Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hindraf : Of becoming "unbecoming"

Hindraf's unbecoming is now exposed. Little by little, it will loss its allure...
  1. Something is brewing in Hindraf. After claiming success in denting the BN stranglehold on Malaysians during March 2008 election, Hindraf leaders are taking issues to a different level.
  2. Historically, Hindraf gains national coverage in November 2007. Rightly or wrongly, Hindraf claimed that it represent the voice of the minority Hindus. That's why Hindraf stands for Hindu Rights Action Force and not Indian Rights Action Force.
  3. Wiki described Hindraf is made up of a coalition of 30 NGOs' commited to preservation of Hindu community rights and heritage in Malaysia. The group is concerned on the "unofficial policy of temple demolition" and encroachment of sharia-based laws.
  4. After March 2008, this scibe feels that Hindrafs leaders' actions are becoming more "unbecoming" where :-
    • P. Uthayakumar wanted to have his international passports returned to him when he still has ongoing sedition trial coming up. His reasoning of getting medical attention abroad is a ploy to go overseas. Being a lawyer, Uthayakumar will use whatever means available to get his wish in the court of law;
    • Hindraf's leaders first threatened opposition parties by urging them to nominate Hindraf leader as PR's candidate for Bukit Selambau by-election. When PR did not heed to their call, one of Hindraf's minnows put in his candidacy as independent candidate and lost his deposit;
    • Hindraf openly warned a legally elected state government over a court case involving 300 residents of Kampung Buah Pala, Penang;
    • Kampung Buah Pala residents, who may have the blessings of Hindraf, asking their rep to quit;
    • Blaming MIC as having part in the demolition of temple in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng;
  5. These are only a few examples that indicates Hindraf's "unbecoming". Individually, it may not be much but collectively, it shows the attitude of some of the so-called Hindraf leaders and followers. What does it say? What does it represent? Mass violence?
  6. First, let's have a look at P Uthayakumar's actions. Being a lawyer and official of court, P Uthayakumar should set a better example by temporarily abiding to the restriction orders as stipulated as part of the condition for his release. Why need to say "No" to everything? His action of not attending the periodical review called by Kamunting is also another example of his behaviour bordering on arrogance and stubborn. He may feel that he has achieve a lot by snubbing the authorities but in actual, he has not achieved that much.
  7. Sifu blogger, Rocky bru, posted that P Uthayakumar is set to launch a new party known as Parti Hak Asasi Manusia (PAHAM) by July 2009. What does that show? Is Hindraf disintegrating? First, a formar Hindraf national leader set a political party and now a second party from Hindraf? Why can't the 2 joined force and launch just 1 party? Is it becoming economically profittable to launch your own political party? Is Uthayakumar aiming to join BN through this political vehicle? Is this how Uthayakumar going to spearhead Hindraf supporters in drove to support BN and at the same time stay away from MIC?
  8. The federal government is acting soft, not because of Hindraf's force but because federal (read BN) is still reeling and licking their March 2008 losses. Although, pundits outside claims that BN will be wiped out in GE 13, I, for one, did not see it coming. Not, at least for now because PR has its own problems to settle and the rural and urban working class is returning to BN's folds with pre-set conditions which BN has to conform before gaining their trust back.
  9. The Bukit Selambau by-election demonstrate that Hindraf is not a major factor in winning or losing the election. Hindraf want to be seen as holding the key but unfortunately their key does not fit in Bukit Selambau. So, Hindraft resorted to threats and threats and threats....to both BN and PR, hoping that their small voice can push them to places....
  10. Hindraf's supporters in Penang dare their elected rep to quit. On what reason? Does this mean that the rakyats can do whatever they want, regardless of what the legal courts judgement? If the judgement is against you, can you go against the judgement and blame it on the government? If the Kampung Buah Pala get their way, what about the developers? Are they not victims? Are we going the way of "mob" rule? Are we in Kollywood now?
  11. On Kampung Buah Pala case, it must first be established who owns the land. Is it the residents or is it the developer? The primary concern is who is the legally correct owner. If the residents are squatters, then they should make way for development. Maybe they can request for the developer to compensate them on humanitarian ground. Why blame the elected rep for something beyond his control?
  12. On Hindraf's call to designate the area as heritage site. It should be done years ago and not when the judgement is out. Although I feel for the residents, it is by no means an approval that the residents can ask their elected rep to quit or to fight against the order.
  13. It is easy for Waymoorthy, another Hindraf national leader, to criticise the federal government, the state government, the elected reps and everybody else just because he is outside the country. Does he feels the pulse of Kampung Buah Pala? Has he been to Kampung Buah Pala? Has he met with the CM of Penang to appeal for the residents? The answer is most probably not. Why? Because Waymoorthy is not in Malaysia.
  14. To voice their displeasure, Hindraf has called for nationwide protest in front of DAP offices. Sounds great, right? However, Malaysiakini reported that only a handful of Hindraf supporters show up in front of DAP HQ. A handful? How many is considered a handful? 10, yes only 10 show up in Petaling Jaya. In Penang, where Kg Buah Pala is located, around 150 Hindraf supporters gathered in Komtar. Both are a far cry of "a gathering of 10,000" as planned by Hindraf. It shows that Hindraf is fast losing steam and will be steamless soon...
  15. Latest, Hindraf blamed MIC youth for playing a role in the demolition of a 20-year old temple at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. To put the records straight, the demolition was carried out by the developer. What is the motive of Hindraf putting the blame on MIC? MIC may be guilty of many things but demolishing the temple? Hindraf is trying to squeeze MIC out of the picture and Hindraf is trying hard to potray that they are the true defenders of Hindus. The question is , do we defend something that is not properly placed? Do we defend buildings in other peoples' lands? Isn't that tresspassing? Is there any other viable alternatives to solve the problems?
  16. You may say that these are ramblings but the keyword is "Hindraf is becoming unbecoming". They are acting beyond their real strength. You can do it once or twice...but 1 too many and politicians from both sides will call the bluff.
  17. Instead Hindraf should be working within their capacity and capability. Hindraf has failed to show that they are a major political force in Bukit Selambau and their voices will be mute in Manek Urai....how can Hindraf remains relevant when their leaders are becoming less relevant and instead projecting self-interest?
  18. The state and federal government may be rushing to gain some political mileage by championing Kampung Buah Pala at the expense of the developer. But after that?
  19. Hindraf's unbecoming is now exposed. Little by little, it will loss its allure...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Kelantan N41 : Tuan Aziz vs Fauzi Abdullah vs...?

The battle for the Malay hearts will continue in Kelantan's N41 Manek Urai. Both UMNO and PAS has announced their candidates. The EC has set 6th July as the nomination date. Initial thoughts and comments are...
  1. The next battle field for the Malay heartlands is on, at least that is what both BN and PR wants.
  2. PAS announce the candidacy of Fauzi Abdullah during a ceramah on 26th June 2009. UMNO follow suit and announce Tuan Aziz as their candidate on 29th June 2009.
  3. In he nutshell, PAS is banking on a small guy who make it through life whilst UMNO is staking on the learned guy who's part of Kesedar's management.
  4. In announcing Tuan Aziz's candidacy, Muhyiddin was quoted
    "Our candidate wants to champion Muslims and bear the torch of unity. He is a person who is academically qualified and has wide experience as well as a good track record here. He is not a fishmonger"
  5. What does Muhyiddin's statement stands for ? What is he implying when he says :-
    • UMNO's candidate wants to champion Muslims.

      Why only now? What has the the candidate been doing in the past? Has he not been championing Muslims?

    • UMNO candidate want to bear the torch of unity.

      Again, why only now is Muhyiddin harping on unity issue? And which "unity" is he referring to? "Malay/muslim unity" which has been openly rejected by PAS/PR or "Malaysian unity" covering all race and creeds? If for the former, why raise it when it has been shot down? If it is for the latter, why choose Manek Urai when the non-Malays voters make up of only 0.78 % of the votes?

    • UMNO candidate is academically qualified.

      So what? Academically qualified is not an automatic assurance that he will be serving the rakyat. Academically qualified also does not means that he has good public relations. Is Muhyiddin belittling the "other" candidate because he is not academically qualified? Is the UMNO candidadate "academically qualified" and "religously qualified"? Is UMNO placing "academically qualified" person above the rest?

    • UMNO candidate has wide experience.

      I am looking forward for Muhyiddin to list out Tuan Aziz experience. I mean real experience and not the experience of filling positions and warming various committee seats.

    • UMNO candidate has good track record.

      What track record is Muhyiddin talking about? Which track record? Working track record? Party track record? Personal track record?

  6. In giving motivations to BN workers for the upcoming Manek Urai by-election, Muhyiddin may have incidentally step on some toes, friends and foes alike. The way Muhyiddin refers to PAS candidate as the fishmonger may create some unpleasant ripples.In the east coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang, fishmongers are part and parcel of the society. The are an integral part of the society where they have come to be part of the close knit families of the rural folks.
  7. UMNO may be ahead in terms of "academically qualified" candidate but they may be well behind in terms of "one of us" type of candidate.
  8. There may be spoilers on 6th July 2009 but's let's hope for a straight fight between PAS and UMNO. It will be a testing ground for Mustaffa Mohamed to prove that he is worthy to head Kelantan's UMNO. It will be interesting to see how UMNO division leader and the former assemblyman going to react.
  9. Whatever it is, the stage is set. May the better candidate wins...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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1Perak : Preparing for the worst...

