounds. It is also without doubt that PAS needs to admit that their opponent is hungry for a win and as such PAS needs to double their efforts to defend Manek Urai.

Don't ever fall to BN's tricks of development and bridge to Manek Urai. Let us all prove that Manek Urai cannot be bought by a bridge and promises of development whilst proving WJK is wrong in his assumption.

Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Downsouth : Not all things beautiful...

  1. I have said it before and will repeat it here. I don't like to be drawn in other sountry's biz but once in a while, we need to look abroad to see that Malaysia is not that bad, afterall.
  2. Browsing through the letter section of Malaysiakini, I chanced upon 2 letters written by Vijay Kumar and Rachel Loo and in their own way expressed their experience living south of the border. In part, they observed :-

    • 80 % of the population stay in HDB's (housing development board) low cost flat;
    • High medical expenses;
    • Car ownership is a priviledge;
    • Authoritarian management;
    • No grievances procedures;
    • Stressful youths;
    • "face" conscious;

  3. From their observations, it is clear to them that no all that sparkles is gold. High medical expenses differentiate the healthy from the less unfortunate. Those with more than 1 terminal disease is left to fend on their own without the state's welfare.
  4. Cars registration plates come in many forms, and not all cars can be on the road at all times.
  5. That's what I gather from the 2 letters. It may be an exasgeration. Only those in the country can confirm or deny. Even that also if they can voiced out their opinions.
  6. As I see it, if the citizens in the south could not enjoy their chewing gums, how can they dictate how they want to spend their lives or their savings? See how "free" they act when they pass through the CIQ and enter Johore? How they "transformed" into speed merchants and ape their northern neighbours in "landscaping" the highways with letters? If we take that as the norm, then maybe what the letters say is true.
  7. Some say that our southern neighbour is "face" conscious, or it might be reflection of their society's demands. Live in a highly demand society and that's a price you have to pay.
  8. A man's meat is another man's poison. Some may say that we are ready to face the challenges. Why? Because they think that they are well equipped with the right qualifications. But are we? What about the rest of us? Those rural folks, are they ready? Or will they be devoured by the beast of modernisation?
  9. You have your say as I have mine. No matter what you think, I will always feel at home in this land we call Malaysia...for those who choose to venture out and seek greener pastures down south, may you have the best and may you thrive hard to be the best there and some in Batam too :)
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

D N41 T -2 : M & M's services and reminders...(terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia disediakan)

"Kalau beri pitih, ambi; kalau beri gula, kacau; kalau beri kain, pakai; tapi hak mengundi nanti, pangkah bulan." (If given money, take it; if given sugar, stir it; if given clothing, wear it. However, come election day, vote for the moon),” said Nik Aziz (Kelantan MB)
Weekend is the time to catch up with mainstream news. Nested within the news is Manek Urai. This time it's M & M's time. No, it's not the sugar coated chocolate but Muhyiddin & Murugiah...:)

11th July 2009 carry the news of T Murugiah, deputy minister in PM's department, setting up one stop centre booth in Manek Urai. What's interesting is T Murugiah is still in the centre of PPP's "who's the actual President" debate. Remember that M Kayveas has expelled T Murugiah from the party. So, the logocal question is - why is Murugiah still in Najib's government? A minor slap in the face for Kayveas, perhaps?

From the news, I will say that Murugiah's booth is not popular in Manek Urai. Only a handful turn up with their problems. Why? Late announcement? Poor PR? Bad political gimmick? I leave it to the readers to fill in the blanks...

12th July 2009, TV3 carried news about Muhyiddin claiming that BN has poured money in Kuala Krai by building schools and teachers quarters. As I have said many times before, the federal government is obliged to provide the needed basic necessities and that includes education. Education comes hand in hand with schools and schools need quarters to house their staffs. In short, Muhyiddin cannot claim credit of building schools to BN. It is their job and responsibility to provide the necessity so why harped on something that they need to provide? If PR is the government of the day, PR needs to provide these too. Based on that, BN's claims of bringing development to Manek Urai is a non-issue.

Malaysiakini postdated 12th July 2009 reported a "sweetener" offered by Muhyiddin Yassin. Muhyiddin's offering a new RM 10 M 300 m bridge connecting Manek Urai baru and Manek Urai lama, provided the voters give BN their much needed win come 14th July 2009. It is now clear that BN never learns - Is that RM 10 M BN's money or our money? Win or lose, BN should provide the bridge, using the rakyat's money. There is a hint of threat here. Either vote for BN or pay the price. Is this practise acceptable? What a pity! This is a desperate move from BN.