  1. Do not get your hopes high in the coming 9th July sitting of Perak's MB vs MB case. Better still, do not put any hopes at all. That way, it will not hurt as bad when and if the judgment did not go MB Nizar's way.
  2. The writings are are on the wall. Maybe, for the time being, it is invisible but by 10th July, it will be officially out for all and sundry to see.
  3. Nizar asked for a maximum of 11-judge panel but...MSM's STAR postdated 28th June 2009 headlined "Five-man bench is Nizar's Last Avenue".Malaysiakini's post dated 27th June 2009 wrote "Only 5 judges to hear final appeal".
  4. It is not difficult to find 5 judges who will go Zambry's way. To make it a nail-biting climax, there is possibility that it will go 3-2 in favour of Zambry. It is much easier to get hold of 3 BN-friendly federal judges than 5 BN-friendly federal judges.
  5. Since MB Nizar failed to get the maximum of 11-judge panel, he can opts to :-
    • halt the proceedings pending a written appeal for the federal court to enlarge its panel;
    • wait for the federal court to state the reasons for refusing MB Nizar's initial request of 11-judge panel;
    • appeal for the federal court to review the delay on the written judgment of 3 courts of appeal judges which affects the appeal process;
  6. If MB Nizar opts to appeal the federal court decision to hold a 5-judge panel, it will delay the hearing further and will provide the openings for Zambry to undo what PR has done for Perak. And that is the age old tactic of BN to wear the opponents down.
  7. How confident is Zambry now? Well, presently, Zambry has started to dismantle the legacies of the 10 month old PR state government when, amongst others, :-
    • 3,000 applications from residents of new and planned villages to convert their land titles from leasehold to freehold cancelled;
    • 817 elected village headmen had their term of office terminated. The village chiefs have since filed a suit in the Ipoh High Court to be reinstated;
    • The proposal to change the octagon Yak Tack Seng market along Jalan Osbone into a tourist centre scrapped;
    • The uniform one-coupon parking system for vehicles, and at a discounted rate from April, for the whole state did not see daylight;
    • The open-tender policy for approving government contracts, land and logging concessions reverted to the old system of closed tenders;
    • The giving state land to religious schools and Chinese independent schools scrapped;
    • The policy of giving RM1,000 to the dependents of senior citizens who die gone;
    • The process of legalising the 134 new villages put on hold;

  8. What does MB Zambry's actions say? It says that BN is confident that the federal court will upheld the decision that MB Zambry is the legal Perak MB and HRH is correct in appointing MB Zambry is the MB despite the fact that MB Nizar never tender his resignation.
  9. What are the options available?
    • some to continue with 1 Black Malaysia campaign (and drinking coffee every thursday?);
    • to voice support to MB Nizar during 9th and 10th July sitting;
    • the courts to review MB Nizar's appeal on 5-judge panel sitting?
  10. The options are running thin and running out. Although it will be a victory (hollow) to BN, the repercusion is far greater than that. Will Malaysia be under the microscope again? Can our judiciary stand and walk tall amongst the other sovereign nations? Will we regain the stature as one of the foremost law abiding nations in the commonwealth?
  11. Incidentally, during the 9th July week, the by-election of Manek Urai will be at its peak and surely both BN and PR will do whatever possible to politicise the 9th July federal court sitting. If the federal court decided to adjourn the hearing, BN will say that this is a process of law and cannot be disputed outsiude for fear of contempt to court. If BN wins the case, they will say that the government has been right, all along to interpret the law and if they lose, BN will say they uphold the decision of the court. For PR, why should they be repeating the BN. It is PR-led government which has been cruelly snatched by BN.
  12. Legally, what BN did to snatch Perak from PR is correct. Morally, what BN did is unspeakable and despicable act of a desperate party.
  13. At the end, PR needs to review their actions in Perak and carry out a detailed post-mortem on what could have been done. This time, mybe PR needs to rope in the independent third party to give them unbiased views.
  14. Like medication, it may be a tough pill for PR but to feel and perform better, the pill needs to be consumed. Perak is an example of Malaysian composition. To move forward, PR needs to join forces and forgets about their different idealogies. They must set some basic ground rules to work on. Most important, PR needs to move as a unit.
  15. Do not mourn 10th July. If the judgment is for BN, it shall be a wake up call for PR to thrive more. And let it be a lesson to PR to carefully select and screen their members before putting them up to stand in elections. The people has sacrificed once, do not let the people hoodwinked for the second time...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crime : Jamil calls for hudud, MCA and Gerakan says no...so?

"Whatever proposal (by Jamil Khir relating to Islamic law) should not involve non-Muslims as what is covered by the Common law is sufficient.
What the people want is sterner punishment for snatch thieves. We can impose mandatory imprisonment of 10 years and caning to deter snatch theft, which is more effective," Wee Ka Siong (MCA youth chief)
"An aspect of the Hudud law or Hukum Hudud calls for chopping the hand of offenders who stole or snatched handbags. - Lim Si Pin (Gerakan youth chief)
I know it is not a nice feeling for a father to watch his son being caned but it has to be done by a judge - Sessions court judge

“I am asking the senior judge in the Kuala Lumpur High Court to look into it and take the appropriate action,” Tun Zaki Tun Azmi (Chief Justice)

  1. Preparing for the weekend, there are 2 news report that catch the attention of this scribe. Both are related to Malays and Muslims. It is not that it is biased posting but let's take it one step a time. So, here goes...
  2. First, Minister in Prime Minister's department, Jamil Khir Baharom suggested to use hudud laws to punish snatch thieves. For those who are not familiar, hudud laws is only applicable to Muslims.
  3. In an almost immediate response, both MCA and Gerakan youths rejected the call quoting

    "An aspect of the Hudud law or Hukum Hudud calls for chopping the hand of offenders who stole or snatched handbags.

    "We can make amendments to our criminal law if it is too lenient to deal with the increasing number of crimes taking place daily especially snatch thefts when victims were dragged from their motorcycles, resulting in injuries and deaths," - Lim Si Pin (Gerakan youth chief)
  4. On another front. a sessions court judge meted a rare court ruling when the judge himself will be caning 10 lashes on a sales promoter convicted of armed robbery. The caning will be done in the court premise.
  5. The caning will be carried out on 15th July 2009 in the presence of the convict's parents.
  6. That said, let's go to Jamil Khir Baharom's statement first. Steeped in army discipline, the former Maj General propose to use Hudud laws as part of the solution to snatch thefts. And, mind you that hudud laws are only applicable to Muslims.
  7. In no part did Jamil proposed chopping the hands of the convicted offenders. Lim Si Pin is the one who "interpret" the hudud laws concerning snatch thefts as such. Does this means Lim Si Pin is more "Islam" than Jamil? On what grounds did Lim issue the statement? Is he well versed in Hudud laws? The other funny thing is that why Gerakan and MCA youth jumped the gun in shooting down the proposal? Are MCA and Gerakan dictating what Muslims should do with their shariah and hudud laws?
  8. The scribe has yet to see the response from PAS, PKR and UMNO youths. Are MCA and Gerakan more efficient than PAS, PKR and UMNO youths combined?
  9. Jamil's proposal should be studied in-depth. How can it be implemented when the common laws are separated from the shariah laws. Apart from that, if Hudud laws , which are only applicable to Muslims are applied, how can we prevent Muslims accused of snatch thefts from declaring that they are no longer Muslims, just for the sake of avoiding the application of hudud laws?
  10. Jamils' idea is a novel idea and needs inputs from all, especially from the Majlis Ulamas. It may take years to reach the implementation stage but at least Jamil is trying ...So, let's hope Lim of Gerakan and Wee Ka Siong of MCA give Jamil the chance to work out something there. Afterall, before it can be implemented, it must pass the parliament and there MCA and Gerakan can voiced out their reasonings.
  11. On the judge's decision to mete out the rare judgement, can it be implemented? Will it be implemented? Will the human rights group come out in full force to support the convicted?
  12. This is a first in Malaysia. It takes a brave judge to mete out the judgement. Maybe, this is what Malaysia needs. Public caning for snatch thieves? Hopefully, it will be a deterrent move.
  13. However, knowing the Malaysian legal system, the defense lawyers will appeal the judgement and will go to higher courts. It may end up in federal court...and that takes time. In the meantime, how many more will be victims of snatch thefts? How many more will be injured? How many more will be dragged? How many more will die?
  14. Before someone out there crying foul and claims that it is an inhumane judgement, please study the case. A 16 year old boy has been relieved of his handphone, identity card and belongings. Not only that, the victim was also slapped and kicked. The convicted, in his appeal for leniency, said that he has chosen bad friends. He is 20 years old. Imagine a 20 year old man bullying a 16 year old kid. Can we afford to be lenient? If we can, then how much more should we be lenient? Where is the limit of our leniency?
  15. Updated - The Chief Justice has ordered the senior high court judge to look into the case.
  16. Snatch thefts is getting out of hand. Jamil has put forth a proposal and immediately shot down by MCA and Gerakan. The judge has meted out caning punishment. Let's see whether it can be implemented. If it can't, then we cannot blame the system for failing to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. If the caning cannot be carrioed out, then the blame shifted back to those who talk about leniency whilst at the same time lamented on the ever increasing snatch thefts....
  17. Let's go into the weekend, knowing that something concrete has been proposed. Let's see whether PAS, PKR and UMNO can sit down together to see how we go forth in implementing hudud laws regarding the snatch thefts, applicable to Muslims only....unless of course if MCA and Gerakan wanted the non-Muslims to face the same music as the Muslim offenders...Are you game MCA and Gerakan?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Raub, Pahang : Gold for me, cyanide for you...

"It is possible for cyanide to leak during the transfer if sufficient precautions are not taken. And if that happens, water supplies in the Klang Valley will be affected" - Tan Hui Chun (Environment and safety consultant)
"Hasil kajian Kementerian Kesihatan mengenai tahap kesihatan
penduduk sekitar kawasan itu, menunjukkan tiada kesihatan penduduk terjejas akibat bahan kimia sianida." - T Muruhiah (Timbalan Menteri, Jabatan Perdana Menteri)
  1. Zorro unmasked started probing on this a few weeks back and Malaysiakini reported on 25th June 2009 that Murugiah announced that the health of 3,000 residents of Bukit Koman, Raub is not in danger of cyanide poisoning. That is fast when Bernama broke the news on 23rd June 2009 quoting Murugiah's pledge that he will investigate the matter.
  2. I didn't say this but I remember in one movie...
    "Look, I don't know shit about shit but I know right from wrong!" - Erin Brockovich
  3. Just because Bukit Koman's residents are simple folks in out of town Raub does not give the license for Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd (RAGM) to do what they pleased.
  4. The residents had listed their complaints of :-
    • Cyanide-like odour in the place;
    • Headaches, breathing difficulties and skin irritation;
    • noise pollution etc
  5. Now, let us go back to the reports and see what Murugiah said. On noise, Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS) reported that they measure noise produce by RAGM at 48.7 Db which is lower the allowed 55 Db.
  6. Let's say that the readings are correct. When is the readings taken? Is RAGM operating at normal production during the readings? How far are the sound meters placed? Is it aimed at the source (noise) ? What is the height of the meter? Who witness the tests? Are the results independently verified ? Are the sound meters calibrated?
  7. On cyanide issue, this is no joking matter. Cambodia and Vietnam have cases of cyanide poisoning in rivers where the effects is 10 years down the line. In certain parts of Cambodia, the natural cyanide caused cancer since there is no proper water treatment system.
  8. In history, there is questions whether Napoleon Bonarparte died of arsenic poisoning. Even in Malaysia, the one time Deputy Prime Minister also accused someone of administering him with cyanide poisoning. What this tells you is that cyanide poisoning is difficult to detect and if it happens in Bukit Koman, what hope is there that the authorities will trace down the culprits? The most taht will be done will be mass relocation of the population on some pretentious issue like SARS, maybe?
  9. About headache, the report mentioned that 93 are sampled and out of 93 samplings, 6 claimed headache. That will be 6.5%. Is that normal for Malaysians? Is it a normal standard? If it is, then all is well and fine. If not, then what has the Jabatan Kesihatan has to say about it? Is it their diet? Is it their style of living? Is it the air? Is it the water? If this is an issue, then investigate the root cause. Saying that it is normal and acceptable limit must be validated with data. You just can't say it's OK when it's not!!
  10. Another blogger, Antares mentioned that one of the important share holder is a Pahang VVIP. To this scribe, everybody needs to make a living. But it must be honest living. Putting a VVIP in the board does not absolve the company from its social responsibilities. In fact, companies with VVIP shareholders should be more responsible than responsible. They are supposed to be the model companies in terms of social responsibilities and sensitive to the surounding needs and problems.
  11. Touching on social responsibilities, the Bukit Koman issue should be closely monitored by Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM). Is SAM aware of RAGM? Is SAM aware of the EIA? What is SAM's stand on this? If SAM has been persistently monitoring the EIA reports for the Pahang-Selangor water tunnel project, then SAM should be equally persistent in monitoring Bukit Koman issue.
  12. It is always been the case of Malaysian authorities. When a project is new, it will always come up with proposals on waste disposal and monitoring. A case of example is the Tioxide plant in Terengganu. International companies will be presenting the authorities with sophisticated plans on how they dispose toxic waste, how they manage toxic waste, how they store toxic waste etc etc. On paper, it will be the best, the most innovative, the most up to date at par with world's standard. In practise? Who will monitor the waste disposal? Who verify their management system? Who recorded their toxic waste storage? This is more so critical for Bukit Koman residents as Bukit Koman is way too rural to be noticed. There, RAGM may be "king" to do what they please.
  13. Planning and executing are 2 different things. RAGM may have the best plannings, but who will monitor their planning and execution? RAGM may claim that they have safety officers under them but paid safety officers may be subject to the whims and fancies of RAGM.
  14. Remember Lubok Mandi? During the "gold rush" fever, some died when their makeshift tunnels collapsed. That was a tragedy but in was instant. You can see and watch it. Here in Bukit Koman, arsenic poisoning is slow and sure. It will not be instantaneous. It will be slow and painful. So my qquestion - who will monitor RAGM's activities? Will it be on regular monitoring? Will it be done by independent third parties? Will it be carried out by JAS? Frankly, this scribe is suspicious of government authorities because with "kopi", everything jadi.....
  15. Murugiah should not be too fast in declaring Bukit Koman as safe. It needs continous monitoring. Do we have the expertise? Do we have the labs? Do we follow international standards?
  16. To be fair to Murugiah, he did called for special hearing on 25th June 2009 but none of ukit Koman residents turned up. The reason given by the residents is that they have a prior engagement with other parties, set up 1 month ago and Muru's hearing was called last minute. The residents claimed that they have called to explain their absence.
  17. Gold mining in Bukit Koman is fine but we surely hope that Bukit Koman will not hit international news as a kampung devastated by arsenic poisoning. That said, can Murugiah guarantees no arsenic poisoning in Bukit Koman for at least another 8 years? Heck, I don't think Murugiah can give the assurance because he may be gone from PM's department soon if Kayveas get his way. If Kayveas fails to oust Murugiah from PM's department, maybe the rakyat will when GE 13 comes around....
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

1M PM6 Najib : 31 years too late...

This scribe dare not say that what Najib propose is wrong or right. You see, this scribe is not an advocate of SIS to go blindly against the ulamas. This scribe offers no excuse in admitting that there are much more to learn from Islam's point of view. This scribe prefer to remain silent on his stand regarding this issue. Suffice to say that Najib's proposal might be 31 years too late...
  1. Sometimes, it is hard to start when your heart is at the crossroads. Telan mati mak, luah mati bapak...
  2. 1M PM6 Najib sure knows how to hit the soft spot when he lamented that "it is a religious duty to talk (discuss)". In a nutshell, he says (meant) the following :-
    • Unity and efforts to fight for Islam is an obligation;
    • We get blessings when we follow the obligations;
    • Don't let political differences become the obstacle;
    • Rejected that the UG concept is against his 1M concept;
    • He is open to unity talks (with PAS) as this is beyond politics;
    • PAS is the one who came up with UG;
    • PAS's rejection to unity talk is not the wishes of the whole party members;
  3. Let us try to be objective in examining what Najib is saying against BN's backdrop of actions since PAS left BN is 1978, some 31 years ago...
  4. Islam did mention that when there is a dispute between 2 groups, then go back to the source ie the Koran in getting the best solution, thus avoiding split ups. That happens when both groups are disputing based on their interpretation of the religion. And in Islam, religion is the way of life...
  5. However, in this particular case, what was BN's stand when the authorities acted mercilessly on Memali villagers in 1985? This incident has the go ahead from Musa Hitam, the then deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. 14 civilians and 4 policemen died. Did BN refer to unity and follow due obligations?
  6. What about the time when BN conspired to force a "take over" of Kelantan in 1978? Isn't that political differences that BN work on to take over Kelantan in 1978 and govern the state for 18 years?
  7. What about the constant attack on Amanat Hadi Awang? PAS, way back in 2001, is willing to talk about the "amanat" in unity talks with BN. Did BN took the offer? No? Why? Because BN was strong at that time and looks to PAS as a small fry that can be swap dead at any time of BN's choosing.
  8. Do I need to mention more? What about the treatment given to PAS-led government in Terengganu circa 1999? Who propose to take the oil royalty away from the state coffers? Isn't that the works of Idris Jusoh & co? And Najib wants to say "do not let political differences be an obstacles".
  9. What about the many issues concerning Kemas, happening in Perak, Terengganu and Kelantan? Who blows up the issues? Isn't that the trademark of BN?
  10. And remember M2T? The person responsible to create parallel ketua kampungs for Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perak. Is that what Najib means by unity beyond politics?
  11. Have we mentioned about the countless Bumiputera who were not given any chance because they are suspected opposition symphatisers? How BN treat them worse than the rest?
  12. Before this scribe forgets, what about the purposely slow cash flow to opposition held states especially Kelantan? Is that what "beyond politics" mean?
  13. We have not mentioned about the countless inhabitants of Kamunting, courtesy of ISA. Are they not mainly opposition members? Is this Najib's "effort to fight for Islam"? Islam talks about fairness. If they are guilty, charge them in court!! Has Islam ever called for unlawful detention?
  14. It is most dangerous when leaders interpret Islam to their advantage only and taking bits and pieces which benefit them. When Najib want to talk about unity in Islam, he must be willing to talk in the context of Islam as a whole. Is he willing? If he is, then...
  15. Najib should ask himself, what is the criteria to be a leader from Islam point of view? Has Najib ever measure himself against Islam's standards as a leader? If he did, then did he confront the accusation linking him to certain deals and high profile court cases which is splashed in foreign newspapers and blogs? How well did Najib "educate" his wife on Islam? I have not seen Rosmah wearing proper tudung, is that Islamic, Najib?
  16. I did not say Najib is wrong. He may be right, he may be sincere but he mix between talks about strengthening Islam and UG. What is his actual purpose? To see PR infighting? To see PAS splitting? If that is his aim, then his intention is not for Islam but for his BN's political survival...
  17. Najib may have a good approach but he needs to include PKR and DAP in his roadmap. Why is he omitting the 2?
  18. Najib has been busy visiting far away places, reminiscing his father's path. He may be thinking hard to emulate his father but his actions is 31 years too late...
  19. This scribe dare not say that what Najib propose is wrong or right. You see, this scribe is not an advocate of SIS to go blindly against the ulamas. This scribe offers no excuse in admitting that there are much more to learn from Islam's point of view. This scribe prefer to remain silent on his stand regarding this issue. Suffice to say that Najib's proposal might be 31 years too late...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Khazanah : Venture here, venture there...even for kids too?