Just food for thought. If BN wins, who do you think will get the contract? My answer - most probably one of UMNO's cronies will get the project. Is this what we want? To enrich BN cronies? Is this how much Muhyiddin is rating 12,292 voters of Manek Urai? How much is the average cost per voter? RM 813! That's the cost of RM 10 M bridge equally shared by 12,292 voters...Is that the price of a vote in Manek Urai??? Do Muhyiddin thinks Manek Urai will fall for the bait? He might think so, but I am confident manek Urai will reject his advances.

TV3 on Buletin 1:30 on 12th July 2009 also play a small role in doing its part to belittle PAS. By subtly showing the sacrifice made by their on-site reporters, TV3 "accidentally" indicated that the water supply for Manek Urai is wanting. The treated water supplied by the state government has problems in pressure and also frequent disruption. As an alternative, the villagers has to resort to using gravitational pull to gravitate collected untreated water from their hilltop reservoir to their homes. TV3 has done their job in subtly potraying that the state government has failed in providing the basic necessities to Manek Urai.

These issues does not blow away Kelantan oil royalty which Muhyiddin has directed Petronas to respond within 48 hours. That 48 hours has passed on 11th July 2009. No response from Petronas. Either Petronas accept that Kelantan is entitled to oil royalty money or Petronas did not heed to Muhyiddin's direction.

Issues raised by Muhyiddin and TV3 coupled with Murugiah's booth could not overwhelmed Kelantan oil royalty issue. PAS also deliver another TKO punch to BN when they bring out Nasharuddin to dispel BN's claims that Nasharuddin has been sidelined in PAS. In short, BN is still lagging in Manek Urai.

"Demo bawoklah gapo-gapo pun, Manek Urai tok larie mano doh...kekal ngan bule..."

meaning : You can come with whatever you wants, Manek Urai will not be swayed...they will stay with the "moon"...

Translation (terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia)

Hujung minggu merupakan masa untuk mengikuti berita dari akhbar dan TV. Terselit didalam ialah berita mengenai Manek Urai.

Pada 11hb Julai 2009, berita meliput tentang T Murugiah, timbalan menteri diJabatan Perdana Menteri, membuka satu pusat serenti di Manek Urai.. T Murugiah kini sedang berada ditengah-tengah kemelut "siapa Presiden PPP yang sebenar". Ingat bahwa M Kayveas telah memecat T Murugiah dari parti. Secara logiknya persoalannya sekarang - mengapakah Murigiah masih berada didalam kabinet Najib? Mungkinkah ini satu tamparan yang halus dimuka Kayveas?

Dari berita, bolehdikatakan bahwa pondok Murugiah tidak begitu popular di Manek Urai. Hanya segelintir kecil saja yang datang dengan masaalah mereka. Kenapa? Pengumuman lewat? Masaalah hubungan awam? Gimik politik yang teruk? Biarlah pembaca mengisi ruang kosong...

Pada 12hb Julai 2009, TV3 membawa berita mengenai tuntutan Muhyiddin yang mengatakan nahwa BN telah mencurahkan duit di Kuala Krai dengan membina sekolah dan penempatan guru. Sebaigamana yang telah dikatakan beberapa kali dulu, kerajaan persekutuan diperlukan untuk menyediakan keperluan asas dan itu termasuk pendidikan. Pendidikan datang beriringan dengan sekolah dan sekolah memerlukan tempat penginapan bagi pekerja-pekerja. Secara ringkasnya, Muhyiddin tidak boleh mengatakan BN menyediakan sekolah-sekolah. Itu adalah tugas dan tanggungjawab mereka untukmenyediakan keperluan tersebut jadi kenapa memperbesar-besarkan sesuatu yang semamngnya tugas mereka? Seandainya PR menjadi kerajaan pun, mereka juga perlu menyediakan asas ini. Berdasarkan itu, akuan BN bahwa mereka membawa kemajuan ke Manek Urai bukalah satu isu.