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the announcement. On second and subsequent glance also reveals nothing unusual. Until,
  1. MSM never fails to amuse me. Last night, in business section, TV3 reported that Rakan Riang sdn bhd has signed a licensing agreement with Kidzania. Rakan Riang is expected to construct a RM 50 m theme park scheduled to be open by 2012.
  2. Kidzania started in Mexico. It is based on family entertainment centre where children from 3 to 16 years old play adult roles in child-sized replica of an actual city with streets, buildings as well as vehicles. The idea has caught on in Japan, Indonesia and will be opening soon in Dubai, India and other parts of the world.
  3. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the announcement. On second and subsequent glances also reveals nothing unusual. Until, Bernama's biztime revealed that Rakan Riang Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Boustead Holdings Bhd. Khazanah Nasional ? The Khazanah Nasional? The Malaysian Khazanah Nasional? In Khazanah Nasional's webpage, it is so written that:-
    "Khazanah Nasional is the investment holding arm of the Government of Malaysia and is empowered as the Government's strategic investor in new industries and markets. As trustees to the nation's commercial assets, our main objective is to promote economic growth and make strategic investments on behalf of the Government which would contribute towards nation building."
  4. Khazanah's list of investment holding structures include automotive, basic materials, financial institution, healthcare, infrastructure & construction, media & communication, property, technology & bio-tech, transportation & logistics, utilities and last but not least others.
  5. Khazanah has stakes in more than 50 companies with combined assets of RM 60B whilst Boustead's major stakeholder is Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT).
  6. LTAT owns 57.5 % of Boustead holdings which has a combined assets of RM 8 B. Now, comes the questions. If Boustead holdings has assets in excess of RM 8B, what is RM 50M to them? Why do Boustead needs to team up with Khazanah to do the theme park? Boustead with its investment in plantation, heavy industries, financial & investment, trading, property, manufacturing & services should have more than enough expertise to run the theme park.
  7. Further, Boustead holdings developed Mutiara Damansara where the theme park is going to be located. So do Boustead really needs Khazanah?
  8. Another question is on the project costing. The report mentioned that the 60,000 sq ft theme park is going to cost RM 50M. That is roughly RM 830 per sq ft or RM 8,930 per sq m. Is that figure correct?
  9. Back to Khazanah Nasional. Why is Khazanah going into theme park? Is this a new strategy? Is Khazanah investing in hospitality and theme park business now? Is Khazanah muscling into small players' industry? Has Khazanah lost track that they are Malaysia's investment arm? Are the returns worth Khazanah's involvement?
  10. STAR datelined 24th June 2009 reported that Khazanah will be holding 80 % of Rakan Riang Sdn Bhd whilst Boustead group hold the balance 20 %.
  11. Rakan riang projected 500,000 visitor per annum paying at RM 50/pax. That works out to RM 25M per year. It also works out to 1,400 paying visitors per day or 700 paying visitors per session in the theme park (assuming that the theme park will run 2 session daily). Is it possible to have 1,400 paying customers daily? For the time being, this scribe doubts it because Mutiara Damansara do not have friendly public transportation service. If that is so, then the theme park will be relying more on private transportation. Can the theme park attract them?
  12. On top of that, the price of RM 50/pax is quite stiff for Malaysians (at this time). As this is a children based theme park, its main target market are families. Assuming that a family of 4 going to the theme park, they will need to cough up minimum of RM 200 for a family per session. How many Malaysian families can afford to spend RM 200 for a session of 4 hours? And how many of these families can make regular return trips to the theme park?
  13. What about the staffs? The news reported that approximately 400 staffs will be employed for the theme park. Taking an average salary of RM 1,000 per employee per month, the compnay shall reserve RM 4.8 M for salary.
  14. What about the yearly licensing fee? How much must the company pay to the franchise holder? What about the amenities, the business license and the likes? Rakan riang may need to raedies approximately RM 6 M yearly for overheads cost. It may not be so "riang (happy)" after all.
  15. With that, why is Khazanah going for peanuts now? Is Khazanah banking away from its strategic investment? Is Khazanah pouring in money to domestic industry to generate economic growth? Is Khazanah going cold to invest overseas? Maybe the economists outside can give a glimpse of what's going on...
  16. It is not wrong to venture in theme park. In fact, Kidzania is good investment for private companies. Khazanah should stay out of the deal and let the local players take the lead and the risks. Companies like YTL, Berjaya, UEM, Gamuda, Sunway are more than able to construct and manage the RM 50M theme park and they have ample land to choose.
  17. Are we going against the direction? Is Khazanah contracting instead of expanding? Is the returns on investment good enough for Khazanah? Are we paying high premium grade salary for this kind of Khazanah's investment? Are we suckered by Khazanah's decision?
  18. As I see it, Boustead can go alone on this deal. It is a feather in the cap for Boustead. But for Khazanah? I think those Khazanah's execs should go and fly kite!! We pay them top salary and is this the best they can do? No wonder Vietnam is fast catching up and will be overtaking us soon...Khazanah is too engrossed in theme parks instead of generating money using the country's wealth.
  19. 2012 is not that far away. By then, maybe we will see all the top khazanah execs playing role models in the theme park, competing with the 3 to 16 year old children...Oh, what a day it is going to be...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KTMB : MOT appoints, RUM picket...anything else?

Unfortunately for Abd Razak, his appointment as KTMB's MD is oppossed by Lim Ah Lek, Chairman of KTMB. And for those who did not recall Lim Ah Lek, he is the sworn nemesis of Ling "fish head curry" Liong Sik. Lim, it is said, decided to quit his Chairman's post in protest and will only return to assume the post once Abd Razak vacated the MD's post. Kind of deja vu ala Perak's Sultan Idris and Ghazali Jawi, isn't it?
  1. KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) managed to get my attention, again, this week. It seems that KTMB is going into an endless downward spin since the resignation of the former MD, the guy who celebrate his birthday on the same date as our Merdeka. No prize for guessing the correct name, okay?
  2. Since 1st September 2008 or thereabout, KTMB has been helmed by Abd Razak, former Freight GM. Frankly, he has fresh ideas on how to turn around KTMB. And of course, being an old hand in KTMB, he had some scores to settle with his many GMs' too.
  3. Unfortunately for Abd Razak, his appointment as KTMB's MD is oppossed by Lim Ah Lek, Chairman of KTMB. And for those who did not recall Lim Ah Lek, he is the sworn nemesis of Ling "fish head curry" Liong Sik. Lim, it is said, decided to quit his Chairman's post in protest and will only return to assume the post once Abd Razak vacated the MD's post. Kind of deja vu ala Perak's Sultan Idris and Ghazali Jawi, isn't it?
  4. You see, our government has this special unwritten arrangement whereby KTMB's chairman must be from MCA. For further confirmation, please refer to Ong "PKFZ's minister" TK. However, due to this complication, Mohd Isa is now the acting Chairman.
  5. Barely a year on the job, Razak has been informally informed that his tenure will not be extended. His last day shall be on 31st July 2009, 1 month short of 1 year's service, courtesy of Lim Ah Lek.
  6. So, here comes the crunch. Who get's the MD's post? For the past few months, it has been srongly established that since there might be too many fractions in KTMB's management, Ministry of Transport (MOT) has decided to opt for a KTMB outsider to lead. Few names has been floated around.
  7. As late as middle June, the person who will most likely head KTMB is said to be linked to YTL's Express Rail Link (ERL). ERL's CEO, perhaps? Then the bombshell...
  8. Railway Union of Malaya (RUM) threathened to hold a picket on 29th June 2009 against the appointment of Sarbini Tijan as the acting KTMB MD. Does this mean that the "man from ERL" is out of running?
  9. KTMB should be concentrating on how to improve its service. It's komuter trains are still experiencing delays and it's hybrid trains are still ineffective. Some coaches run without proper HVAC system. Instead, the minister, the ministry, KTMB's BOD, KTMB's management and RUM is playing dangerous politics. Worse, it is at the consumers' expense!
  10. Whatever it is, MOT should place the consumers' comfort as their priority in KTMB's service. It is not a matter of juggling names and positions, what more when KTMB is a semi-government agency. This is not a matter of placating to 1M PM6's wish to have people from private sectors to run GLCs'. The minister concerned should be looking more into the capability and the experience of the person who shall be leading KTMB. A PHd holder he may be, but a miracle performer he is not. A CEO he is, but a prime mover he is not.
  11. KTMB is not similar to ERL. KTMB is made up of many divisions, departments and deals with various type of customers. It does not monopolise the routes and it is not working under government's favouritism. You see, for those using ERL, the passengers are paying RM 35 for a one way trip between KL Sentral and KLIA. On top of that, it was previously mentioned that, a portion of the airline ticket goes to ERL. That's favouritism.
  12. KTMB, on the other hand, is working on subsidies and restrictions. In short, KTMB is definitely not government's favourite child. KTMB has not raise its fares since ages ago and its freight service, which also happen to be its most profitable arm, has its fees capped to cater YTL cement, Robert's CSR and others. That is the state of KTMB today. They could not expand further because all their capital expenditures are controlled by the government and they could not have the best pricing in double tracking project because the government prefers to nominate the contractors, one of them is MMC-Gamuda JV. Who is in Gamuda's BOD? That is the predicament of KTMB...
  13. However, whatever shortcomings faced by KTMB, it should take that as a challenge to provide better and more efficient service. To do so, all the relevant parties should reach a consensus, acceptable to all. I call for the MD, if there is a need to change the present MD, to be selected from the current crop of existing GMs'. This is to ensure continuity and better understanding of the problems facing KTMB's operations. Importing one from outside is not the solution, rather it would be adding more problems to the already many problems straddling KTMB.
  14. 1M PM6 can talk what he wants about integrating private sectors to GLCs'. If he wants to do that, he can start with appointing one at Khazanah or any proven cash cows and see their performance. But not at KTMB which is already in ICU condition due to the continual ineptness of past and present Transport Ministers.
  15. For a start, KTMB needs a dose of performance enhanced injection. Staffs at all levels should be combining their resources, abilities to brainstorm the best ways to move KTMB forward whilst the Minister, MOT and the rest should lay their hands off KTMB, the government's GLCs' unwanted child.
  16. Whilst I am at it, 1M PM6 should be advising his partner to reduce prolific speeches in boosting nurseries and permatas everywhere when there are plenty of rumours going around on how the partner treat (badly/disown) her own flesh and blood. They use to say that "leadership by example", so it is time for 1M PM6 to lead by example. Can he lead a good example? Because someone used to say too that "charity begins at home"...because sometimes you have to act cruel to be kind.
  17. For some, hero-worshipping is the way to survive. Others heap praises to the leaders to enter their good books. A few grease their way into the "inner circle" whilst the rest prefer to stay out of the circle altogether. Which one is you?
  18. KTMB and 1M PM6. 2 different subjects but entwined, due to fate and timing. We have to take the bulls by its horns and this is no spanish bull we are talking about. It is just a malaysian bull, small and timid but a bull nonetheless.
  19. Will KTMB moves forward post Razak's era or will it keep spiraling down? Will 1M PM6 lead by example now that hopes of the unity government is dashed? Time will tell and only KTMB and 1M PM6 can decide their own fate and choose their own path...right or wrong, decision must be made. Me? I am just glad that I do not have to made that decision...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, June 22, 2009

1T Hishamuddein : 3 out, 3 in...who wins?

Let's go back to April 2009, shall we? Then, Hishamuddein's name was mentioned when he was appointed as Terengganu's UMNO head. There, it was also mentioned that Terengganu folks are played out big times, first by the father aka Tun Razak then the son aka Najib Tun Razak and now the cousin aka Hishamuddein is waiting in the wings to "play" with Terengganu.
  1. Let's go back to April 2009, shall we? Then, Hishamuddein's name was mentioned when he was appointed as Terengganu's UMNO head. There, it was also mentioned that Terengganu folks are played out big times, first by the father aka Tun Razak then the son aka Najib Tun Razak and now the cousin aka Hishamuddein is waiting in the wings to "play" with Terengganu.
  2. That was April 2009. That was when 10 UMNO state reps, later known as 10 "black" boys of Terengganu, were "absent" from the state assembly sitting due to "threat" from an unknown source.
  3. Police investigation regarding the issue ended with former political secretary of Idris Jusoh charged in court for "abetting" in the SMS threat.
  4. Actions quickened after that when MACC probed on 2 Datuks regarding the problematic MRR2. The 2 Datuks are said to be closely linked to Terengganu UMNO.
  5. As if on que, Hishamuddein dropped 3 key UMNO personnel from the state lineup on 21st June 2009. Those dropped are Secretary Rosli Mat Hassan, Information Chief Zuber Embong and Treasurer Roslan Awang Chik. All 3 are conferred Datuks.
  6. Replacing them respectively are Tengku Putera, Shabery Chik and Rahin Mohd Said. All of them are also conferred Datuks.
  7. What is the significance of the change? Why is the change necessary? Who initiate the change? Who wins? Who lose? What about the 10 "black" boys of Terengganu?
  8. First, it indicates that 2 of the 3 dropped "may" have been involved in the MRR2 project and legal action will be taken against them. Why now? Because they are no longer in the good books of UMNO leadership and because they are Ahmad Said's backbone. They are the pilars supporting Ahmad Said.
  9. It also proved that Zuber is no longer relevant in Terengganu politics. He is now a twice "has-been".
  10. The move reinforced Ahmad Said's position because Shabery Chik is from Kemaman, the same division as Ahmad Said whilst Tengku Putera was elected speaker by Ahmad Said's prerogative. That means 2 replacements are Ahmad Said's supporters.
  11. Tengku Putera is getting a second life with this appointment. He was the deputy Finance Minister post 2004 but Abdullah did not re-appoint him and leave him in political wilderness, thanks to Idris Jusoh. Is this the first step to promote him at federal level. Is it time for Tengku Putera to say goodbye to his speaker's role and position? Time will soon tell on him...
  12. The third, Rahin Mohd Said, is a novice politician and will follow the leader. All in all, it is still Ahmad Said's call. With the "unofficial" Terengganu's 10 "black" boys' leader is currently out of town for his studies, it seems that Ahmad Said is still the undisputed MB of Terengganu, courtesy of Hishamuddein.
  13. Talking of Idris Jusoh, is it his norm to "further" studies everytime he create "problems" to Terengganu politics? First, he was off to take his Masters when he go against Wan Mokhtar and now he is pursuing his studies when he go "against" HRH and Ahmad Said. Is it his destinye that he is against Kemaman folks? Wan Mokhtar and Ahmad Said are both from Kemaman and this is the second time Idris is going against Kemaman folks.
  14. Hishamuddein is not really attending Terengganu UMNO. He is there as a "tourist", passing through Terengganu for other destinations. What has he done so far for Terengganu? Honestly, nothing!!!
  15. He has not been attentive to the needs of UMNO members. Why is he sidelining Wan Farid, his one time UMNO youth exco member? Hishamudein knows that Wan Farid is "job-less" now, he can use Wan Farid to boost his presence in Terengganu, like appointing him as Hishamuddein's special adviser for Terengganu?
  16. Hishamuddein is also not agressively pusgin for more Terengganu reps at federal level. Terengganu has Shabery Chik as minister, then who else is there from Terengganu? No one, just a lone rep from the oil rich, BN last bastion of Terengganu. That is the reward for Terengganu.
  17. It will not be long for us to know who will be charged in court for MRR2 fiasco. Maybe the 2 datuks will be charge in court by the "independent" MACC. Maybe this is part of deal to get the charges dropped or minimised. Let's wait and see...whether MACC will be "independent" of Terengganu UMNO or not...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran and Iraq : 2 brothers in trouble...