Lapuran Malaysiakini keluaran 12hb Julai 2009 melapurkan gula-gula yang ditawarkan oleh Muhyiddin Yassin. Muhyiddin menawarkan sebuah jambatan sepanjang 300 m yng akan menghubungkan Manek Urai Lama dan Manek Urai baru bernilai RM 10J, dengan syarat pengundi memberi kemenagan yang amat-amat diperlukan BN pada 14hb Julai 2009 nanti. Ia menjadi terang sekarang bahwa BN tidak pernah belajar - Apakah RM 10J itu wang persendrian BN atau wang rakyat? Menang atau kalah, BN harus menyediakan jambatan tersebut dengan menggunakan wang rakyat. Ada unsur ancaman disini. Undi BN atau menderita. Adakah ini dapat diterima? Kesian! Ini merupakan langkah desperado BN.

Dalam Buletin 1:30 pm pda 12hb Julai 2009, TV3 juga memainkan peranan kecil untuk memperkecilkan PAS. Dengan cara halus, TV3 menunjukkan pengorbanan wartawan mereka di Manek Urai. TV3 dengan cara "tidak sengaja" mengambarkan perihal masaalah air. Air yang telah diwat yang disediakan oleh kerajaan negeri mempunyai masaalah tekanan rendah dan pembekalan selalu terganggu. Sebagai pilihan, orang kampung menggunakan rangkaian paip yang bersandarkan kepada tarikan graviti untuk membawa air yang ditakung diatas bukit ke rumah mereka. TV3 telah menjalan tugas mereka fengan mengambarkan kerajaan negeri gagal untuk memberi keperluan asas di Manek Urai.

Isu-isu ini tidak melenyapkan isu wang royalti minyak yang mana Muhyiddin telah mengarahkan Petronas untuk memberi jawapan dalam masa 48 jam. Tempoh itu telah berlalu pada 11hb Julai 2009. Tiada respons dari Petronas. Samada Petronas mengakui bahwa Kelantan berhak untukwang royalti minyak atau Petronas tidak mendengar arahan Muhyiddin.

Isu-isu yang ditimbulkan oleh Muhyiddin dan TV3 diganding pula dengan pondok Murugiah tidak dapat melenyapkan isu wang royalti minyak Kelantan. PAS juga telah memberi pukulan TKO kepada BN apabila mereka membawa Nasharuddin untuk menolak tuntutan BN bahwa Nasharuddin telah dipinggirkan di dalam PAS. Ringkasnya, BN masih ketinggalan di Manek Urai.

"Demo bawoklah gapo-gapo pun, Manek Urai tok larie mano doh...kekal ngan bule..."

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

D N41 T -3: Fish out of water...for Abe Uji (Terjemahan disediakan)

BN cukup lah, pade doh demo kaloh semanjeng di Kelate...pah ni, boh lah mari ngecek orang Kelate lagi...

There's a saying "Do not disturb hornets' nest". But that is what BN did in Manek Urai. Maybe, this is what you get for belittling your opponent. Did I hear BN says when? Well check out my posting at T -6 when Ahmad Maslan, UMNO Information Chief was singled out to utter words of that effect.

Kelantan fishmongers and wholesellers association came back strongly to openly support the candidacy of PAS's Abe Uji in Kg Laloh wet market on 10th July 2009. 200 strong, they not only pledge their support but sponsor 40 containers of fish to PAS workers. That's a lot of protein and encouragement for PAS vote canvassers.

Since we are still in "fish" issue, let this be a lesson to BN - never undervalue your opponent. I am proud to say that a friend of mine, an Engineer by qualification, is a fishwholeseller by profession. Or rather let me put it this way, he is in "fishing" business bigtime. He owns a few deep sea fishing vessels which landed their catch in Endau (Johor), Tabal (Thailand) and Chendering (Terengganu). Moral of the story? There are well qualified people in the "fishmonger and wholeseller" business so BN better learn not to belittle their opponents, either now or in the future.

On another front, since BN is running short of ideas in Manek Urai, BN starts to questions the whereabouts of Nasaruddin Md Isa, PAS deputy President, who has been missing from Manek Urai scene. Whether Nasharuddin is in Manek Urai or not is not BN's concern but BN use this as an issue to blow up the purpotedly rift between Nasharuddin and Nik Aziz.

Finally, Nasharuddin surfaced in Manek Urai together with Nik Aziz on 11th July 2009 dispelling BN's accussation of rift as well as shutting out the rumours mills. The truth is finally out. Nasharuddin was floored by a minor surgery for intestinal ailment. To me, BN as the ruling party knows exactly where Nasharuddin was but prefer to hype his absence for political mileage and to create uneasiness amongst PR supporters.