Iran and Iraq are examples of countries living dangerously where their internal affairs are being dictated by those with vested interest.
  1. Different country, different set of rules. As members of international community, the countries need to respect the sovereignity of others and this respect is mutually accorded to them.
  2. At least, that's what the ideal situation should be. Or the least, this scribe expects from the so called superpowers, leaders of nations, guardians of mankind. Why? Because we share the same sun, the same moon and breathe the same air. In short, we have nowhere else to go apart from this planet earth we came to call earth.
  3. So, what's wrong? This scribe notice that at least 2 members of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), specifically Iran and Iraq, is facing internal crisis. And that crisis is basically borne out of other countries expectation and norms.
  4. For Republic of Iraq, nothing seems normal since the self appointed Marshall of the world, USA attacked Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein in 2003. To this scribe, the act by western countries attacking Iraq and toppling Saddam on the lame excuse of the existence of Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) is a cheap camourflage for their thirst for back gold aka petroleum.
  5. 2009, 6 years after "liberating" Iraq, the country is still struggling to regain its footings. Saddam Hussein left a big gap between the sunnis and the shiahs. Latest, more than 70 were killed by an explosion in Kirkuk which flattened a masjid after the afternoon prayer. US and Iraqi forces are quick to blame Al-Qaeda for the blast.
  6. Islamic Republic of Iran fared not much better. Although the election commission has announced that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad retained his president's post, the losing presidential candidate Mousavi cried foul and mobilised thousand of supporters into the streets to protest the results. Why it happen? Again, it is because the western media painted that Mousavi, a former Prime Minister, as the reformist who can launch Iran into prosperity. The media will not paint such a rosy picture if their respective Government did not give the encouragement. In my previous posting, it has been hinted that Iran's street protest has the blessing of the western powers.
  7. The first non-White President of USA has openly urge Iran to cease "violent and unjust" actions. Is this the beginning of USA's (again?) intervention in other country's affairs?
  8. When others praise the self appointed Marshall, this scribe will call it otherwise. Let me explain why...
  9. USA is facing an economic downturn. It's manufacturing business is not doing well. And when ol' Sam is sick, it has to find remedies and create opportunities. Where else to strengthened Ol' Sam's economy if not sucking form those middle east countries or potential rich countries? And that is where Iraq and Iran becomes important to USA. Iraq and Iran are neighbouring countries rich in oil reserve. If western countries can siphon billion of dollars from Iraq under the pretet of re-building the nation, then what can stop the western nations to again push for civial unrest in Iran so that they can come in to be the "saviour" and later bleeds Iran dry?
  10. Western nations have study their intended victim well. Iran and Iraq, being arab nations in the middle easr, are full of pride and big egos. If you don't believe me, try playing basketball or soccer with them and you will understand why. Playing basketball with arab players, they want to be superstars and all balls must go to and through them. They will be the guards, the forwards and the center, all rolled into 1 player. They are short tempered and blames everyone for whatever mistakes the team makes, never admitting their own mistakes. This is the Arabs weakpoints which is fully exploited by the west. And that is how Saddam met his maker...or Shah Iran lost his peacock throne.
  11. For the west, Iran and Iraq is the "goldmine" for tha taking. The west are lining up Iran and Iraq so that they can sell all the obsolete weapons to the Iranians and the Iraqis. Irans need to build up their weapons because of the civil arrest which may turn dirty and escalated into civil war. And that is why the western nations are giving full backing to Mousavi. What they are aiming for is for Mousavi to unseat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and weaken Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  12. If the west can push Mousavi to take the reins of Iran's powers, it would not be surpring if Iran will head towards Kamal Ataturk's Turkey and become the stooge of the west. If that happens, the happiest nation in the world will be the Jew state.
  13. What about Iraq? Since 2003, billion of dollars has been used by the invading force to rebuild the nation. 6 years on, the nation is still in turmoil, proving that the current crop of leaders are no match to Saddam Hussein. Yes, Saddam Hussein may be a dictator but he may be the evil Iraq needs to keep the nation intact. With Britain and USA leaving Iraq soon, something must be done to ensure stability post-invasion armies. What happens in Kirkurk today is a soft reminder that all is not well in Iraq. Is USA hinting that their physical presence should be extended? If so, at what cost?
  14. These 2 examples are from 1 hotspot of the world. We have not delved into the Koreans yet. We have not touch base with South East Asia. We have not visited Sri Lanka since Tamil Tigers wipeout. These hotspot areas are building up. All it needs is for the West to provide the spark and all hell will break loose. So for now, these nations are building up arms. And arming thyself is not cheap. This is where the West monopolise the one market they still control - arms market. And these weapons do not come cheap. This is one way for West to get back into the black, out of the economic turmoil.
  15. Maybe hopefully, now you see that the self appointed Marshall is also moonlighting as the bank robbers. How can the Marshall arrest himself for the crimes committed?
  16. Iran and Iraq are examples of countries living dangerously where their internal affairs are being dictated by those with vested interest. It is also an example , like Iraq, where the country's laws and legislations are shoved to them by those invading countries. Iraq has lost its once colourful and glittering history. Iran, a country which Khomeini brings back to embrace Islam is also vigorously attacked by the West. To the West, what is not western and liberated are conservative, reppresive and oppresive. That is the western standards. And that standards is not in the same vein as the Iran/Iraq values. Thus the question - which standard is better? Which standard is more universal? Which standard is more human? You see, we must understand that "not all that glitters are gold"...
  17. Although Iran and Iraq is thousand of miles away, what happen to them can be a lesson to us. Malaysians must live by our own set of standards, rules and regulations. We have the basic components and a strong base. What we need is to build up the components to suit Malaysians of all race, religion and creed. Outside forces are waiting in the wings to destabilise Malaysia. Malaysians must be wary of the hidden threats and should not be egoist as it will be used against us.
  18. The stage for Iran and Iraq is already set...we must jointly make sure that the stage is not set to destabilise Malaysia. We may have shortcomings but this is our country so stand up and be counted...and let's join forces for a better Malaysia, regardless of religion, race or creed.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Between Suu Kyi and Mat Sah, my heart goes to the latter...

Malaysia has been named as the worst place for refugees but I hope Malaysia starts its first corrective steps by releasing Mat Sah. If the authorities feels necessary, place him under house arrest or limit his movement but release Mat Sah. Is that too much for me to ask and hope for? Let the world prays for Suu Kyi, I choose to pray for Mat Sah...
  1. For some, today is Aung San Suu Kyi's, Myanmar pro-democracy leader's, birthday. As Western's media darling, her birthday is celebrated world wide with renewed urge to get the millitary junta to release her from house arrest.
  2. MSM's STAR reported that Malaysian cops arrested 15 Myanmars who were part of gathering to celebrate her birthday. Reason for the arrest? They do not have any identification papers. There you have it...I guess Malaysia is a safe haven for those entering the country without proper papers and process. In short, even USA put Malaysia in the same basket as Zimbabwe for our "limited efforts" in trying to stem human trafficking.
  3. With that notoriety, Malaysia has been named as the worst place for refugees for 2nd consecutive years! Another record for Malaysia...
  4. How you perceive Malaysia is based on what you paint Malaysia to be...for many, they would like to paint Malaysia as a caring country, ever willing to arrange to celebrate a foreigner's birthday, just because she is media darling who is fighting for democracy in Myanmar...and we think that we are the human rights champion for doing so, without realising that our own backyard stinks...
  5. In our haste to join the world community in urging Myanmar's military junta to release Suu Kyi from house arrest, we hold candlelight vigils and gatherings. My question is simple and straight to the point...where is our stand on ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality)? Don't get me wrong here. I am not saying that we should not celebrate or remember Suu Kyi but what I am putting forth is do we need to hold candlelight vigils and AMCORP gathering? Is it necessary? Does it has the necessary effect?
  6. I would be more comfortable if DAP (incidentally the candlelight vigil organiser) to hold dialogues and ceramahs to highlight Myanmar's flight. Maybe it is not necessary for DAP as they are all knowing but I am not. I want to hear what the the junta's stand and compare that to Suu Kyi's supporters' stand before I make up my mind.
  7. We look into problems thousands of miles away when we are still unsuccessful to secure the release of one Mat Sah who will be entering his 8th year in ISA's Kamunting University of Life. Suu Kyi has the world watching after her. Mat Sah? Who cares for him? Who remembers his birthday? Who is watching after his needs? Yes, Mat Sah has a good and dedicated wife and yes he has a teenage son too. Mat Sah's son is Suhaib. That's all. And up to now, Mat Sah has not been charged in an open court. So, while the rest of the world celebrates Suu Kyi's 64th birthday, I choose to pray for Mat Sah's early (if you call 8 years as early) release.
  8. I call for Mat Sah's release on the basis on humanity. I call for his release so that he can spend the rest of his life catching up the lost time with his teenage son together with his wife. Suu Kyi has lost her husband and she has her sons in UK but she has Myanmar. Mat Sah? Will Malaysians remember him? Will Malaysians embrace him as a hero? No, I don't think so...but I will choose Mat Sah anytime because of his patience and his sufferings. I will choose Mat Sah over Suu Kyi because Mat Sah is a person whilst Suu Kyi is an icon. I choose Mat Sah because he is an underdog, persona non grata to the eyes of Malaysians except for the few who relentlessly fight to abolish ISA.
  9. Mat Sah is no Mandela. He is no Suu Kyi. He is not even a Mousavi. He is just a number, one of the numbers, passing through Kamunting camp. Whilst others walk out free, he is still in there...waiting...When and if he is released, I did not see Mat Sah running for public office. I did not see Mat Sah running as candidate...so I did not see the reasonings of prolonging his detention...
  10. To Merah hitam, Mat Sah's wife, I may not know you as you do not know me...but that is not important. This lone blogger, the person who call oneself DNightcaller, salute you for your undying support to your hubby. I sincerely wish I could help further but this is all that I can do...I pray to the al-Mighty for your husband's release from the draconian ISA.
  11. You see, Merah Hitam lost another pillar of strength in facing life when Sauda abdul, Mat Sah's mother passed away 3 weeks ago. Merah Htam is an exemplary sample of a determined woman, fighting against unjustice in the form of her husband, the father of her teenage son, away and placed him in Kamunting.
  12. Malaysia has been named as the worst place for refugees but I hope Malaysia starts its first corrective steps by releasing Mat Sah. If the authorities feels necessary, place him under house arrest or limit his movement but release Mat Sah. Is that too much for me to ask and hope for? Let the world prays for Suu Kyi, I choose to pray for Mat Sah...
  13. Call me anti-establishment for all I care, I don't mind and frankly I don't give a damn. Tonight, DNightcaller prays for Mat Sah's release. I won't be lighting any lone candle in any public place because it is not my style. But in return, I hope that Mat Sah will be finally released after so much promise and indications and false hopes that his family endure. Another thing, when and if Mat Sah is released, maybe that's the day DNightcaller will celebrate in one's own way, at a place of one's choice without disturbing the tranquility of Mat Sah's family gathering.
  14. I know that, for now, I am alone in this hope and maybe one day there will be more who look things from my perspective. It is not that we care for others outside Malaysia less but I think we have to set our priorities right. Let's clean our house first. It is hard because Mat Sah did not have the news coverage of MSM, CNN, BBC etc. His news coverage is from his wife and the movement supporting to abolish ISA. That's all that he has. His plight is too minute to be mentioned in the same breath as Suu Kyi. So for those who celebrate Suu Kyi's birthday, please ask yourself "Did I think of Mat Sah too when I call for Suu Kyi's release?". Be true to yourself and if your answers is affirmative, DNightcaller salute you wherever you are...
  15. Tonight, DNightcaller is a victim of sentimentalism. Tomorrow, it will be another beginning for new challenges...I have said what I want to say and I am tired and exhausted. It's time for me to rest...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

PAS : It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a boomerang!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen ! Tuan Guru Nik Aziz is fuming and I don't blame him. Not one bit. As PAS's Murshidul Am, he has the right to say it. In general terms - "Nasha, you are fired!!!!" ala Donald Trump of "The Apprentice".

55th PAS muktamar is over but it ain't over for the UG (Unity Government) proponents. Although the delegates has clearly sent the message across, the top 2 leaders (read Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin) has taken a different view. Simply put, they are for Unity Government.

They can call it whatever names they want. Basically it is unity government. Now that Hadi Awang is overseas, Nasharuddin has re-ignite the issue when he welcomed Najib's statement for PAS and UMNO to sit down together.

The PAS groundswell against the UG is building up and like the magma, it will erupts. One newspaper says it Nik's Fury. Across blogs supporting PAS, there are intense discussion on the matter. Some say it's Hadi and Nasha's personal opinions and some say it's strategy. I call it crap...
Now, let's get a little bit serious, shall we? Whatever definiton given by Hadi & gang on UG, PAS should ask themselves :-
  1. Why UMNO choose this particular time to talk about UG? Why after BN gets rubbed in GE12 then the idea of UG materialise?
  2. Why is UG offered to PAS only? Is this an exclusive offer to PAS?
  3. Did UMNO inform their BN components on the UG? What are their feedback?
  4. Why is the preliminary talk done in hush-hush manner? Are the top leadership of the parties involved informed?
  5. What is the purpose of UG? To maintain UMNO's grip on power? To abolish opposition?
  6. What is the aim of UG? Is it for the benefit of all Malaysians, regardless of religion, reace or creed?
  7. What assurance does PAS have that this UG is genuine? Will PAS be played out again? Is it a ploy to segregate PAS from DAP/PKR?
The spinmasters are working overtime to potray that UG is necessary now. Awani Agenda focus on UG on 17th June 2009 but their focus has been narrowed down to co-operation between the supporters of different political parties.

Nobisha summed up the program as follows :-
  1. Political parties should not be "competing" in conflicts nor should they be "avoiding". Rather the political parties shouls adapt the "collaborating" towards solution;
  2. The panelists looks at Mustapha Ali's "conditional agreement" of including PKR/DAP in the proposed UG talks with Shahidan Kassim saying that both parties should be finding reasons to be friends;
  3. Political parties should work on "co-operation" between different parties and to leave "confrontational politics". This can be initiated by joint events between political parties;
I look at the points given in Awani agenda as vain. Why, after 50 years, only UMNO decided to abandon their concept of competing? When UMNO is strong, did UMNO ever think of "colloborating"? Did UMNO think of "accomodating" others? What UMNO thinks, at that time, is how to enrich themselves and how to "eliminate" the opposition parties. Having said that, on what grounds is UMNO coming in throwing the idea of "colloborating"?

On conditional agreements posed forward by Mustapha Ali. The extra conditions are merely cosmetic damage control. Mustapha Ali, being one of the major proponents of UG, realised that Nik's fury is boundless and the best way to pacify the PAS old wise man is to apply damage control. At least until Hadi Awang returns home from abroad. The other reason for the extra conditions is to calm both PKR and DAP, untuil Hadi Awang can explain to PKR/DAP leadership on 22nd June 2009.

Shahidan diverts the UG to so-operation at lower levels. The first and basic question is who started it? Who started to withdraw scholarships and aids to those who are not aligned to UMNO? Who started to replace the imams and community leaders with UMNO heads and macais? Who started them all? The answer is not far...it is UMNO.

No doubt, history has records of UG in UK. That was during the world war when the government sees it fit to combine the strength and talent to face common external enemies. Malaysia, at one stage, also practise UG when BN was first formed. However, UMNO use the concept to tighten their stranglehold, taking Kelantan from PAS, reducing Gerakan into 3rd rate party when they lose rection for Penang, destroying the once strong PPP in Perak. So, which form of UG is UMNO talking? Is it confine to giving vitamins to the ailing UMNO so that they can strangle PAS again?

Why not PKR and why not DAP? Both UMNO and PAS are rural based parties where their base platforms are from rural areas. The difference is that UMNO is on nationalistic approach whilst PAS is working on spiritual aspects. That's the main difference between UMNO and PAS. From thereon, PKR and DAP are urban based parties. PKR is actually a splinter group of UMNO, strengthened by multi race members and filled up with professionals and various political background. DAP is another urban based party. So, it is not surprising for UMNO to approach PAS because both are fighting tooth and nail for the rural support. PAS is "parti kampung" where the people place spiritual acceptance higher than materialistic success ie where the success or failure is based on materialistic scale.

UMNO realised that they have abandon the rural folks when their leaders embrace cosmopolitan way of life, flashing brand new cars and showing off diamond and gold clad wives. To win back the rural support, UMNO has to don sheep clothings yet again, wearing skullcaps to religous activities and talking about the betterment of rural folks. That approach may work in the 60's , 70's and the 80's. Now, rural folks are more sophisticated than that. Now rural folks take kain pelikats, kiss surah yassin give by UMNO, ride new bicycles donated by the putris but when it comes to voting, they vote for "panadol".

UMNO is running out of options. Their young leaders are out of touch with the people. KJ never grow up with the kampong guys, playing football in the padi fields, climbing rambutan trees, stoning mangoes. Some UMNO youth leaders are too engrossed in piling wealth. They may be good leaders and good visionaries but their priorities is being rich so that they can flaunt their wealth in exchange of power and influence. That's what separates UMNO rom PAS youth leaders. PAS youth are from the ground, volunteers who will spring into action because they placed spiritual winnings above worldy wealth.

Some may say that UG may work. Hadi, Nasha, Mustapha Ali may pray for UG but they must also realise that PAS victories in 2008 is partially aided by DAP and the non-Muslims. Are they prepared to turn their backs on the supporters who work hard for PAS's victories for their own selfish gains? If they keep on harping to get BN to dissolve Perak state assembly, are they willing to dissolve Kedah, Kelantan if they proceed with UG talk?

PAS must realise that many external factors propel PR to win big in 2008. If Hadi, Nasha and Mustapha continue dreaming UG, they may be actually facing defeat and facing the prospect of being voted out of PAS. Are they willing? If that happen, do they think UMNO will accept them? PAS must see and study how UMNO treated Nakhaie Awang, former PAS deputy President...how UMNO treated Izam, former PKR youth leader. And what about those dozens of PKR members who migrated to UMNO? Where are they now? They are now no better than carpet sweepers, sweeping UMNO's dirt and washing dirty linen in public...

PAS is flying high now..and PAS better abandon any thoughts of UG with UMNO unless they are willing to receive deadly boomerang....I have said what I want to say...What about you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran : Where to....for now?