BN should learn to respect the opponents' health and wellbeing. They can start by joining hands with PAS to pray for Galas assemblyman's health and speedy recovery. Can they do that? Can they join hands in prayers together with PAS? Will they do that?

PAS is still leading the race. That means BN is lagging and lagging more by the day. Remember the time when KJ push "pade doh" as BN's slogan to takeover Kelantan in GE 12? This time around, let me put it simply - *BN cukup lah, pade doh demo kaloh semanjeng di Kelate...pah ni, boh lah mari ngecek orang Kelate lagi...

For non-Kelantanese - *BN, that's enough. You desrved to lose always in Kelantan...after this, please do not come here to hoodwink Kelantanese again...

Translation (terjemahan Bahasa Malaysia)

Kata orang tua "Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok". Tapi itulah yang dilakukan BN di Manek Urai. Mungkin inilah apa yang kita dapat bila kita memperkecilkan saingan kita. Apa? Adakah saya terdengar BN mengatakan bila? Cuba anda baca posting saya pada hari T-6 apabila Ahmad Maslan, ketua perhubungan UMNO, didapati mengeluarkan kata-kata yang bermaksud demikian.

Persatuan Peraih dan pemborong ikan Kelantan telah mengambil keputusan untuk memberi sokongan terbuka kepada calun PAS Abe Uji di pasar basah Laloh pada 10hb Julai 2009. Seramai 200 ahli persatuan bukan saja menyatkan sokongan mereka tetapi akan turut menyumbang 40 tong ikan kepada pekerja dan penyokong PAS. Banyak khasiat protin dan juga semangat kepada perayu undi PAS.

Sementara kita masih dalam isu "ikan", biarlah ini menjadi pengajaran kepada BN - jangan merendah-rendahkan pihak lawan. Saya bangga untuk menyatakan bahwa seorang teman saya, berkelulusan kejuruteraan, tetapi memilih kerjaya sebagai pemborong ikan. Atau biarlah saya katakan, dia berada dalam perniagaan "ikan" secara besar-besaran. Beliau mempunyai beberapa kapal laut dalam yang memunggah hasil tangkapan mereka di Endau (Johor), Tabal (Thailand) dan Chendering (Terengganu). Pengajaran yang kita dapat? Ada diantara mereka yang didalam usahawan "peraih dan pemborong ikan" yang mempunyai kelulusan tinggi jadi BN harus belajar supaya tidak memperkecilkan pihak lawan, samada pada masa kini ataupun masa depan.

Menyentuh perkara lain, oleh kerana BN sudah buntu di Manek Urai, BN mula mempersoalkan dimanakan Nasharuddin Md Isa, Timbalan Presiden PAS, yang tidak kelihatan di Manek Urai. Samada Nasharuddin berada di Manek Urai atau tidak bukanlah soal bagi BN tetapi BN menggunakan ini sebagai isu dan memperbesarkan retakan yang dikatakan berlaku diantara Nasharrudin dan Nik Aziz.

Akhir sekali, Nasharuddin telah "timbul" di Manek Urai bersama Nik Aziz pada 11hb Julai 2009 dan melenyapkan tuduhan BN mengenai keretakan tersebut serta menutup khabar angin. Sebenarnya, Nasharuddin melalui satu pembedahan kecil atas penyakit usus. Bagi saya, BN sebagai parti pemerintah tahu dimana Nasharuddin berada tetapi memilih untuk meng war-warkan ketiadaan beliau (di Manek Urai) untuk tujuan politik serta untuk menimbulkan rasa gelisah sesama penyokong PR.

BN harus belajar untuk menghormati kesihatan dan kesejahteraan pihak lawan. Mereka boleh mulakan dengan bergabung tangan bersama PAS untuk mendoakan untuk kesihatan ahli dewan undangan negeri Galas serta doa semuga beliau cepat sembuh dari penyakit beliau. Apakan BN akan melakukannya? Bolehkah mereka bergabung mendoakan untuk kesihatan ADUN Galas bersama PAS? Bolehkah mereka berbuat demikian?

PAS masih mendahului. Itu bermakna BN sedang berada dibelakang dan kebelakang lagi dari hari ke hari. Ingat semasa KJ memperkenalkan "pade doh" sebagai slogan BN untuk mengambilalih Kelantan dalam PRU 12? Kali ini, biarlah saya mengatakan - BN cukup lah, pade doh demo kaloh semanjeng di Kelate...pah ni, boh lah mari ngecek orang Kelate lagi...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More