  1. Before proceeding any further, let us get 1 thing straight. Normally, this scribe tries to steer clear of other peoples' country. Sort of ZOPFAN (Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality). However, I will make Iran an exceptional case.
  2. Iran goes to the polls on 12th June 2009 to vote Presidential candidates Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hossein Mousavi. In the end, Ahmadinejad garnered 62.6 % whilst Mousavi secured 33.75 % of the votes. Mousavi's supporters cried foul and poured into the streets in protest.
  3. Mousavi was Iran's Prime Minister in the 80's and his supporters claimed that Mousavi was robbed of victory. In Malaysia, more than 200 Iranians, mostly students, marched to the UN building to protest.
  4. Barrack Obama downplayed the protest and vows to press "tough" Iran policy whilst McCain claimed that the Iran election is corrupt, fraud and sham. For a moment, look who's talking? USA talking those craps? Well, if they are calling the election as fraud, corrupt and sham...what about US presidential election of 2000 when Bush defeated Al Gore through the 25 electoral votes of Floroda whose governor is bush's sibling? Final tally Bush 271 against Gore's 266.
  5. Bush may have won the electoral votes but he lost the popular votes. Al-Gore could have gone further to appeal the results but wisely step down. Many things can be said of the 2000 election, depending whether u are a Republican or a Democrat...
  6. Back to Iran. Why is the election important? What is the repurcussion and the significance on whether Ahmadinejad or Mousavi wins the election? Blankly, it is the middle east politics and the jew state.
  7. Since the downfall of Shah of Iran, the state has been regarded as the new force of the middle east. It's influence are far and reaching, across the muslim population around the globe. Iran, after Shah, has returned to onservatives. 2009 presidential election is a direct fight between the conservative Ahmadinejad and the reformist Mousavi. The West had accussed Ahmeadinejad for building its nuclear program and on the way to owning nuclear weapon. This, as the West see it, as a direct threat to the jew state's existence.
  8. For the West, Mousavi is more approacheable and easier to handle. For the West, Mousavi's win is their win.And that, is best described when Mousavi's supporters took the streets in protests.
  9. The West will be happy to fuel the claim that Mousavi lost because of fraud, sham and corruption. The West will glee further if Iran's internal security degenerates. The West will laugh to the bank if Iran goes to civil war.
  10. The protesters overseas? I look at them as the last remnants of Shah's supporters. Scattered all over the world, they will do whatever necessary to put Iran back to the liberalisation as per Shah's time. They prefer Iran to be like Turkey. Kamal Attarturk became the West's darling because his sweeping "reforms" cripples Islam and Muslims in Turkey. Look at Turkey now. They are neither Arabs not Europeans, no thanks to Kamal Atarturk.
  11. Saying that, why Iran? Why not? Iran is a strategic country with vast reserves of petroleum and natural gas. It's geostrategic significancecannot be easily overlooked. Apart from that, its independence from the world's superpowers make Iran a potential threat to the Jew state. And that, my friends is why the West are so hyped up to get Mousavi the win.
  12. For the West, a liberal Iran is better because then, the West can use and exert its influence for iran to open up and to terminate its nuclear program. This, to the West, will stabilise the Middle east. For the West, a weak Iran and a strong Jew state is stability. Forget about equality and fairness - for the West it is only fair if it is to their advantage. Inshort, the West prefers all nations to kow tow to them. That's the West and that's their terms and reference for a stable international community i.e. strong Western countries and weak Muslim states.
  13. That, in the nutshell, how I read the situation in Iran now. I see it as a colloborated attempt by the liberals with the support of Western nations and media to topple the legitimate government of Iran.
  14. Comparing that of Iran with Malaysia, Malaysians are still manageable. It is up to the ruling party and its opposition to shape Malaysia. If BN still prefer to act the "Perak" way, then we can safely kiss BN goodbye in GE13. So BN has to buck up and recall all its trained samurais and ronins to defend the BN fort. Right now, with the current situation, 1M PM6 can start looking for place to stay after GE13. Sri Perdana may no longer invite 1M PM6 to grace their corridors and living quarters...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kelantan N41 : The pre-war...

  1. Manik Urai, a small state constituency in Kelantan, will host a gathering of more than 1000 police force soon, July 2009 to be exact. That will be a ratio of 1 police personnel for every 12 registered voters. Another one for Malaysia's Book of Records?
  2. Previously, somewhere in the scrapbook, the police top commands reportedly say that there are 80,000 police personnel to safeguard 26 million Malaysians. That works out to 1 police personnel for every 325 Malaysian. Note that we are talking Malaysia and Malaysians. Foreign workers and expatriates not included.
  3. In peaceful countries, the proper ratio is between 1 to 4 police personnel for every 1000 population and that works out to 1 to every 250 (in worst case scenario). In strife torn countries the ratio dramatically change to 20 police personnel to every 1000 residents and that works out to 1 police personnel for every 50 residents. These numbers are extracted from "The surge can succeed" by Major Jarett Broemmel and co.
  4. If strife torn countries has 1 police personnel for every 50 residents, why is Manek Urai is going to have 1 police personnel for every 12 registered voters? Is Manek Urai worse than strife torn countries? This scribe hope that the IGP can provides a proper explanation. We are talking allowances, logistics, transportation etc...This is peoples money that the police is going to spend now.
  5. Although, it is 3 weeks off before the nomination date but the campaign has already started with both BN and PAS making visits to manek Urai. Even Ibrahim Ali, the partyless man, is also visiting Manek Urai. Is Ibrahim Ali thinking of contesting Manek Urai as an independent? Ibrahim can use Manek Urai as his referendum and prove to both PAS and BN that he is still a force to be reckon with...
  6. Mustapa Mohamad promised that the federal government will "adopt" Manek Urai if BN wins the by-election. Is Mustapha promising "a bridge too far"? Why Manek Urai? Why not Penanti? BN will have better credibility if BN were to "adopt" Penanti since BN decided to abandon Penanti in the recent by-election. And the 1 miilion ringgit question - why did Mustapa choose Manek Urai? Is it because Manek Urai is near Gua Musang, Tg Razaleigh's traditional and longtime lair?
  7. PAS is no better in Manek Urai. Some have openly suggesting that Hadi Awang, Nasharuddin and Mustapha Ali to avoid Manek Urai because of their stand on Unity Government (UG). Nik Aziz has openly opposes any talks of UG with BN-led UMNO. If PAS could not resolve their internal differences, Manek Urai wil be a free for all state sonstituency.
  8. Personally, it is better to leave manek Urai to decide is own fate. Being a modern outpost, Manek Urai will be better off without the normal hassling for their votes. In fact, those voters who earn an average RM 850 monhly will be pissed off if they come to know that the vote canvassers stand to collect more than RM 850 for a 2 weeks all-paid vacation....courtesy of UMNO. This scribe as no records that PAS do the same for their vote canvassers...
  9. MCA, MIC, DAP will not have big impact in this by-election. It will be a straight mano to mano type of thing. A straight fight with well defined agenda. UMNO for progress and PAS for spiritual reasons. Why do I say so? Because the non-Muslim votes is only 0.6 % of the registered 12,292 and that comes up to 74 votes.
  10. Manek Urai voters has fairly make up their minds. The only factor that can change their pre-determined votes is who will represent UMNO and who will carry PAS aspirations...
  11. It is too far off to make a call now...maybe later...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Nizar : Time to move on...

  1. What happened to Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin? Is he going for some sort of records? For today, he had surpassed the "pup of Puchong" Gobind Singh Deo. Few minutes after being officially sworn in as Member of parliament, Nizar was booted off the house and suspended for 2 days by Speaker Pandikar Amin. Nizar is guilty of wearing the black headgear "Bubar DUN" in reference to Perak's DUN.
  2. I am not going to talk about the Ngeh, Nga, Gobalakrishnan, Mahfuz, Dr Zul and Hatta Ramli who join Nizar in donning the black headgear. This posting is not about them. This posting is about Nizar.
  3. Frankly, Nizar's action today is unwarranted. Nizar can claimed that he has been illegally and morally ousted from his seat as Perak MB. He can even claimed that his request for Perak's HRH to dissolve the state assembly is a valid cause.
  4. But what Nizar failed to realise is that today is the all important parliament seating where he can use that avenue to explain his position. By getting himself suspended, albeit for 2 days, he is giving up his rights to be heard and recorded in the parliament.
  5. Nizar starts his tenure as Bukit Gantang on a wrong footing. Nizar should use this occassion to display his "coolness" and responsibility by raising it as an issue in the august house. When Nizar got himself suspended, it is fortunate that Pandikar suspended him for 2 days, meaning that he can still deliver his first parliamentary speech during this seating.
  6. Looking on, this is not Nizar of old. Nizar has been shaped by events surrounding him that he now sees everythings as tools of the BN. He sees the court as BN's tool, he sees the judges as BN's stooges, he sees the parliament as the epitone of injustice. Is he wrong? No, he is not wrong. Circumstances has played a cruel joke on Nizar.
  7. BN has played a morally wrong move to oust Nizar. And Nizar must be patient. Patience is the virtue of wise men. We don't get mad, we get even....
  8. Maybe it is still not too late to map out what Nizar should be aiming for before the weekend, ie once his 2 day suspension is over. First, he must get the attention of speaker to get his chance to present his case to the floor. There, he can "attack" Najib's "People first, performance now" slogan by challenging Najib to prove that Najib live by that slogan. And how do Najib prove it? By getting Najib to arrange for the dissolution of Perak DUN.
  9. Nizar can also use this occassion to again attack Najib and the idea of separation of power by getting the Government's commitment on the written judgement against Nizar which is now 2 weeks overdue. Challenge Najib to prove Rakyat wrong by getting the judges to give their written judgement on MB Nizar vs MB Zambry's case. The last appeal date is 22nd June. See how Najib responds...For sure, Najib will fall back to the normal BN defense that the judiiary system is freebut how free is the judiciary system if the puppetmasters are pulling the strings?
  10. Nizar must realise that the rakyat supported him. Whether Najib will do what Nizar wants him to do or Najib hides behind the maze of bureaucratic red tape is immaterial. Let Najib step on his own landmines.
  11. Nizar must show to the rakyat why he is the "peoples' champion". Nizar must raise issues in parliament and let BN reply. Nizar needs to understand that the onus is on BN now. Getting oneself suspended on Monday and on the occassion of his first parliament seating is not "cool".
  12. Nizar may need some basic crash courses. He can learn fast from Khalid Samad, Karpal and Anwar whilst watching and learning how WJ's idol shoots himself on the foot.
  13. Malaysia is watching. Nizar must play his part well. He is (in my eyes he is still Perak's legal MB), first time Parliamentarian, PAS's CWC...Nizar is the victim not Zambry. Nizar have all the symphathy and he must exploit it to the fullest.
  14. For the time being, Nizar fails miserably on his first day in parliament. 2 days from now, hopefully, we will see Nizar, at his best...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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